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Alex Pall’s Shot at Greatness With Chainsmokers

Published / by WT23

The Chainsmokers is a DJINg duo that was founded in 2012 and is made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two were introduced by Alex PAul’s managers who felt that they each could benefit from working together. Alex PAll started DJing as a hobby and he soon had a large number of gigs. At the time he was operating in New York and he found that he really enjoyed DJing and it was a viable career move.

Alex Pall says that he was sure that they would do well because of the skills he had and the fact that the two of them shared ideas as regards their career. They talked about the kind of music they liked and what they wanted from their careers and turns out they both really wanted to do their best to succeed. Andrew Taggart as Alex Pall notes is a very talented producer and with the gigs that he had, they were able to have the opportunity to perform and do an outstanding job while at it.

It is good to keep trying new things and Alex pall believes that was one of the ways they have managed to stay relevant and engage their audience. He sees what he does as much more than a job as they work to bring to the audiences material that they can identify with. They work towards becoming better with each performance and are constantly working towards becoming better and better artists.

Usually, DJ does not sing on their tracks and neither did Chainsmokers on their first singles but Alex Pall explains that they got to that point where they decided that they needed to show themselves to the fans. The hit song Closer was the first in which Andrew Taggart sang. Even as they were working on their 2017 album they made sure that they wrote the songs or worked with songwriters on songs.

About Alex Pall

Alex Pall is one-half of the DJ duo Chainsmokers. He was born in 1985 and grew up in New York. He currently lives in a3600sq foot house built in the 20th century for which he hired Peti Lau as the designer.


Alex Pell exploring and creating musically

Published / by WT23

Alex Pall makes up half of the duo band called The Chainsmokers. He and fellow bandmate Andrew Taggart sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss new music, what’s unique about their sound, and how they will continue to stand out as they grow even more popularity. The duo didn’t know each other but oddly enough both started out DJing as a side gig, Taggart eventually took more interest in producing. Pall worked a regular shift at in art gallery in New York City and Taggart was attending college in Syracuse. When the two finally met (due to a mutual friend) they discussed all things music, such as who were the “it” people in music at the moment and what sounds they enjoyed. The two meshed so well that they being working together everyday and made making music their primary focus.


When it comes to having an identity in the music industry and staying relevant, Pall says “it’s constantly a journey of self-discovery and checking yourself.” On their song “closer” featuring Halsey, Taggart is singing. This is unconventional for a producer to use his vocals on a record. Pall and Taggart are willing to explore new options and ideas as they continue to expand their fan base and create new sounds. The Chainsmokers write their own music (or co-write it) about their real life experiences. The song “closer” is about remembering why you broke up with an ex after being intimate with them again. Taggart and a friend wrote it on a tour bus. Writing their own music makes it even more relatable to those listening.


The Chainsmokers have had much success in their career already, and have no intention of stopping or slowing down anytime soon. Pall says “…when you get complacent is when somebody else takes your spot.” The duo is doing it all from festivals to tours and even bigger stage productions. With their fan base increasing to new places such as South Africa and them experimenting musically, we’re sure to see and hear about The Chainsmokers for years to come.