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A Brief History About Hutson Clayton

Published / by WT23

Hutson Clayton is a rare gem in the music industry. Equipped with a degree in theater design from Central Michigan University, Hutson held different positions like a sound engineer and project manager at a number of companies that provided live events before choosing to be an entrepreneur, where he founded a live event production company called Ronin Event Creative.

His in-depth knowledge of musical engineering and previous positions as a production manager has allowed Hutson to provide top-notch services to his clients.

As a project manager, Clayton spent most of his time working on projects that featured some big performers in the music industry. Hutson’s Love for music has made him dedicate his time, passion and energy to managing, producing, designing and overseeing a large number of live tours. His experience has allowed him to know all the essential details in the entertainment industry.

Clay’s day involved managing artists and assigning his team the relevant duties that are involved in setting up the stage. This means going through the day’s schedule, completing a walk through and planning a day to do list for his crew.

With the necessary skills that help him decide what the best course of action is, Hutson can plan to deal with issues that may come up when setting up the sound systems or when designing a set.

Being on set with different performers, Hutson is always thrilled when artists go out of their way to please their audience by incorporating tricks.

Given a chance to advise his younger Self, Hutson maintains that the best information is brutally honest with oneself and with others, he also notes that putting family first is also a good start.

According to Clay Hutson, hard work has been a vital strategy in growing his business together with word of mouth and reputation. In a quick Q&A Hutson believes that investing in his iPhone was the best thing he did for himself.

Hutson Clay’s favorite quote is trying out something twice and if it does not succeed, then one should quit instead of being a damn fool about the whole issue.