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How HGGC Is Avoiding Controversy

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HGGC, a leading middle-market equity firm, employs their repertoire of savvy, expertise, and proficiency to empower companies. Versed in portfolio investments, leveraged buyouts, and growth equity, this PE firm seeks to set a new standard for corporate excellence. Developed in 2007, HGGC was founded by Rich Lawson, Lance Taylor, and Steve Young. Young, a retired NFL player, has brought the company into notable repute. As the managing director, Young ensures that operations are streamlined and up to snuff. These great responsibilities bring with them added pressure to maintain an honorable reputation.

It’s for this reason why Young found himself in hot water following an accusation that challenged HGGC’s integrity. According to A. Schulster, the parent company of Citadel Plastics, Young and his colleagues knowingly skewed test results in hopes of fulfilling industry requirements. As a subsidiary of HGGC, Citadel Plastics is governed by the same executives that oversee the private equity firm. When A. Schulster acquired Citadel in 2015, they became privy to these ignoble actions. Naturally, Young denied the claims, denouncing such ill-founded assumptions as deplorable. A. Schulster didn’t entertain Young’s attempt to absolve the organization of any transgression and promptly sued them for $275 million.

Shervin Pishevar Talks About Where He Sees Opportunity

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One could have observed Shervin Pishevar going on a Twitter rant recently and assumed that he was talking down the economy and everything going right in it. They could have decided in that moment that they did not want to have anything to do with Shervin Pishevar or the views that he carries with him as an economic commentator. On the other hand, some may have taken what he had to say as good advice for things to be on the lookout for in the economy as opportunities. It all depends upon your prospective.

The Stock Market

You are going to want to be a bargain hunter in this stock market suggests Shervin Pishevar. He does not see much in the market that he likes at these prices. Rather, he believes that the market is at least twenty percent overpriced. That is the amount that he says it could fall in the next little bit. Of course, if that does happen it just means that everything is more or less going on sale.

Shervin Pishevar cautions people against getting too pessimistic about his predictions. Sometimes a little easing off the gas in the stock market is exactly what is called for to make the best possible moves going forward in the economy.


You are not really an economy commentator if you do not have an opinion about Bitcoin one way or another. It seems that everyone has their views on this cryptocurrency and they are often pleased to share those views with the rest of the world. Shervin Pishevar is no exception to this rule. He felt the need to share his thoughts in his latest Twitter storm.

What Pishevar said about Bitcoin is that it is an interesting candidate to also fall in value. He thinks that between two and five thousand dollars per coin is a fair price. When it hits those levels he thinks that it will see a slow but steady incline once again. He would not recommend buying it before that point in time.

These are his thoughts and he hopes that you take something positive away from them.


Fortress Investment Group – Ideal for diverse global investments!

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Since 1998, Fortress Investment Group has specialized in creating diversified investment portfolios for clients. Specifically, they deal in asset investments ranging from real estate to various financial assets that provide long term cash flow. As of late 2017, Fortress Investment Group managed and maintained more than forty three billion US dollars worth of assets. Leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Fortress Investment Group loaned Vancouver based Millennium Development Group a massive eight hundred and fifty million Canadian dollars to fund the construction of the Olympic village. With assistance from the city of Vancouver,

Millennium Development group was able to complete the construction of the Olympic village in November of 2009, with Fortress Investment Group becoming the primary owner of the village following the 2010 Olympic games. In mid 2017, Shareholders approved the sale of Fortress Investment group, and in late 2017 Fortress Investment Group was purchased by Tokyo based SoftBank Group Corporation for three billion, three hundred million US dollars. Despite this, Fortress Investment Group continues to operate as an independent business within SoftBank Group Corporation. As a result, Fortress Investment Group has remained in New York City and will retain the same management that has led to their success.

For investors looking for a stock that pays quarterly dividends, Fortress Investment Group manages five different stocks that are publicly trade on the New York Stock Exchange.These various entities range from media companies, to transportation and real estate. Due to this diversification, Fortress Investment Group has a very solid portfolio of assets, allowing them to handle whatever market shifts they may experience. At the end of the day, Fortress Investment Group is an excellent consideration for anyone looking to make a lasting return on their investment. With a wide range of diversity of assets and the backing of parent company SoftBank Group Corporation, is a safe investment with a fine potential for return.