The Success of Anil Chaturvedi in the Banking Industry

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Anil Chaturvedi currently works at a Switzerland-based private bank, Hinduja Bank as the Managing Director. He holds a B.A in Economics from Meerut University, India as well as an MBA from Delhi University. Anil began his banking career at the State Bank of India before heading to ANZ Grindlays Bank as a Branch Manager. Being a banker for close to 40 years have made Mr. Chaturvedi hone his global banking skills.Anil is a force to reckon in the global banking sector.

Previously, Anil Chaturvedi served as the Managing Director at the headquarters of Merrill Lynch bank for 18 years. While at Merrill Lynch, Anil was among the top private bankers for some of the world’s largest wealth management firms. In 2010, Barron named Anil Chaturvedi as one of the world’s top financial advisors. Mr. Anil was the head of ANZ Grindlays Banks operations in the United States before moving to Merrill Lynch. His career began as a branch manager at State Bank of India. Upon graduating with an MBA in Economics, Anil joined SBI as a probationary officer, where he specialized in industrial finance, investment banking, and capital markets for 18 years.

Anil Chaturvedi became the Managing Director of the Geneva-based bank, Hinduja Bank in 2011. Under his tenure, Anil spearheaded Hinduja Bank’s to focus on South Asia and the Middle East markets. His exposure to top investors from European and South Asian regions has helped him gain more knowledge regarding global banking. In fact, Anil Chaturvedi has contributed his Wall Street and global expertise to Hinduja Bank. The bank experienced remarkable progress under the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi. Mr. Anil was responsible for advising the bank on matters related to capital and debt growth as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Chaturvedi boasts of over two decades of experience working with global banks. He is a professional banker who has learned from top investors and worked for many world-class banks. Chaturvedi’s broad exposure has enabled him to broaden his experience in the world of investment. Anil Chaturvedi is spearheading the process of reforming Indian laws to bring more European investors to India.

Get Fed A Great Diet With OSI

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What A Diet Full Of Nutritional Value Means To Your Diet

OSI Industries are the leaders in premiere processed foods and have been based in Aurora, Illinois for over 3 decades. In fact, they have been operating in the food industry for over a century by putting qualitiy meals on the table with a very high nutritional value. Their President, David McDonald, says, it’s imperative for him to bring more customers to the food industry than any other network. He also works well alongside their COO, Sheldon Lavin. Feed your family a safe OSI Group meal that you can afford.

OSI Industries Charities

OSI Industries has made it their priority to provide humanitarian aid to the communities they serve. Their goal has been lending their time and resources to charitable causes around the world. OSI has also saved a Chicago Food plant to help hundreds of workers retain their current position. They were successful in their bid and will process their signature foods along with Tyson Food products. Sheldon Lavin, believes it’s important to save the communities they feed by helping their economic growth. Learn more about their charity events by visiting their official website for more details. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

OSI Group Expands International Growth

They have been actively working to grow their global presence and partnering with other popular food groups. OSI Group has been able to acquire one of the largest food processing plants in the EU. Today, they operate the popular Flagship Europe food facility. They will process their frozen patties and more. The deal has been a success for an unspecified amount of money. Their executive them of professionals have also been able to partner with the popular Dutch Food Industry by merging with Baho Foods. Learn more about the popular OSI Group today.


The Chainsmokers – the iconic EDM group.

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The Chainsmokers are a production duo and American DJs namely Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Their the first single that hit the number one spot on charts was “Closer.”

It followed their song with Daya “Don’t let me down” which was their first top 5 single. The latter earned them a Grammy Award in the category ‘Best dance recording.

”Roses“ another single they released managed to scoop the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and eventually the song Selfie gave them a breakthrough. The Chainsmokers are holders of five iHeartRadio Music awards for the best unification, dance album of the year and dance artist of the year and two American Music Awards.

Early this year, The Chainsmokers released a song by the name Sick Boy which has got more live instrumentation. Subsequently, it has relinquished the attentiveness of both old and new fans since it is befuddling, redolent and catchy.

The Chainsmokers were ranked first on the dance artist on billboards dance 100 after they performed a stately ultra-music festival in Miami this year.

The Chainsmokers recently showed us the making of the song “Somebody.” The pair Drew Taggart and Alex pall promised their fans a more blistering period of instruction on how the song composure happens.

They said that part of the vocals had been recorded earlier for a different song which explains the reason for the rise in vocals. The realization, therefore, gave people a little insight into the process of making the song.

Both Andrew and Alex are going out of their way to enlarge their borderlines to do more than what other conventional DJs do. They have a poignant ability to tout their onlookers, use of social media in a percipient way, using of live instrumentation and also vocals and also use of their EDM inclination and expertise.

The Chainsmokers aim to make every performance bigger and bigger by adding an element in each show. They deserve so much more credit for what they have accomplished. Their music inspires many, and for sure their fans are always looking forward to more great music from the iconic duo.

Success Review: Becoming Financially Fit with Infinity Group Australia

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Nowadays, many property investors are trapped by the influence of individuals who claim to be investment property experts. The so-called experts always accompany their services with FREE services including free calls, in-home consultations, and colorful advertisements that motivate investors. Getting out of this trap would just be possible with the consideration of Infinity Group Bella Vista. This globally recognized investment Company has maintained its success trail over the years and continues to offer the most genuine investment property opportunities that would help elevate the lives of its investors.


The uniqueness of the services

Infinity Group Australia has a unique approach from the traditional broking system. The company works directly with its clients in several meetings to assist and fine tune the clients on how to implement a weekly cash-based budget for several needs including travel expenses, fuel, entertainment, and groceries. As soon as investor’s application and approval of loan are completed, the role of Infinity Group Australia begins. Clients are allocated personal bankers who guide them on how to quickly pay back the loan. The company ensures that its clients have a monthly performance report which enables them to make budget adjustments in line with their expectations and goals.


Who is fit for Infinity Group Australia’s plan?

Infinity Group Australia offers its array of investment services to all variety of clients. The company is currently serving all classes of clients from sportsmen like Paul Gallen to navy officers who are interested in purchasing investment properties.


The newly introduced debt-reduction model

Infinity Group Australia does not directly charge its clients from their pockets. It had introduced a system in which the clients are charged 10 percent of their annual debt reduction based on their loan interest deduction. The model had been introduced by the company after realizing that the banks did not support the idea that clients are able to pay off their loans faster. Thus, the fee-for-service model ensures that Infinity only benefits from the client’s profit-driven plan.


Borrowers have fallen in love with the company’s model as they can easily enjoy their hobbies without stress. Many clients who prefer being more hands-on with their savings have reported to Infinity Group Australia that they have been able to see the bigger picture of the investment plans the company had recommended as they smile through to the bank every month.


About Infinity Group Australia

Infinity is an investment company that offers property management experiences for clients and owners of rental investment properties across Sydney. The company has a competitive team which offers quality advice regarding financial management with the aim of having the most effective property management system. In 2017, the company received the Optus Business Awards as a result of its provision of exquisite customer service experience. A quick review of the company paints a picture of a happy and satisfied customer base. Learn more:

Alex Pell exploring and creating musically

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Alex Pall makes up half of the duo band called The Chainsmokers. He and fellow bandmate Andrew Taggart sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss new music, what’s unique about their sound, and how they will continue to stand out as they grow even more popularity. The duo didn’t know each other but oddly enough both started out DJing as a side gig, Taggart eventually took more interest in producing. Pall worked a regular shift at in art gallery in New York City and Taggart was attending college in Syracuse. When the two finally met (due to a mutual friend) they discussed all things music, such as who were the “it” people in music at the moment and what sounds they enjoyed. The two meshed so well that they being working together everyday and made making music their primary focus.


When it comes to having an identity in the music industry and staying relevant, Pall says “it’s constantly a journey of self-discovery and checking yourself.” On their song “closer” featuring Halsey, Taggart is singing. This is unconventional for a producer to use his vocals on a record. Pall and Taggart are willing to explore new options and ideas as they continue to expand their fan base and create new sounds. The Chainsmokers write their own music (or co-write it) about their real life experiences. The song “closer” is about remembering why you broke up with an ex after being intimate with them again. Taggart and a friend wrote it on a tour bus. Writing their own music makes it even more relatable to those listening.


The Chainsmokers have had much success in their career already, and have no intention of stopping or slowing down anytime soon. Pall says “…when you get complacent is when somebody else takes your spot.” The duo is doing it all from festivals to tours and even bigger stage productions. With their fan base increasing to new places such as South Africa and them experimenting musically, we’re sure to see and hear about The Chainsmokers for years to come.

Shervin Pishevar Talks About Where He Sees Opportunity

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One could have observed Shervin Pishevar going on a Twitter rant recently and assumed that he was talking down the economy and everything going right in it. They could have decided in that moment that they did not want to have anything to do with Shervin Pishevar or the views that he carries with him as an economic commentator. On the other hand, some may have taken what he had to say as good advice for things to be on the lookout for in the economy as opportunities. It all depends upon your prospective.

The Stock Market

You are going to want to be a bargain hunter in this stock market suggests Shervin Pishevar. He does not see much in the market that he likes at these prices. Rather, he believes that the market is at least twenty percent overpriced. That is the amount that he says it could fall in the next little bit. Of course, if that does happen it just means that everything is more or less going on sale.

Shervin Pishevar cautions people against getting too pessimistic about his predictions. Sometimes a little easing off the gas in the stock market is exactly what is called for to make the best possible moves going forward in the economy.


You are not really an economy commentator if you do not have an opinion about Bitcoin one way or another. It seems that everyone has their views on this cryptocurrency and they are often pleased to share those views with the rest of the world. Shervin Pishevar is no exception to this rule. He felt the need to share his thoughts in his latest Twitter storm.

What Pishevar said about Bitcoin is that it is an interesting candidate to also fall in value. He thinks that between two and five thousand dollars per coin is a fair price. When it hits those levels he thinks that it will see a slow but steady incline once again. He would not recommend buying it before that point in time.

These are his thoughts and he hopes that you take something positive away from them.

Promising Future for Graduates of the Academy of Art University

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The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 in San Francisco, California. At that time it was known as the Academy of Advertising Art and then went on to be called the Academy of Art College, eventually becoming a University. The Academy has grown throughout the years not only in name but also in how students can earn a degree. Through developments in technology this accredited Academy now offers degrees that can be earned online. In 2002, The Academy of Art University introduced an online degree in arts education and in 2015 about 35% of students were online.

The Academy of Art University offers degrees in several different areas such as, art education, architecture, game development, and fashion. In September 2017 recent graduates with degrees in fashion from the Academy of Art University debuted their Spring and Fall 2018 fashion line. These budding artists presented their collection at the New York Fashion Week. The fashion line consisted of five womenswear and two menswear, which was all presented by a total of ten designers.

According to the Executive Director of the School of Fashion at Academy of Art University the group of ten designers became very close. Their collaborative efforts for the show challenged them to work as a team and combine ideas for the fashion line. Jayne Foster, the Graduate Director of Fashion from the Academy of Art University, commented to Fashion School Daily that the group was able to create the fashion line together while also staying true to their own style.

With recent graduates from the Academy presenting their work at the prestigious New York Fashion Week it should be no surprise that many celebrities in the arts industry attended the Academy of Art University. Celebrities such as, Lauren Conrad, Raven-Symone, and Project Runway participants Brandon Kee and Melissa Fleis all attended the Academy. Directors of the Academy are excited about the future of the school and possibilities for their graduates with graduate participation in the New York Fashion Week. There are hopes that it will help these recent graduates further their careers.


Why Choose the Southridge Capital Company

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Originally founded in 1996, the Southridge Capital corporation has become the world’s largest and fastest-growing financial solutions companies in the world. The company was launched by professional analyst and expert advisor, Stephen Hicks. The company provides solid strategies to build, grow and even save struggling corporations. The main office for Southridge Capital is found in Connecticut, but they have recently branched out to include offices in different parts of the world like Japan, Singapore, Australia and France. The company has made over $1.8 billion dollars in American investments for their customers. Southridge Capital is worth over half a billion dollars as of 2018.


The company has over 250 clients who are working with them to create and plan for secure financial futures. Some of these companies include the Connecticut Health Network, Save a Child’s Heart Organization, Ridgefield Estates and Walnut Community. Their work with charities is virtually unheard of, since they have donated well over half a million dollars to communities and charitable organizations since 2000. They work with the Daystar Foundation to provide these donations and to encourage other companies to invest money into struggling communities. Stephen Hicks feels that no company is a true success unless it donates a portion of its profits to charities around the world.


Several hundred people are employed by Southridge Capital to manage their worldwide offices, however, they have only five main analysts working in the American-based location. These experts include Stephen Hicks, Laurence Ditkoff, Linda Carlsen and Henry Sargent. The Southridge Capital professionals have over 50 years of combined experience, which gives them an edge when creating and planning for their clients’ financial security. Their services include financial planning, advisory services, mergers and acquisition handling and data sheet optimization. Not only are they able to work with larger corporations, but they can work with high net worth clientele who are simply in need of credit repair and financial planning services.


The founder of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, is a graduate of the Fordham Institute of New York City and the Briar Cliff University of New York. He has over 30 years of financial experience as a lead analyst and advisory planner. He worked for the Bridge Financial Group prior to creating and launching his own company. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Planning Your Future With Richard Dwayne Blair

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Preparing yourself for retirement is something that everyone should be doing. It should start very early in life and continue throughout your working career. Many young people feel they do not need to worry about this and they will find that when they try to retire, they cannot because of bad planning. There are many people who can help anyone find the right way to save for retirement and Richard Dwayne Blair is one of them. He has many years of experience working with clients on their financial future. He is based in Texas but has increased his business on the internet.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a unique approach to planning. He believes there are three steps that must be taken to secure your future. When meeting with him for the first time, he will find out what you want and what you need to do in order to get it. There are many ways to save and he knows which ones will get you to your goal. He sets a schedule for saving that fits into your lifestyle and budget.

Using the three step approach, he first determines the design of your financial plan. It could be long term or short term investments. The second part of his plan is to maintain your assets. He will constantly monitor your investments and move them around to fit the current market. The final phase is to put the plan into action. This includes making adjustments as his clients needs change or if their financial goals change.

If you are looking to the future and need help putting together your investment strategy, a visit with Richard Dwayne Blair is recommended. His experience in the business market allows him to make solid choices for his clients. His fees are nominal for his service.


Tim Duncan is Taking Talos Energy to Higher Heights

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Tim Duncan is an outstanding and dedicated CEO at Talos Energy. Hurricane Harvey did not stop him from resolving the troubling issue of the company and still saving his family. He carried his family to safety and settled at his parents’ house to close a deal. Talos Energy was anticipating a merger before the hurricane interrupted the proceedings. Duncan worked hard until he achieved his objective.

Talos Energy was merging with Stone Energy because it had become bankrupt. This decision was risky because Talos was as big as Stone Energy. It was going to be an uphill task absorbing such a company. Nevertheless, Talos was going to become a publicly traded company without a public offering. This opportunity would save Talos an expense.

Acquiring Stone Energy is an indication that Duncan does not follow the crowd. He prefers venturing in different areas and taking calculated risks. Merging with Stone was a brilliant idea, considering it has revenue of $900 million annually. Another area of interest Duncan was exploring is using new technology on old reservoirs. Duncan does not want to explore wells in the USA only. He is reaching to place in Mexico, and he has successfully acquired a company that produces 48,000 barrels daily.

Talos Energy is situated in Houston, but it has expanded and acquired other assets. Technology, opportunities, and collaboration guide Talos. Tim Duncan is the CEO, but he works with a team of capable professionals. Together, they have brought the company to its present success. Talos is far from reaching its goals because the aim is to achieve higher than before.

Talos Energy is not just interested in doing business and accumulating profits. Duncan and his team are concerned about the environment. That is why Talos applies sustainable practices in their operations. The company is compliant with all regulations and mainly looks after employee safety. Employees involved in drilling and other field operations are essential and highly valued at Talos. The company does everything in their power to ensure these employees are secure. Talos also advises and encourages other partners and parties to operate within the same path.