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An Entrepreneur with a Proven Record

Published / by WT23

Josh Verne has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has two decades of experience and has started, grown, and led many businesses in a variety of industries. His current title is founder and CEO of FlockU. This is a mobile exchange for college students to reach one another. Through this, students can read and discuss a variety of topics from celebrities to politics to food. Students can add topics and give their input and be connected to others while doing so.

Josh Verne’s previous business ventures include which is a company that he founded and then sold. He also helped grow a family business into one of the largest and best-known furniture brands in all of North America.

Josh is a driven individual and he has a motto he lives by. “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” He believes there is a reason why he sees something that others don’t see or why he has an idea that others have not had yet. He understands that not all visions or ideas are the best but he takes them and tries to make them a success. He believes that he is an underdog and knowing this, he surrounds himself with smart people. When you surround yourself with smart people, smart ideas are born.

Being in the game as long as he has, he has dealt with his fair share of naysayers and doubters. He does his best to not listen to anything negative. There are lots of people who offer ideas and advice and he tries to learn something from everyone who offers. Josh Verne will then take that advice and add his own twist.

Josh Verne does not believe in quitting. Not all ideas are good ones and not all ideas will be successful. Instead of quitting and stopping, Josh likes to pivot. He likes to make changes and switch things up and do what he can to be successful. Having the ability to be fluid and make changes as they are needed, is a huge key to success.

Josh Verne has been an entrepreneur for a long time. He has learned many tips and tricks along the way and many have paid off. With all of his success, it does not look like he is done anytime soon.

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