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Dr. Sergio Cortes and His Take on the Zika Virus

Published / by WT23

There has been a lot of buzz about the Zika virus. There has been a real healthcare scare for pregnant women since this virus causes babies to be born with small heads. According to sergiocortesoficial website of Dr. Sergio Cortes, the disease is hitting epidemic proportion in Brazil.
On the Dino website Dr. Cortes has stated information about the symptoms of this disease. There is a lot of talk about the Olympics and the 600,000 visitors that are expected to visit Brazil – along with athletes – during this time. Dr. Sergio Cortes appears to help those that are worried about the disease by giving people information on the symptoms and the preventive measures that they can take.

What Sergio Cortes has done is provide information through his blog, but many people will simply follow him on Facebook to get the latest information on his findings. He has become the expert on this subject because he studied it intensely. Many people are fearful of this disease, but Dr. Cortes has stated that the disease doesn’t last very long. He states that the best thing that one can do is stay away from standing water. Anytime people are in a place where mosquitoes have the ability to breed and lay eggs, they are in the wrong place. People need to avoid these types of areas because this is the most common way that patients in Brazil have gotten this disease.

Many people think that the disease is something new. This is not the case. Dr. Sergio Cortes has stated that the Zika virus has been around for more than 70 years. It was something that originated in Africa. It would eventually spread to other places like Asia and India over time. While there is an epidemic in Brazil, there have not been any reports of this disease resurfacing and spreading in the place that it originated in.

There are some concerns in America though because the disease has made it to American soil. It has also been discovered that the disease can be passed through sexual contact. This is something that was unexpected, but the early knowledge of this may help prevent the spread of the disease through this method. Dr. Cortes has a lot of information on his blog about many different topics. Dr. Cortes may be one of the most important information sources in Brazil when it comes to the Zika virus.