A Success That Allows You to Give Back

Published / by WT23

You can pretty much do anything when you’re successful.


Take Bob Reina, for instance.


CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina hasn’t always been the force that he is today; he hasn’t always lived the life of his dreams.


Bob is a former police officer. The earnings and hours didn’t permit him the lifestyle he dreamed of, and although his profession was a noble and much-needed one, he still had to work jobs on the side to bring in a little extra income.


While working a side job, however, something amazing happened: he was introduced to the network marketing industry and all that it had to offer.


Bob spent some time in the industry, learning a thing or two about how not to take rejection to the heart but to keep pushing and believing.


And believe, he did.


He believed in the products he was promoting, which allowed him to sell them with more enthusiasm.


Bob learned that when you find something that is both lucrative and needed, you’ve struck gold.


Later on, Bob would discover another need that would soon become a gold mine and cash cow: the ability to send video clips via email.


The email service Bob used in the past, AOL, did not allow him to send a video clip when he tried to do so.


Because videos can be sentimental and personal and are also very influential in the business world, Bob knew right then and there that he had discovered a need.


He immediately begun using the skills he’d gained in his years of marketing and network marketing to promote his new product, Video Email, and it took off.


Bob Reina named his company Talk Fusion, and it has been a thriving business that has helped many to achieve their goals in life.


Aside from offering education free of charge via his Talk Fusion University, Bob Reina also gives back in other ways: the success he has achieved has allowed him to personally donate to individuals in crisis situations at home and abroad. Learn more: