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Shervin Pishevar Talks About Where He Sees Opportunity

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One could have observed Shervin Pishevar going on a Twitter rant recently and assumed that he was talking down the economy and everything going right in it. They could have decided in that moment that they did not want to have anything to do with Shervin Pishevar or the views that he carries with him as an economic commentator. On the other hand, some may have taken what he had to say as good advice for things to be on the lookout for in the economy as opportunities. It all depends upon your prospective.

The Stock Market

You are going to want to be a bargain hunter in this stock market suggests Shervin Pishevar. He does not see much in the market that he likes at these prices. Rather, he believes that the market is at least twenty percent overpriced. That is the amount that he says it could fall in the next little bit. Of course, if that does happen it just means that everything is more or less going on sale.

Shervin Pishevar cautions people against getting too pessimistic about his predictions. Sometimes a little easing off the gas in the stock market is exactly what is called for to make the best possible moves going forward in the economy.


You are not really an economy commentator if you do not have an opinion about Bitcoin one way or another. It seems that everyone has their views on this cryptocurrency and they are often pleased to share those views with the rest of the world. Shervin Pishevar is no exception to this rule. He felt the need to share his thoughts in his latest Twitter storm.

What Pishevar said about Bitcoin is that it is an interesting candidate to also fall in value. He thinks that between two and five thousand dollars per coin is a fair price. When it hits those levels he thinks that it will see a slow but steady incline once again. He would not recommend buying it before that point in time.

These are his thoughts and he hopes that you take something positive away from them.

Jordan Lindsey – Beliefs On Investing

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About Jordan Lindsey’s Endeavors

Jordan Lindsey received his education from Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College, with a focus on finance. He is the Founder of JCL Capital. He created JCL Capital in 2005. He is renown for his investing and innovative prowess. JCL was designed to enlighten the average investor on how to and what to invest their money into in order to receive profitable returns. Before founding JCL Capital he was the Vice President of Maximum Capital Management.

Since his creation of JCL, he has founded Prive Information Services and has been an advisor to Energia Global. Jordan Lindsey has managed a portfolio of several different strategic plans for reaping profitable returns. He has turned those profits into other entrepreneurial and profitable projects. Not only has he funded new ventures, he has also created an algorithm for third-party cryptocurrency. His algorithm is now used by Bitcoin and is called Bitcoin Growth Bot.

What is JCL?

What does Lindsey’s company JCL do? JCL is a financial educating company. Lindsey has taken his financial prowess and entrepreneurial expertise into training sessions for those that are interested. Jordan Lindsey uses technology to guide members on the strategies needed to trade in the forex markets. His training sessions allow those that attend to gain sizable profits by using his methodology. Lindsey uses classroom training mixed with online tools; such as chat rooms for members to discuss the class.

Jordan Lindsey’s Other Ventures

Jordan Lindsey has other interesting ventures other than financial training and running his companies. In addition his Bitcoin Growth Bot algorithm; he has completed an algorithm and successfully launched it for Metatrader 4 Platform. After completing that algorithm, he moved on and crafted another called Nucleus. Lindsey is constantly looking at innovative ways to improve upon his algorithms.

Looking forward Jordan Lindsey shows no signs of slowing down. He is in constant pursuit of financial strategies to improve upon. In addition, he continues to build him empire and help others as a mentor in the investing arena. Truly, Jordan Lindsey will continue to make a name for himself in the tech world and the world of finance.

Brazilian Stocks Rally On Rousseff Impeachment News

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Brazil has had a tough year. Economic growth is flat. Inflation is 10 percent and climbing, and Brazil’s currency, the Real has lost more than 40 percent of its value. Brazilian stocks have been taking a beating because of the uncertainty that surrounds the political situation, but recently, thanks to a request to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. According to retired investment banker, Igor Cornelsen there is still a lot happening in the market before it actually settles down so even though there has been improvement in value there is still more volatility coming in the next few weeks.

But the excitement in the stock market shows how much investor want a resolution to the political drama and gets the country back on track, according to Cornelsen. Cornelsen is a retired investment banker. He has years of experience in the Brazilian investment world. Igor retired from banking in 2010, but he open an investment firm, Bainbridge Investment Inc. and he now operates out of his offices in South Florida.

Mr. Cornelsen said investors have been divided about whether the impeachment would be good for Brazil, but the tide is turning and many investors now think it’s the only way to get the country moving again. Rousseff’s administration can’t get anything done in terms of reversing the biggest budget deficit in more than 20 years, according to Mr. Cornelsen. Brazil has been hit with four credit-rating downgrades on Rousseff’s watch. The slump in commodity prices has crippled the economy, so Investors don’t want another credit-rating drop. Cornelsen said investors think the only way to stop it is to impeach the president.

Cornelsen has experienced times like these in the past, but he says on Tumblr the Real has never been the worse performing currency in the world before and Brazilian stocks have never lost value three years in a row before. It all started in Rousseff’s second term as president and she has been fighting for her political life ever since then. But the good news, is 57 of the 63 shares of Ibovespa gained as state-controlled Banco do Brasil SA and Petroleo Brasileiro SA surged in value. The real also had its biggest gain in more than a month, according to Cornelsen.

In Sao Paulo, the Ibovespa rose 3.3 percent and spurred a rebound in its value from the lowest it has been since January 2014. Banco do Brasil jumped 8.4 percent, and Petrobras rose 4.4 percent and MSCI Brazil Financials Index jumped 7.4 percent. The news of an impeachment also boosted Brazilian shares in Asia and Europe and IShares MSCI Brazil’s financial index logged $24.2 million in inflows and that is more than the previous two months.