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Herbalife Partners With IMPACT Basketball Players to Offer Nutritional Food

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Herbalife is a leading food provider that offers nutritional foods. The company’s purpose is making the world a better place by providing better foods. Recently, it announced that it has partnered with IMPACT Basketball and renamed the brand into Herbalife IMPACT Basketball Center. Being the official name of the brand and the leading sports nutrition sponsor, Herbalife Nutrition team of nutritionists will offer players tailored nutrition plans to elevate their game. Their collaboration involves athletes’ access to different nutrition plans at the product center.

Team leaders at IMPACT Basketball said that they were thrilled to be part of a nutrition company that caters to athlete’s health by providing nutrition during their painstaking training regimens. Ibi Montesino, the senior vice president as well as the managing director of Herbalife Nutrition added that his team was pleased to be part of the partnership. The opening event included celebrities such as the former NBA players Patrick O’Bryant, who played for the Golden State Warriors as well as the Boston Celtics for about 13 years.

Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center is currently recognized as a primary premier destination for many basketball players at different levels. As such, more than 100 players including professionals, collegiate stars, as well as high school players and other international teams worldwide can pick healthy nutrition packs from the center. Joe Abunassar, the president of Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center, added that the collaboration would empower trainers at the facility.

Herbalife refers to an international multi-level marketing company that develops and markets dietary health supplements as well as weight management food and drinks in addition to personal care products. Since its founding in 1980 by Mr. Mark Hughes, the company has employed more than 8,000 individuals globally. The central office is based in the Cayman Islands. Its corporate headquarters is situated in Los Angeles California.

The company’s nutritional products include weight-loss products, as well as protein shakes. Other products include teas, aloes, as well as vitamins. The original products include the Formula 1 Protein Shake, which is a soy-based supplement that can replace food.

Additionally, the company’s products have five manufacturing facilities in America and China. It also has thirty manufacturing partners. The processing facility relies on a tech-based strategy that was started in the 2010s. Before the processing of the extracts, a botanical identification strategy is used to test multiple times. Herbalife is dedicated to providing nutritional food to consumers.

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