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Shervin Pishevar Talks About Where He Sees Opportunity

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One could have observed Shervin Pishevar going on a Twitter rant recently and assumed that he was talking down the economy and everything going right in it. They could have decided in that moment that they did not want to have anything to do with Shervin Pishevar or the views that he carries with him as an economic commentator. On the other hand, some may have taken what he had to say as good advice for things to be on the lookout for in the economy as opportunities. It all depends upon your prospective.

The Stock Market

You are going to want to be a bargain hunter in this stock market suggests Shervin Pishevar. He does not see much in the market that he likes at these prices. Rather, he believes that the market is at least twenty percent overpriced. That is the amount that he says it could fall in the next little bit. Of course, if that does happen it just means that everything is more or less going on sale.

Shervin Pishevar cautions people against getting too pessimistic about his predictions. Sometimes a little easing off the gas in the stock market is exactly what is called for to make the best possible moves going forward in the economy.


You are not really an economy commentator if you do not have an opinion about Bitcoin one way or another. It seems that everyone has their views on this cryptocurrency and they are often pleased to share those views with the rest of the world. Shervin Pishevar is no exception to this rule. He felt the need to share his thoughts in his latest Twitter storm.

What Pishevar said about Bitcoin is that it is an interesting candidate to also fall in value. He thinks that between two and five thousand dollars per coin is a fair price. When it hits those levels he thinks that it will see a slow but steady incline once again. He would not recommend buying it before that point in time.

These are his thoughts and he hopes that you take something positive away from them.

A Female CFO Is Changing How We Meet People

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Skout has changed how we can meet people and interact with the world. The company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Portia Kersten. After earning her MBA at Columbia University, she has been behind raising capital and maximizing the growth of high growth companies in their early stages. Her ten years experience has lead the wide range of companies to unparalleled success.

Kersten describes her childhood as full of literature which drove her to fully develop her imagination. Absorbing the battles and triumphs of characters inspired her to believe she could take on anything by seeing the solution. Being an inspiring leader includes always being one step ahead.

Having it all doesn’t necessarily mean accomplishing every item on every checklist. The trick in creating a balance with work and life is prioritizing. Kersten only tackles the most important items while driving ahead. Moving forward professionally and personally is the key.

Kersten has developed a career and keen eye for recognizing patterns. Working at large corporations and boutique start-ups, she learned that new developments and projects always find a rhythm. She came to Skout prepared her role by learning how to hone into how that rhythm is affecting a company’s growth potential.

Working women have a stream of advice on how to get ahead in the office and their careers. Kersten’s advice is beautifully simple. Tackle the main issue facing working women: our own confidence. Help yourself get ahead by being confident by being smart, courteous, and aware. Be comfortable in yourself and your role. A certain New York Times’ Bestseller may advise to lean-in, but Kersten advises to lean back at the conference table and put up your feet. Own that room with your confidence.

Kersten’s pride in her work and the company is based in the Skout community. As the community continues to grow domestically and internationally, it has retained the close and emotional ties that create a sense of belonging even in the most serendipitous circumstances.

Skout creates the possibility of serendipity in everyday life. The company does by maintaining the world’s largest network for finding the next adventure in your life. Available in 14 languages and 180 countries around the world, Skout is able to be your guide to finding magic in the everyday.

Download the Skout app yourself to bring a bit of magic to your day. You can also learn more at the company’s website at

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The Innovation Behind Skout

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Skout is a global platform that was specifically created for the purpose of connecting individuals to increase the social circle based upon common interests, likes, as well as dislikes. Skout has been designed to offer new ways for meeting new people whether it be for chatting, making friends, or even finding dates. Skout has become one of the most preferred ways for finding new people as it is both accurate as well as safe. Skout has a Facebook like feature that allows people to chat and learn more about each other. In a world where internet connections have become more relevant, Skout has entrusted the help of millions to further grow the company.

Skout has many positive features when logging on for the first time. One of the most noticeable features that it consists of an upbeat and vibrant community. With over 100 million downloads worldwide, Skout is a site that can be used while on the go or even while at home. With photos available to be posted and chatting encouraged, the Skout community is friendly and diverse. People who are looking to expand their social circle can be matched up to others who share similar backgrounds and who are located all over the world.

One of the best features of Skout is the shake aspect of this app. On Skout, the shake is a new way to be connected randomly to people from all over the world. After shaking, an individual is matched up with someone else from a random location and is given access to talk with that person or to view their profile. This new way to approach new people has been said to be addicting and to pass hours throughout the day while meeting new people. The shaking is just a taste of the innovation that the creators of Skout have used.

Though there are many online dating apps, Skout has been created for the specific purpose of meeting new people. Skout has been able to use its innovative team to create new icebreakers that the millions of users enjoy and use to the advantage of meeting new people with similar interests. In recent news, Skout has even created a potato chip survey which surveyed people around the world of their potato chip preferences. Based upon the preferences, profiles were built of traits of individuals based upon the potato chip that they enjoy to eat the most.

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Online Reputation Management: How to Cope with Google

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Dr. Ben Carson is an unusually prominent person involved in the incredibly public business of running for president. Were you to Google him, you would find substantial negative content about him. But Google can lead its users to negative information about a lot of people.

Such people would be well advised to become acquainted with Darius Fisher. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Fisher majored in Economics. He was the President of the Vanderbilt Investment Club.

Subsequently, Darius Fisher created several successful companies. The most recent and prominent of these is Status Labs. This firm currently has thousands of clients in over 30 countries.

Status Labs specializes in the management of online reputations. Fisher himself is especially knowledgeable about dealing with Google, which handles 3 billion searches daily. If any of the information revealed by such searches is unflattering, it could obviously do serious and widespread damage to reputations.

Fisher’s first piece of advice to people facing such a problem is to Google themselves. However, uninformed searches will produce results reflecting your idiosyncratic past search patterns. To see what most people see if they Google someone’s name, the search needs to be made from a logged out browser with the cache and search histories cleared.

If such searches lead to negative content on your Facebook page, (for example) you can simply remove it. Or, you can at least change the privacy settings to hide it from the general public.

If, on the other hand, the negative information is published in public sources or other people’s Facebook pages, it may be impossible to remove. New content may need to be generated, according to Fisher. “By creating new content, you give Google’s algorithm new, relevant content about you,” according to Fisher, “that will rank highly in a search.” Also, online photos beyond your control might be removed if you contact the relevant website administrators. If they don’t cooperate, legal action might be necessary and effective.

Once unflattering material has been eliminated, then Fisher recommends strategies to keep your online profile positive. Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages should be fed a steady, even daily stream of favorable content. In addition, data brokers like PeopleSmart, Spokeo, and Whitespages can be prevented from creating problematic online profiles, if you know what you are doing, or hire companies to assist with this task.