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Sussex Health Care

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Sussex healthcare is a private and independent company based in London in the United Kingdom.It is mainly involved in providing care to the elderly and even other adults who require specialized treatment.

The organization offers 20 care homes which provide various support services to these elderly people. Efforts of the organization’s chairpersons; Shiraz Boghani who is experienced in managing hotels and Shafik Sachedina a dental surgeon among other staffs have made the adult care network a success.

Types of care provided by Sussex health care
1. Care for older people-The organization provides several residential homes that offer accommodation, meals and relaxation points for these people.
2. Palliative care-This involves offering specialized care to those people who are chronically and terminally ill. Sussex has enough and well-trained staff who are compassionate in administering this operation.
3. Dementia care-this is an area that Sussex tends to put emphasis in due to the aging population. Proper care is taken for the patients to ensure that they have an enjoyable life.
4. Neurological care –A wide range of matters concerning neurology and acquired brain-injury is well taken of by the Sussex healthcare staff. This includes conditions on the motor neuron, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s disease.


Residential facilities for the elderly
1. Clemsfold house located near the Horsham village-the house provides accommodation to older individuals and also provides care services for dementia has a 31 resident capacity and personal privacy is guaranteed.
2. Forest lodge-the facility is a beautiful home for people who are affected by dementia or Alzheimer problems. The house is found at the East Sussex and is equipped with both single and double rooms.
3. The king’s mead care center-the facility is on the edge of Horsham, West Sussex and contains sepa rate units for the older residents and other people with physical disabilities.
4. Rapkyns care home-it is a property close to Horsham in West Sussex that is spacious and provides care to persons with long-term neurological conditions that includes Huntington’s disease, brain injury and multiple sclerosis.

Healthcare facilities offered by Sussex healthcare group
1. Audiology-this includes testing and treatment for hearing loss related on the age of individuals. Hearing aid and hearing examinations are conducted at any locations of the residents.
2. Dental practices- for over 30 years, Sussex has provided dental services in Horsham to persons of all ages. Therefore they are well known for offering wide ranges of clinical and cosmetic dental operations.