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How Does Securus Work?

Published / by WT23

We have been using Securus for a while, and we are really pleased with the way that it works for us in our office. We have been very lucky to get amazing results from the app that Securus made, and we have been able to see all the inmates who work with our group. We need to make visits to these inmates, but it is far too hard to do that sometimes because of how far away everyone is. We got the Securus app, and then we set up an account to make calls that would be much easier than otherwise. We are also very happy with the way that it works when we are trying to see the state of each inmate.


I have noticed that I get a direct video feed that honestly looks better than most of the video messaging apps out there. Securus tried to make it as easy to use as possible, and we just press a button to make our calls out to the inmates. We get to see them on the video feed, and then we can talk to them for as long as we need. We have always had to have this kind of assistance, and we are sure that we will be able to keep using it so that there are no problems in the future with our calls.

Securus has made all the prison calls we make really easy, and they have created a place for us to go that is truly helpful. We get to have the results we need, and we feel like we are really deeply involved in the lives of all these inmates. Securus gave us the video feed we need, and now we are able to serve a lot more people because of how Securus works.