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Protect Your Reputation Online

Published / by WT23

Today’s world is one of Yelp reviews and random articles that have a huge effect on how your business operates. More and more the reputation of a company supersedes the actual product or service. When was the last time you purchased an Amazon product without looking at the reviews? When was the last time you booked a hotel without giving pause to check out the star rating? Online opinions are spreading to our personal lives, a bad article attacking you personally can have a huge impact on job prospects, or even friendships.

The people of the Internet love their bad reviews, and a customer is ten times more likely to share a poor review over a good one. Trying to clean up your reputation online is like cleaning spilled syrup… nearly impossible. When given the misfortune of a bad article, you have a couple options: Work personally to remove the bad press, or hire a company to get things done.

Get things done yourself by driving web traffic to alternative sites or articles. Maybe take out some ad space or use social networking to focus people on just the good. This method really relies on your writing/selling skills and hope that the article has not spread beyond its original point. The pro here is that it would cost you nothing or little, the con is that it hardly ever works and you can waste a lot of time. For a business owner, time really does equal money.

Hire a well-respected company to get things done, and stop worrying. Bury Bad Articles,, is a service that specializes in taking bad press, poor reviews and opinions and burying them deep in the underbelly of the Internet. Rather than having a poor article come up first when in a Google search, it is buried deep, well past where the average consumer will look. Without the bad press, your customers will see all of the good and none, or at least less, of the bad. You don’t need to be told the implications, a customer, job hunter, or confidante will not come to you with preconceived notions. You will have the opportunity to wow them with your excellent service and personality.

Either route you choose it is important to be on top of you or your companies reputation online. Services like make this an easy process that will not take away from the rest of your daily activities.