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Choose Effective Keywords for Your Business

Published / by WT23

When building an SEO strategy that will get your webpage the best exposure possible one of the most important elements is going to be the choice of keywords that you decide to use. The right keywords can put you on the front page of Google searches and bring a lot of traffic to your website which is good news for your product or service. There are many factors that impact a “good” keyword from a “bad” one, and it takes a bit of research to understand the difference.

In the early days of the internet, the algorithms of the search engines were much easier to manipulate to gain free traffic. Some people used a practice called keyword stuffing or other “black hat “practices. Black hat refers to something that may be less than ethical but effective in getting the desired final result. These techniques were effective for a short time but Google is a pretty smart company and they continually change what they are looking for in order to provide people with the best search results. Now it is far better to mention a keyword in the title, in the first sentence of a page and then a few times sparingly throughout the page. It is far more beneficial to produce unique content that provides real value to people who visit your website.

If understanding what makes a keyword attractive to a consumer it is a good choice to hire a professional SEO company like White Shark to help guide you. The professionals at White Shark will help guide you through the maze that is keyword choices. It can be difficult to understand how to determine the average searches for a keyword and the competition that keyword has. Those two factors really lead to finding a good keyword for the purposes of your website. Long tail keywords, or short phrases or combinations of words often used together can be something that White Shark Media professionals can help you with. White Shark does a great job of providing an account contact to each client so that you will always speak with someone who understands your business, budget and goals for your SEO.

Nobody thinks about keywords when they first start the online portion of their business, but the drive for success is going to make the importance of keyword research and use firmly in your view. Having the best product or service in the world will not help you if nobody can find it when searching. Keywords are the directional beacons that will bring interested visitors to your business online. If you are running an Adwords campaign the keywords that are most popular are also the most expensive and they can kill an advertising budget. A good keyword company can help find the bargain keywords that have high searches but low competition for the business or niche that you are shooting to attract.