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Using the Product Wen

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Wen is an all-natural shampoo/conditioner product line for men and women. Chaz Dean who is a hair stylist and salon owner believes in living a holistic lifestyle. When he created Wen he wanted it to be a healthier version of the everyday products already on the market. Wen does not include any sodium laurel sulfate or other detergents known to damage the hair. At his Los Angeles salon, Chaz Dean serves a celebrity clientele and chooses not to use products with bleach or high developers; making his salon a safe and fume-free environment.

An article written by, Emily MCClure, at documents a week of using the product Wen. On day one, two, and three Emily follows her normal routine and uses the product at night followed with a blow dry and style. She likes that her hair looks shinier with more bounce, but notices quite a bit of oil at her root in the morning. On day four Emily doesn’t have a chance to wash her hair and is left with a greasy mess, even though she tries to use a dry shampoo at the salon she works at.

Learning from days prior, Emily decides to use the shampoo/conditioner in the morning for days five, six, and seven. She continues to love the way her hair looks right after she washes, blow dries, and styles her hair with Wen. Her hair looks healthier and includes more shine and bounce than she is used to. Being that her hair is fine, she is used to her hair going flat through-out the day, but using Wen she notices that her curls fall out sooner than normal. With healthier looking hair, she concludes that as long as she can shampoo her hair in the morning she likes the results of using Wen.

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