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The Chainsmokers Remarkable Run for the 2016/2017

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While the year 2016 went pretty for The Chainsmokers, 2017 is when they are solidifying and holding on to their place on the charts with their groundbreaking records. They have been at the top of the ladder for far longer than most had thought possible which proves that they are much more potent than most people had given them credit for. Having dropped two huge albums this year, Rapper Future has also shown himself to be stronger and more popular than we could have imagined.

Chainsmokers who are EDN/pop duo have dominated the second half of the year 2016 very successfully, and the tracks remained a hit only disappearing in 2017. Their hit “Closer” featuring Halsey has held on to various tables past this year where it was able to break the records to the song that has been able to hold on the Hot 100 of all time at the top 10. It lived on in this upper region for a good 32 weeks tying the legendary LeAnn Rimes “How Do I Live” that was still in existence years ago. However, this achievement has been thawed this year but it still more than a big achievement for the group. Besides this, “Closer” also spent a lot of time in the arena since it was debuted setting the record as having the most weeks as one of the top five.

For the most of 2016, it was clear that The Chainsmokers were only holding towards with no mistakes and the hit a track on the charting world that penetrated smoothly into 2017. Due to their success, they have been able to make history. Their singles running from “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Paris,” and the fresh one with Coldplay “Something Just like This has made the Chainsmokers a phenomenon in the industry. They now hold the title of the second-longest stay at the highest tier. For many weeks in a row, Chainsmokers have been in a position numbers 1 to 10 for more than 61 weeks which is one of the most unbelievable runs ever seen. They come in at the second place closely behind Katy Perry who had 69 weeks.

A Brief History About Hutson Clayton

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Hutson Clayton is a rare gem in the music industry. Equipped with a degree in theater design from Central Michigan University, Hutson held different positions like a sound engineer and project manager at a number of companies that provided live events before choosing to be an entrepreneur, where he founded a live event production company called Ronin Event Creative.

His in-depth knowledge of musical engineering and previous positions as a production manager has allowed Hutson to provide top-notch services to his clients.

As a project manager, Clayton spent most of his time working on projects that featured some big performers in the music industry. Hutson’s Love for music has made him dedicate his time, passion and energy to managing, producing, designing and overseeing a large number of live tours. His experience has allowed him to know all the essential details in the entertainment industry.

Clay’s day involved managing artists and assigning his team the relevant duties that are involved in setting up the stage. This means going through the day’s schedule, completing a walk through and planning a day to do list for his crew.

With the necessary skills that help him decide what the best course of action is, Hutson can plan to deal with issues that may come up when setting up the sound systems or when designing a set.

Being on set with different performers, Hutson is always thrilled when artists go out of their way to please their audience by incorporating tricks.

Given a chance to advise his younger Self, Hutson maintains that the best information is brutally honest with oneself and with others, he also notes that putting family first is also a good start.

According to Clay Hutson, hard work has been a vital strategy in growing his business together with word of mouth and reputation. In a quick Q&A Hutson believes that investing in his iPhone was the best thing he did for himself.

Hutson Clay’s favorite quote is trying out something twice and if it does not succeed, then one should quit instead of being a damn fool about the whole issue.

Alex Pell exploring and creating musically

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Alex Pall makes up half of the duo band called The Chainsmokers. He and fellow bandmate Andrew Taggart sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss new music, what’s unique about their sound, and how they will continue to stand out as they grow even more popularity. The duo didn’t know each other but oddly enough both started out DJing as a side gig, Taggart eventually took more interest in producing. Pall worked a regular shift at in art gallery in New York City and Taggart was attending college in Syracuse. When the two finally met (due to a mutual friend) they discussed all things music, such as who were the “it” people in music at the moment and what sounds they enjoyed. The two meshed so well that they being working together everyday and made making music their primary focus.


When it comes to having an identity in the music industry and staying relevant, Pall says “it’s constantly a journey of self-discovery and checking yourself.” On their song “closer” featuring Halsey, Taggart is singing. This is unconventional for a producer to use his vocals on a record. Pall and Taggart are willing to explore new options and ideas as they continue to expand their fan base and create new sounds. The Chainsmokers write their own music (or co-write it) about their real life experiences. The song “closer” is about remembering why you broke up with an ex after being intimate with them again. Taggart and a friend wrote it on a tour bus. Writing their own music makes it even more relatable to those listening.


The Chainsmokers have had much success in their career already, and have no intention of stopping or slowing down anytime soon. Pall says “…when you get complacent is when somebody else takes your spot.” The duo is doing it all from festivals to tours and even bigger stage productions. With their fan base increasing to new places such as South Africa and them experimenting musically, we’re sure to see and hear about The Chainsmokers for years to come.

First Listen: Jon Urbana’s Newest Tracks

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As an athlete, Jon Urbana has risen to fame. Now that he is in the public spotlight, people are learning that his life is full of multiple interests. He has numerous likes and things that he is heavily involved in because he has interests or believes they need his help.
As a late entrant in the music world, some are surprised to learn that Jon Urbana is a skilled DJ. Using nothing more than Ableton software and his guitar, Urbana creates electronic music in his own home. He enjoys remixing songs as well as creating his own unique and original tracks. He has built a successful fan base on Soundcloud and even got written up by Bloomberg.

Jon Urbana is also very into photography. His photoblog is full of his artistic takes on everyday life including shots of fire and even food. His creativity shines through as well as his artistic talent with these stills of everyday items that take on a new life through the life of his lenses.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Urbana recently was accepted to the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, as a certified airman. He has added to his creative and lengthy list of talents recently when he received his license to fly and he says on Twitter that he’s loving it. Now he has the ability to combine his photography talent while sailing through the clouds which is sure to bring his fans some amazing snapshots.

Urbana’s biggest claim to fame so far is his lacrosse camp and sports career. With honorable mention in All-American honors as well as Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the year he rose to sports fame as the defensive anchor of the Villanova team who was ranked seventh in the nation. His passion for the sport led him to also create Next Level Lacrosse Camp where he coaches and trains kids who are interested in learning this skilled sport.