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Dr. Saad Saad: Challenging Desiring Professionals to Develop the Discipline of Integrity

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Dr. Saad Saad is a man who came to be one of the world’s most skilled pediatric surgeons because he lived his life in devotion to the belief that no great success comes without great risk or sacrifice. Over the course of his life, he based the entirety of his decisions upon their standard of significance to his pursuit of career achievement. Nonetheless, being that he chose to uphold and combine his personal moral values with that of his parental instillment for the acquirement of education, Dr. Saad developed a premium sense of integrity that ultimately became the recipe for success.


As an individual of Middle Eastern descent, Dr. Saad grew up in the country of Kuwait as a child alongside seven other siblings who all resided within a household that emphasized education as being the key to unlocking desires and avoiding economical hardship. Moreover, as a result of their prepared upbringing, Dr. Saad and his siblings all grew into adults who fulfilled careers within engineering, medicine, and teaching. With his innate passion for medicine, Dr. Saad made the decision to attend medical school at the Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt where he graduated with honors with his medical degree. After receiving his degree, he then went to England where he completed his internship and then finally to the United States where he finished his residency and passed laborious tests to become a board-certified pediatric surgeon.


Yet, even after having earned the reputable title of being a board-certified pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad not only still felt the need to continue seeking career advancement opportunities, but he also desired to carry out deeds that would allow him answer his true calling to be a devout humanitarian. In addition to setting up his medical practice in NJ, Dr. Saad volunteered his medical skills to surgically assist children upon several medical missions to the Middle East over the course of his years of practice. Furthermore, Dr. Saad also invented two life-saving medical devices (suctioning endoscope and electromagnetic catheter) and became the Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in NJ where he continued his practice prior to the making of his decision to retire.


But as a man of exceptional talent and remarkable success, Dr. Saad wouldn’t have had the ability to triumph the challenges that life presented him if he didn’t stick to two learned life lessons. To all prospective entrepreneurs and desiring career professionals, Dr. Saad challenges them to develop habits of efficient time management and to never settle for less. Postponing goals and mismanaging valuable time are factors that most often lead to failure. According to Dr. Saad, these life lessons are what motivated him to stay productive to manifest his level of success. Learn more :