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LED Lighting: Get the Most Use out of Your Lighting

Published / by WT23
The life expectancy of LED light bulbs is up to 20 years, for now. This life span is expected to grow as more innovations are being made. The next time your incandescent lighting burns out after a couple of months, it would be wise and more cost-efficient to opt for LED bulbs not just because of their lasting power but also because of their versatility in design, functionality, and energy efficiency. Also, don’t look for many similarities in the two, especially if you want to know how many watts to purchase. LED light bulbs are determined by lumens not watts. With incandescent lights, the wattage indicates how much energy the light bulb is using as it draws upon this energy to become brighter. Since LED lights don’t radiate heat and are energy efficient, their brightness isn’t determined by how much energy they use. Making the switch from incandescent to LED can seem pricey up front, but the long term operational cost savings is more than worth it. For businesses who want to save more money and energy, making the switch to LED lighting is a good place to start. Using enterprise IoT lighting solutions by Gooee can only make this transition even more worthwhile. For instance, just because LED lighting uses heat sinks to keep the bulbs from getting hot, if these lights are placed in areas that are too tight the heat will have no where to go and the LED bulb will die a lot sooner than expected. Gooee’s lighting analytics can indicate this information to you before it’s too late so that you can ensure that your lights are functioning properly.
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