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“Matt Badiali – From Scientist to Investment Advisor”

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Matt Badiali originally pursued Science as a career. He earned a degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University, and a Master of Geology from Florida Atlantic University. A friend introduced him to Finance, while he was pursuing a doctorate at the University of North Carolina. Matt Badiali’s friend believed Matt would develop various methods of investing. Matt’s experience with science and geology is an essential element to providing advice to the average investor.

He often writes investment advice with his Dad’s influence. His father struggled as an investor. Matt uses his Dad’s experience and unique background to help other people. Matt Badiali focuses investment advice on energy, metals and natural resources. This leads to regular double-digit, and triple-digit gains for the average investors that follow his advice.

Matt Badiali launched his newsletter titled Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill in May 2017. There is a large network of loyal readers that look forward to his stock recommendations. He travels to mines, oil projects and company headquarters all around the world. For example, he has been to Peru, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, and Switzerland.

The “Real Wealth Strategist” requires a unique skill set. Natural resource stocks tend to be highly cyclical and speculative. It requires knowledge of finance, markets companies and finance. Obtaining this knowledge is the only way to succeed in this sector.

Matt Badiali is an early riser, starting at 6:30 a.m. to see his daughters off to school. He reads through the headlines with a cup of coffee. He continues with Bloomberg and Weather updates on the television. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed! This allows him to arrive at the office by 8, so he can spend the first two or three hours writing. He believes this is when he is the most focused. He follows this up with email correspondence and reading through the latest news. He monitors companies in his “Real Strategist Portfolio” and companies he is considering adding. Matt Badiali plans to continue to help the average investor.

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Fortress Investment Group – Ideal for diverse global investments!

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Since 1998, Fortress Investment Group has specialized in creating diversified investment portfolios for clients. Specifically, they deal in asset investments ranging from real estate to various financial assets that provide long term cash flow. As of late 2017, Fortress Investment Group managed and maintained more than forty three billion US dollars worth of assets. Leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Fortress Investment Group loaned Vancouver based Millennium Development Group a massive eight hundred and fifty million Canadian dollars to fund the construction of the Olympic village. With assistance from the city of Vancouver,

Millennium Development group was able to complete the construction of the Olympic village in November of 2009, with Fortress Investment Group becoming the primary owner of the village following the 2010 Olympic games. In mid 2017, Shareholders approved the sale of Fortress Investment group, and in late 2017 Fortress Investment Group was purchased by Tokyo based SoftBank Group Corporation for three billion, three hundred million US dollars. Despite this, Fortress Investment Group continues to operate as an independent business within SoftBank Group Corporation. As a result, Fortress Investment Group has remained in New York City and will retain the same management that has led to their success.

For investors looking for a stock that pays quarterly dividends, Fortress Investment Group manages five different stocks that are publicly trade on the New York Stock Exchange.These various entities range from media companies, to transportation and real estate. Due to this diversification, Fortress Investment Group has a very solid portfolio of assets, allowing them to handle whatever market shifts they may experience. At the end of the day, Fortress Investment Group is an excellent consideration for anyone looking to make a lasting return on their investment. With a wide range of diversity of assets and the backing of parent company SoftBank Group Corporation, is a safe investment with a fine potential for return.

Wes Edens and The Success, Growth and Prosperity in His Career Today

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There are many finance success stories today that define the future of a business. The business failures today of entrepreneurs have even determined their standing today. Consider Bill Gates. He was banned from his school because he hacked his school’s database. He also failed in establishing a traffic monitoring system, and still went on. He fought for his dream and pushed on, and look at where Bill Gates now. This is also the case with Wes Edens, the Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Goup. He faced his adversaries, and he is now one of the Forbes’ Lists of Billionaires today.

The List of Forbes’ Billionaires

One of the more interesting and fascinating things that we can read about Wes Edens today is the fact that he’s already part of the Forbes billionaire’s list, with a Net Worth of $2.5 bill. Mr. Wes Edens is based in New York, United States, and he’s mainly working in the Finance industry. This net worth of his was because of the fact he was able to sell a part of his company befire and generated this amount of value.He wanted more from the company that he was building, and his desire for expansion tested his aplomb, and fortunately, he was able to generate enough support to make sure that he could reach his goals and aims. That’s luckily what he reached today. This net worth is also rooted in the fact that Wes Edens was fortunate enough to be part of the Lehman Brothers investment group, and later on, cofounded and managed Fortress Investment Group in 1998.This is a great feat for him and a challenge for his career, but because of his determination to go on, he reached being part of the list. We should also say here that the aptitude and complete sense of composure of Wes might have been the reason why he’s now reached the level he’s in. Being able to partner with various experts in private equity industry is also a secret to his success. These partners include Michael Novogratz, Peter Briger, and Robert Kaufman. In the 2.2 billion, by the way, the net worth that made him in the list, 72.8 million is in the ownership of Wes. In addition to that, we can also say here that Edens earned about $150 million in addition to the amount in the form of net cash payout in 2005.

The Take-home Pay

Another interesting part of the story of growth, success, and prosperity of Wes today is about that take-home pay of about $54M that he got per year, as reported by the New York Times. This compensation is made by the amount of money that Edens’ got at Fortress Investment Group, (about $13.4 million) and the dividends he got as a shareholder for various ventures. No wonder that companies and experts today list Edens as one of the most high-earning private equity executives. Truly, if it weren’t for the series of failures and hurdles that Wes was able to without a doubt confront, he is now considered one of the most successful business leaders today.

David Giertz – Helping People Understand the Importance of Social Security

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David Giertz is well-known financial coach and expert based in the United States and also the President of the Nationwide Financial Distributions Inc. He has helped in increasing the sales of the Nationwide Financial manifolds under his leadership and implemented strategic initiatives that have helped the firm in devising new financial products as well as penetrating the market further. Under his leadership, the company’s sale skyrocketed to close to $18 Billion, whereas the financial experts and analysts thought it would be just around the $11 Billion mark at His thoughtful leadership has helped the Nationwide Financial to become one of the leaders in the finance industry.

David Giertz is asked for his expert advice on a variety of financial matters and recently spoke to WSJ about the importance of social security in the context of the retirement planning. David Giertz said that it is petty that many of the people are excluding social security from their retirement portfolio, but also mentioned that it is due in large part to the advice was given by their financial advisors according to As per the research conducted by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, the consumers are ready to switch to a different financial advisor if their existing one does not provide them comprehensive guidance on the inclusion of social security in their retirement planning.

David Giertz said that it is important that people understand in-depth the importance of social security and make it a point to include in their retirement planning on It can lead to a loss of close to $100,000 over a period of twenty to thirty years, which is huge considering retirement plan is all about long-term wealth creation. As the guidelines for the social security are complex, most of the financial advisors want to do away with it. However, David Giertz said that the consumers must stick to their ground and be rigid about the inclusion of social security in their retirement planning at