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Understanding Online Reputation Management Services

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A great online reputation can be a benefit to companies and people alike. Experts use a number of techniques to maintain an impressive online reputation.

You most likely already realize that any unknown person or company can post a review or comment about you or your business enterprise and damage your online track record. That is why it is critical that you take control of your online presence.

An online reputation management organization may search the web to track down positive, genuine feedbacks about your products, services, or company. If there is definitely a fair amount of damaging information about your company online, an online reputation management establishment will assist you seek procedures to employ reliable, positive consumer reviews and content to increase your rankings, guard your reputation, and develop consumer trust.

Some firms offer services that will get rid of or suppress negative posts and reviews, normally by creating positive content to push down adverse reviews and push up positive content in search engine results pages. However, this is only one of the ways to use online credibility management to project the image you want Online users to see. Many people expect business organizations to interact online, making a social media expert a requirement for businesses that wish to interact with customers, and businesses can use both desirable and defamatory reviews as tools for improvement.

Credibility management professionals use a wide range of tools and strategies for managing online reputations online. Some of the common tools used in online reputation management include automated searches, subscriptions to review sites, blogging, and profiles on social networking sites.

Social media is a significant factor in outstanding online reputation management. Because many people make use of social media like a search engine, creating and maintaining a top notch social media presence can have a huge positive effect on your online reputation. Even if you have never used social media before, an outstanding online reputation management enterprise will have a good understanding of how to best assist your company build a social media presence and use your various social channels to strengthen your online reputation.


A Female CFO Is Changing How We Meet People

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Skout has changed how we can meet people and interact with the world. The company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Portia Kersten. After earning her MBA at Columbia University, she has been behind raising capital and maximizing the growth of high growth companies in their early stages. Her ten years experience has lead the wide range of companies to unparalleled success.

Kersten describes her childhood as full of literature which drove her to fully develop her imagination. Absorbing the battles and triumphs of characters inspired her to believe she could take on anything by seeing the solution. Being an inspiring leader includes always being one step ahead.

Having it all doesn’t necessarily mean accomplishing every item on every checklist. The trick in creating a balance with work and life is prioritizing. Kersten only tackles the most important items while driving ahead. Moving forward professionally and personally is the key.

Kersten has developed a career and keen eye for recognizing patterns. Working at large corporations and boutique start-ups, she learned that new developments and projects always find a rhythm. She came to Skout prepared her role by learning how to hone into how that rhythm is affecting a company’s growth potential.

Working women have a stream of advice on how to get ahead in the office and their careers. Kersten’s advice is beautifully simple. Tackle the main issue facing working women: our own confidence. Help yourself get ahead by being confident by being smart, courteous, and aware. Be comfortable in yourself and your role. A certain New York Times’ Bestseller may advise to lean-in, but Kersten advises to lean back at the conference table and put up your feet. Own that room with your confidence.

Kersten’s pride in her work and the company is based in the Skout community. As the community continues to grow domestically and internationally, it has retained the close and emotional ties that create a sense of belonging even in the most serendipitous circumstances.

Skout creates the possibility of serendipity in everyday life. The company does by maintaining the world’s largest network for finding the next adventure in your life. Available in 14 languages and 180 countries around the world, Skout is able to be your guide to finding magic in the everyday.

Download the Skout app yourself to bring a bit of magic to your day. You can also learn more at the company’s website at

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Class Dojo Connecting Education and Community

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Communication often is broken in the educational community. There are gaps between administrators, teachers, and parents in most school districts. In the same breath, until ClassDojo, the options were simply not out there to share information freely and pass on relevant updates.

ClassDojo not only keeps the updates coming but they also soothe parents who worry about their children at school by giving the teachers an interface to send pictures of activities in the classroom. These could be private messages to a single, concerned parent or a mass message to update every parent as to what the class is covering on given day.

The ClassDojo app covers a lot of ground that had been ignored by other services and school districts alike. Email is not always optimal. People tend to be more connected to their smartphones because of work or lack of home internet. ClassDojo delivers an instant messenger so that if an emergency arises with a child, the parent is notified in an instant using this app.

Children often fib when it comes to homework, school holidays, and required activities. With ClassDojo, students are given less leeway in passing on false information. Their teacher has constant access and contact with parents as well as other administrators.

ClassDojo says it is being used in over half of United States schools and have expanded to 180 countries. The goal is for every school to benefit from this communication application rather than 2 out of three schools. But it certainly is a start. The app includes a 35 language translator to not only serve the foreign countries that use ClassDojo but to also assist with parents who may not speak English as their primary tongue.

A major problem in the education system was the lack of parent involvement. In the majority of these cases, parents have scheduling conflicts or are single parents who just lack the time to attend parent-teacher conferences or open houses. ClassDojo provides the ability to have these one-on-one conversations without having a break in schedule or routine.

ClassDojo found a niche that was sorely missing. By connecting community, teachers, and parents, they have opened the door for a coming together for the betterment of education. Teachers can share ideas, parents can ask questions, and no assignment will go undone based on the word of a student.

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Online Reputation Management: How to Cope with Google

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Dr. Ben Carson is an unusually prominent person involved in the incredibly public business of running for president. Were you to Google him, you would find substantial negative content about him. But Google can lead its users to negative information about a lot of people.

Such people would be well advised to become acquainted with Darius Fisher. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Fisher majored in Economics. He was the President of the Vanderbilt Investment Club.

Subsequently, Darius Fisher created several successful companies. The most recent and prominent of these is Status Labs. This firm currently has thousands of clients in over 30 countries.

Status Labs specializes in the management of online reputations. Fisher himself is especially knowledgeable about dealing with Google, which handles 3 billion searches daily. If any of the information revealed by such searches is unflattering, it could obviously do serious and widespread damage to reputations.

Fisher’s first piece of advice to people facing such a problem is to Google themselves. However, uninformed searches will produce results reflecting your idiosyncratic past search patterns. To see what most people see if they Google someone’s name, the search needs to be made from a logged out browser with the cache and search histories cleared.

If such searches lead to negative content on your Facebook page, (for example) you can simply remove it. Or, you can at least change the privacy settings to hide it from the general public.

If, on the other hand, the negative information is published in public sources or other people’s Facebook pages, it may be impossible to remove. New content may need to be generated, according to Fisher. “By creating new content, you give Google’s algorithm new, relevant content about you,” according to Fisher, “that will rank highly in a search.” Also, online photos beyond your control might be removed if you contact the relevant website administrators. If they don’t cooperate, legal action might be necessary and effective.

Once unflattering material has been eliminated, then Fisher recommends strategies to keep your online profile positive. Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages should be fed a steady, even daily stream of favorable content. In addition, data brokers like PeopleSmart, Spokeo, and Whitespages can be prevented from creating problematic online profiles, if you know what you are doing, or hire companies to assist with this task.