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I was Hacked Once, But Even One Time Is Too Much

Published / by WT23

According to a recently released article by Investing News, researchers have observed a substantial increase in costly cybercrimes between 2013 and 2015. After reading this astonishing statistic, I’m not that surprised that I was hacked last week. The article titled “Why is Cybersecurity Important?” addressed the increasing threat and severity of cybercrimes and the steps that the government can take to prevent these attacks from happening again.


A few months ago, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to allow federal agencies the power to manage cyber threats. During President Barack Obama’s term, he wanted to set aside $19 billion for resolving and preventing cyber attacks. Trump and Obama’s efforts toward mitigating cyber attacks should give us an indication of the severity of these crimes. I’m grateful for their efforts because I was hacked, and I don’t want to be hacked again.


Following the cyber attacked, I decided to use a private and secure service called Rubica. This sophisticated software acts as a barrier between my computer and the malicious outside world. Once the app is downloaded, Rubica will work behind the scenes to ensure that my information is never compromised again. Rubica can also prevent other people from cyber attacks. I was hacked once and even once is too much.