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Cleansing Conditioners: Simple Solutions For Curly Hair

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Anyone with curly or textured hair can relate to the struggle of finding the perfect product that moisturizes without leaving hair heavy and weighed down. Combing through curly hair can be a disaster if hair is weak and dry. Cleansing conditioners provide a safe solution for hair that needs to be cleaned but not stripped of all moisture.

Cleansing conditioners gently lift dirt and oil out of the hair and away from the scalp, while simultaneously moisturizing from root to ends.

WEN by Chaz provides a high quality cleansing conditioner that can be used daily on all hair types. In just one step hair is cleansed and conditioned.

Curly hair especially benefits from the use of WEN products by removing the buildup that weighs down curls while leaving the moisture that prevents frizz and breakage. It can also be used as a styling product or a leave-in conditioner. Simply apply a small amount after cleansing in the shower, distribute with fingers or a comb, and style as desired. The versatility of this product provides women with a streamlined hair care routine with multiple benefits.

The benefits of using cleansing conditioners include reduced dryness and split ends. Many who use these products experience increased body and strength.

Cleansing conditioners such as WEN are growing in popularity as women seek natural ways to take care of their hair that don’t involve harsh ingredients or drying shampoos. WEN is a simple solution to dry or lifeless curls in need of gentle rejuvenation.

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A week using Wen

Published / by WT23

The Wen cleanser is a hair care product created by Chaz Dean. According to the WEN website the product is a “5-in-1 formula, it takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner.” The site says that using the Wen will add body and shine to your hair and will also make your hair stronger and fuller.

Emily McClure wrote a review on to see if the claims the Wen site made were true. She used the sephora sold product for a week and wrote and took photos of how her fine hair responded to the product. On day 1 of using the product, Emily was surprised at the amount of the product that she needed to use. She had to use ten pumps which compared to other shampoos she used this was a large amount of product. When she put the product in her hair she noted that it felt as though her hair was thicker and that fewer hair strands were falling out. After blow drying her hair she noticed that her hair was more shiny and bouncy. Throughout the rest of the week, Emily noticed that when she would wake up in the mornings her hair would be more greasy than usual but after washing her hair with Wen the greasiness would go away. Emily also noticed while using the product that her curls would fall much more quickly than normal. By day 6 Emily knew that if she was going to use WEN she would have to shower in the mornings to have clean appearing hair. Emily’s final thoughts on Wen were that if you are a person who was going to wake up and wash and style your hair every day this would be a great product. She would also use this product on days when she felt her hair needed a little extra shine.