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How Wikipedia’s Article Translation Tool Works

Published / by WT23

Language hurdles continue to be the greatest impediment in the access to information. Giant online encyclopedia, Wikipedia has recognized that large amounts of data are missing on the site. At the moment, the millions of pages that exist on the website are written in nearly 300 languages. Many would expect this diversity to be beneficial. However, it has led to a gap in knowledge because Wikipedia page creations have not been translated to all these dialects due to the language barrier that exists. 

More than 300 million visitors access Wikipedia on a daily basis. They often search for information contained in millions of webpages. A majority of them seek for information written in English, which is the main subject on the site. It is however unfortunate that such information has not been translated to all these dialects. Site visitors who speak other languages apart from English have been alienated, thus hampering their access to knowledge. 

A translation tool has been advanced after in-depth research by computer mavericks from Stanford University and the Wikimedia Foundation. This tool detects relevant articles that are yet to be translated into specific languages. It then recommends items that are absent to the Wikipedia editors. Thereafter, the copyreaders use these commendations to find an article that is in a second language familiar to them. They then seek out assistance from other editors to translate the editorial into the local dialect and create a Wiki page in the other language. The tool precisely predicts the popularity of any omitted article and suggests to editors how they can do the translation in order for them to add value to their communities’ body of knowledge. 

How Wikipedia is of Benefit to Firms

The site receives up to three hundred million hits every day. This is quite an impressive figure. Businesses ought to tap into this and use it as an online advertisement platform. Learning how to make a Wikipedia page and taking advantage of it will help build a brand name for a firm. It also increases a firm’s prominence in Internet search outcomes. Such an increase in the online visibility of a firm attracts more customers hence boosts sales. 

Professional Wikipedia Editors for Hire

Businesses and individuals who wish to own Wikipedia pages are advised to take advantage of services offered by professional copy readers. These Wiki experts for hire are often widely experienced and always make sure that all the pages they create are well formatted referenced and are in accord with standards set by Wikipedia. Adherence to these standards ensures that the pages are approved by operators of the website. Get Your Wiki hosts the ultimate experts in the creation, monitoring and interpretation of Wikipedia pages.