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Hungary’s Government Doesn’t Like George Soros And His Democratic Principles

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George Soros knows a lot about Hungary. That’s where he was born 87-years-ago. But Soros didn’t stay in Hungary. The 1944 Nazi occupation tore the country apart. Soros got the chance to move to London that year, and he took it. George was able to gain admission to the London School of Economics, and he didn’t waste any time finding a cause to support. One of his professors was a Karl Popper supporter. Soros was enamored with the Popper open society concept. Popper was the first philosopher to promote a worldwide open society. Popper’s theory is no society can function effectively when there is no freedom of expression, no democratic governance, or no respect for individual rights. Soros knew Popper was right. A couple of decades later, Soros founded the Open Society Foundation, and the principles of that foundation follow the teachings of Karl Popper. But there is also a heavy dose of George Soros philosophy in those principles and read full article.

The Open Society Foundation is an impressive organization. Since its inception, the foundation has given more than $12 billion to organizations that promote human rights and democracy. All the money to support Open Society Foundation causes comes from George Soros. He continues to give in spite of opposition from some governments.

According to Forbes, Soros net worth is $25 billion because Mr. Soros is one of the smartest investors in the financial industry. His Soros Fund Management is one of the most successful hedge funds in the history of the investment industry. That fund is not active anymore, but the Soros family hedge fund is, and it has more than $25 billion in assets under management. Soros still makes investment decisions, but he spends a lot of time working to rebuild the Democratic Party. Soros is a liberal financial supporter, and he is one of the behind-the-scenes leaders of the Democratic Party and learn more about George Soros.

But not everyone is a George Soros fan. Hungary may be his birth country, but the Hungarian government is out to stop Soros from spreading democracy and freedom throughout the country. In fact, Hungary has a mini-war of words going on and Soros is on the receiving end of that battle. Soros is responsible for opening the Central University in Hungary, and the government doesn’t like the university. Hungary’s government and Russian government seem to be on the same page when it comes to abusing human rights and bashing democracy and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Hungary doesn’t like an immigration plan for the refugees that are leaving the Middle East. Soros had a hand in developing that plan. The Hungarian government is fiercely nationalistic and the Soros open society concept is not the kind of concept the leaders of Hungary want to support. But Soros knows it is only a matter of time before Hungary’s government has to conform if they want to stay in the European Union and more information click here.

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