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The Traveling Vineyard Encourages Every Wine Lover To Explore France

Published / by WT23

Any wine enthusiast who is looking to learn more than ever before about the production of wine in its many different forms and varieties can do worse than to explore the different regions of France to develop their own knowledge of fine wines.

The Traveling Vineyard is encouraging its Wine Guides and customers to explore some of the many different options available for taking a wine tour across one of the many different regions of the world’s leading producer of wine; in a bid to get the most from any visit to France there are five regions that offer the best vineyards and wineries for wine tastings and accommodation during any visit to this amazing European country.

France has been producing wine for centuries and has developed a range of regions that have the perfect soil and climate for producing specific forms of wine, including Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and Provence. Each region has its own distinct reasons for visiting and The Traveling Vineyard believes getting out and exploring the world of wine production is the best way to enjoy as many different wine options as possible.

The Bordeaux region has at least six different dedicated wine routes that take a wine aficionado on a trip that takes in some of the world’s leading wineries and restaurants where some of the best wine produced in the world will be uncovered. Those wine lovers who have an interest in the latest trends and fashions within the wine industry should take a look at the Provence wine route leading from Toulon to Saint-Tropez. New wine producers are creating organic wines and red wines from grapes grown in the same region as a range of olives grown in groves along this picturesque route.

The role of Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard has many benefits, including the chance to learn a large amount about how best to taste different wines and identify the different flavors and aromas correctly. The Traveling Vineyard provides a number of services for its Wine Guides, who produce sales by attending parties in the homes of clients where a guided wine tasting takes place and orders for a favorite wine are placed.

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