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Planning Your Future With Richard Dwayne Blair

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Preparing yourself for retirement is something that everyone should be doing. It should start very early in life and continue throughout your working career. Many young people feel they do not need to worry about this and they will find that when they try to retire, they cannot because of bad planning. There are many people who can help anyone find the right way to save for retirement and Richard Dwayne Blair is one of them. He has many years of experience working with clients on their financial future. He is based in Texas but has increased his business on the internet.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a unique approach to planning. He believes there are three steps that must be taken to secure your future. When meeting with him for the first time, he will find out what you want and what you need to do in order to get it. There are many ways to save and he knows which ones will get you to your goal. He sets a schedule for saving that fits into your lifestyle and budget.

Using the three step approach, he first determines the design of your financial plan. It could be long term or short term investments. The second part of his plan is to maintain your assets. He will constantly monitor your investments and move them around to fit the current market. The final phase is to put the plan into action. This includes making adjustments as his clients needs change or if their financial goals change.

If you are looking to the future and need help putting together your investment strategy, a visit with Richard Dwayne Blair is recommended. His experience in the business market allows him to make solid choices for his clients. His fees are nominal for his service.


Fortress Investment Group: A Trusted Investment Manager

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Fortress Investment Group is a large, diversified investment manager operating globally. The prestigious company was founded in 1998. It serves more than 1,750 private investors and institutional clients in the world. Their services range from real estate, credit, permanent capital investment formulas, and private equity.The major competencies at Fortress Investment Group include the following: Firstly, it is asset-based. This is utilizing credit funds and private equity funds. They have a broad experience in the set of asset types available in the market. Their prowess goes into owning, pricing, overseeing, and financing the management of financial and physical assets. These assets range from capital assets to financial assets, and finally to real estate assets that are secured through full cash flow on a long-term basis. Secondly, they are competent in industry knowledge.

Fortress has deep knowledge of all the industries in which it focuses on investing.They have a well-developed team constituting investment professionals in executing the investments and operating portfolios in companies. The team is especially gifted and has bold relationships with prominent companies, individuals, and institutions in the whole world. Thirdly, the company is proficient in operations management. This is through a well-defined set of tools meant for assisting the structural, operational, and strategic issues. They are good enough in extracting the value of most complex investments. Their fourth expertise as a team lies in corporate mergers & acquisitions. This is key in ensuring that they work with corporate boards of directors, stakeholders in companies, and management teams in determining the optimal execution and structuring of a given investment.

Finally, their other competence lies in capital markets. Fortress Investment Group shows great expertise in capital markets.They are good at securing low risk and low-cost financing for all their investments through access to equity capital and debt markets.The major leadership team consists of a list of executives who work tirelessly to see the success and the glory of the company keeps rising. It has three major principals in the management committee. They include Peter Briger who serves as principal and co-chief executive officer. The second executive is Wesley Edens who serves in the position of a principal and co-chief executive officer. He is also known to be the co-founder of this prestigious company. Randal Nardone is the other executive being a co-founder and serving as a principal. The company offers career opportunities to individuals who are competent and qualified for the posts. Most locations include Dallas, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Ireland, Hong Kong, London, and Los Angeles among others.

PSI Pay — The Unique Way to Pay!

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An alternative banking solution has been making big headlines around the United Kingdom. The company calls itself PSI Pay and it has some unique payment solutions to offer the market! Perhaps the greatest solution is the virtual payment options they offer customers. This means that you no longer have to carry your cards around in a big bulky wallet. You can pay for everything with an easy electronic card. Their services are offered internationally and PSI Pay is fully licensed by MasterCard. The virtual methods of payment that PSI Pay offers to international customers includes debit cards, prepaid cards, and contact-less programs. The contact-less programs the PSI Pay offers are wide so customers have many options to choose from. Travel prepaid MasterCards are perfect for those traveling abroad and who do not wish to use their credit card or debit card in another country. It offers you safety and convenience. They offer general purpose re-loadable prepaid MasterCards for the discerning customer who wants to use a prepaid card for any given purpose. This can include grocery shopping or paying your child’s allowance. For the business executives, PSI Pay offers a great business prepaid MasterCard. This card is the best option for an executive who is looking for the perfect way to offer employees an incentive or a bonus. It’s super easy to load it up with cash and hand out at your next meeting! PSI Pay offers government prepaid solutions for those who work with the state. It’s an excellent method of distributing state assistance to families in need. It offers them a method of easy payment with the added effect of giving them a card they will not lose or have stolen. The virtual programs offered by PSI Pay are popular with all their customers. This is the best way to keep track of your funds without carrying an annoying card around. You can keep track of everything online and make all the payments you need virtually.

PSI Pay was founded in 2007 and since their introduction to the market they have been highly popular. They have expended into the global market to offer payment services to almost every country. Their team consists of industry experts and banking professionals. They believe in the aspects of service and ease. Their experience in alternative methods of payment give them an edge over the market and they are the leading company because of this knowledge.

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Financial Services with Good Old Southern Hospitality

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On November 7, 2016, community-banking stakeholders came together as they do every year. This was a particularly important event for Nexbank because the President and CEO was a panelist at the Texas Bakers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M& A Conference. The fete was held in Louisiana to discuss re-invention of community banking with a perspective on competing by innovation. John Holt’s participation in this discussion was a moment of pride for the Dallas based bank. It is a popular forum for industry players to share ideas on the key opportunities and challenges that prevail in community banking. The panel explores M&A activities as well as organic growth and branching.

The Crux of the Matter

As of 30th June 2017, Nexbank had an asset portfolio of $6.4 billion. This success is attributed to the people, from the guard at the door to the executives upstairs. The leadership at Nexbank holds a wealth of management and leadership experience. The company boasts a rare combination of industry expertise and a customer centered approach to operation. The company provides financial services to corporate and institutions as well as individual clients.

Experts Who Care for the People

In September 2016, the company collaborated with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide low-cost housing. Nexbank would avail up to $50 Million in loans. In 2016-2017 school year, Nexbank impacted the lives of about 1600 students in low to moderate income areas. The company sponsored a financial literacy instructor based program in 12 schools at no cost to the schools.

They also partnered with a technology company in a bid to bring financial concepts to life by use of the latest simulation and gaming technology. Nexbank is a top notch institution propped on pillars of customer service and professionalism. Aside from this, it is a company that cares deeply about the community in which they work.