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ClassDojo Is Steadily Improving The Standards Of The Educational System

Published / by WT23

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started up ClassDojo in 2011, and they did so after traveling around the country scoping out schools and speaking to various teachers on the current conditions and standards that are found at most schools. Many teachers agreed that there is a severe lack of communication between all parties, which was what majorly inspired the duo to start up their company and release their educational platform. This tool works to increase the level of communication that is available between parents, students, and teachers on a daily basis, to make sure everyone is on the same page. ClassDojo also released with several growth mindset videos, which were designed to teach specific learning principals to students to help them better.

Today, ClassDojo’s special platform for education has managed to find its way into the classrooms of nearly two thirds of all schools within the US, helping thousands of students become more engaged and gain a better disposition on schooling. There are many tools for learning on the market, but there are none that focuses on communication such as ClassDojo, which isn’t even the best part. The best part about ClassDojo is the fact that it is completely free to use for everyone, and all that is required to participate is an invitation from a classroom teacher. The application can also be run on nearly all devices today, including laptops, smartphones, and even tablets.

A great many teaches are excited for the things that ClassDojo will bring the schooling community around the world. The company has come a long way already and they have more plans for expanding on their platform as well as the overall features available. The core of the application is completely free and will remain that way indefinitely, but special features and options have been added as a way of raising funds to keep updating and improving on their program. Never has there been a product like this out on the market, and this meets the dire need for communication that many parents and students lack, especially busy parents that can’t make it to be around often., anyone can get started using this great educational tool today.

The Growth Mindset Is A Philosophy Of Class Dojo To Help Improve Education For Students

Published / by WT23

Students need a certain amount of encouragement and engagement in their work in order to do well and succeed. Confidence is a key factor, but there are many students in schools today that have a low level of confidence and fear the school environment due to past experiences. Class Dojo is a company that is working to improve on this problem all across the world, as they want students to be able to succeed and learn in positive environments. They have created a learning platform for students that is designed to greatly improve communication for all parties involved in a student’s schooling. They also have growth mindset videos as part of their program to help teach students vital principles for going through school and life. Despite the program being a communication booster primarily, it is capable of vastly improving the atmosphere in schooling environments.


Since the company first launched the Class Dojo app, they have managed to become widely successful, and today their program is being used in more than 2/3 of all schools in the United States. The company even had the help of Stanford to see how their app and growth mindset videos were being received as well as how to improve on them. This process will greatly increase Class Dojo’s ability to bring a quality platform to the schooling environment. The growth mindset videos are also a way of helping increase the awareness of students and inspire them in the future. The videos are a series and are set to expand on each other as they go on, which will ultimately be determined by their success.

 Class Dojo brings many positives with their platform, and the videos are a bonus. They teach good principals to students and improve their confidence to learn in new ways. The videos also goes over an important aspect of school, which is communication. The better the communication between parents and their kids, the more positive the experience will be and the more courage students will have to learn. The app is completely free to all who wish to be involved, all that is needed is an invitation from an instructor. Nearly everyone can get involved as well because the platform supports 35 different languages and can be used on any device that has an internet connection.