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NewsWatch TV – A Review of Contour Design

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How times have changed! When NewsWatch began broadcasting in 1990, its emphasis was on the financial world. As it grew, the show widened its range of subjects to match the interests of its widening viewership. Today, NewsWatch focuses on a variety of issues, one of which allows businesses to market their products to consumers.

In 2011, NewsWatch began to concentrate more on technological advances. One of the most valuable services NewsWatch provides its audience is reviews on the latest products in the world of electronics. It works to bring together companies and consumers through informational videos on products. NewsWatch prides itself on requiring those businesses to meet standards for quality and advertising prior to appearing on the show. The more well-informed the customer, the better the decision can be made when making a purchase. Audi, Sony and Outback Steakhouse are among the Fortune 500 companies to use NewsWatch as a way to reach consumers.

One company making waves in the tech world is Contour Design, a leader in the movement to create a more comfortable work environment. Introducing the roller mouse red and balance keyboard, a state of the art work station that eliminates pain associated with working for eight hours on a computer. With over three billion workers using standard computers, the product is quickly gaining popularity.

The roller mouse red lessens the impact on fingertips, hands and wrists by centering the activity and eliminating unnecessary movement that a standard setup requires. The mechanism adjusts to the individual’s pace. The balance keyboard is complementary to the roller mouse red. The device is adjustable allowing for the preferred angulation of the keyboard, making it more comfortable to type.

The system is completely wireless, and uses the most up to date power saving technology to be energy efficient.

The Irony of Business: Status Labs Rebuilds Their Company Using Their Reputation Management Skills

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As an international online reputation management firm, Status Labs works to both increase companies and individual’s positive online coverage and to protect them from server and negative reviews. Their work is done to provide their clientele with well deserved second chances and prevent them from false accusations. In essence, Status Labs strives to help their client’s digital reputation, even during crisis.
Currently, Status Labs has worked with over 1,500 clients in 35 countries, opening their doors in 2012. The company has worked with Fortune 100 brands, public figures, and other well-known clients. Darius Fisher, the co-founder of Status Labs currently stands as the president of the company.
For a taste of irony, Status Labs recently endured their own threat towards their reputation. In fact, negative press and controversy surrounding an executive off duty, who has now been let go, went from local to national news over night. The event stirred the company and they knew changed needed to implemented to save their reputation.
Their initial step, which played a crucial role in piecing the company back together after the bad press, was to assign a new leader for the company. In doing so, the employees unanimously requested the executive in question to resign, which the media was informed of subsequently. In addition, the company added a photo of the employees, which made Status Labs more real to the public. The public could then realize that their anger had been misdirected.
Status Labs then realized a need to reach out to the local community. This was done through acts of volunteering, which proved beneficial to those in need and to the morale of the company. Nonetheless, some employees still resigned from their positions due to the negative press. While Status Labs is mournful from losing key members of their team, this was used as a lesson to show employees how much they are truly valued. To do this, the employees now enjoy catered lunches on Fridays, are allowed to bring in their well-behaved pets, go on adventurous outings, and are kept up-to-date with company newsletters and meetings.
In all, the company is now more cautious of who they add on to their team. Nonetheless, using their skills in public relations crisis and online reputation management, Status Labs has been able to rebuild their company’s reputation and become a closer connected team of employees.

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The online Game Changer

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Darius Fisher, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, is an excellent copy writer and political consultant guru. He is the chief executive officer of Status Labs, an organization that deals with online crisis management, Public Relations affairs and online marketing. It has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and offices in New York and Sao Paulo. The thriving company offers services to public figures, business executives and politicians. The company comes up with social media profiles that have rich content and appealing web profiles that help clients grow their sales. The company also creates an appealing public image for clients through Google search results hence avoiding scandals.

Status Labs boasts of its qualified staff recruited from agencies that have partnered with it. His success has seen him attend high profile meetings as a key speaker for example Impact 15.It’s a conference that converges together online marketing gurus. The space. People have also given of their success stories in the online world courtesy of Darius Fisher.

Status Labs has experienced harsh criticism in the recent past. The company was in national media for wrong reasons, an issue that was a threat to its reputation. Allegations made was that an executive in the business was involved in questionable actions. It resulted in the company making critical decisions affecting its future. The first significant change was the resignation of the accused executive. The Public Relations team informed the media to clean up its image. The company started getting involved in corporate social responsibility with the local community in Austin. The involvement impacted positively to the employees working spirit.

The company came up with a stock plan where each employee would earn equity in the business. It developed an internal newsletter and started putting into consideration individual achievements. Meetings were held monthly to review the company’s performance improving team building. Outings and lunch on Fridays catered for by the firm came into existence.It has helped improve the reputation of Status Labs.

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