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Fabletics Launches Spring/Summer 2016 Collection of Fitness Fashion

Published / by WT23


The Clothes Maiden recently shared the new Fabletics spring/summer 2016 fitness fashion line. The article displayed the bright colors, fun prints and different cuts that we have come to love from Fabletics. Rather than blending in with the familiar fitness fashion scene, Fabletics strikes out on a bold, different path and provides women with inspiring options to enhance their workout experience and actually make them excited about going to the gym.

Part of what makes the Fabletics shopping experience so personal and unique to each woman, is that before signing up for a monthly subscription or online account, women are asked a series of questions about their body type, personal style preferences and typical workout format. This helps pair monthly outfit options up with the right fit for each customer.

The biggest benefit of signing up for Fabletics’ VIP monthly subscription membership is that members get even deeper discounts off of regular retail prices. And, Fabletics throws in free shipping as an added bonus for members. Billing for monthly membership is automatic, but customers need not worry. It is exceedingly simple to cancel or pause a monthly membership at any time by simply calling the customer service line and asking that your membership be cancelled or put on hold. This gives members flexibility in billing and also allows them to take advantage of incredible discounts and VIP membership offers, including accumulating rewards points.

Fabletics was founded, in part, by Kate Hudson in 2013. Since then, its sales have sky rocketed and customers have been leaving rave reviews on The Clothes Maiden about the quality of the clothing and variety of the outfit options. In fact, this is an additional bonus of being a Fabletics shopper. You can read literally thousands of reviews about a Fabletics clothing piece before purchasing. But, if you happen to not be completely thrilled with your purchase, or it just does not fit you right, then you can take advantage of hassle free returns or exchanges.

For anyone on the fence about signing up for a Fabletics monthly VIP subscription, there is no harm in giving it a try. The first membership outfit is discounted even deeper than the typical monthly options. So, even if you eventually decide to cancel your membership, you will still walk away with an incredible outfit at a super discounted price.