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Boraie Development Is All About Quality And Amenity Quantity In Their Buildings

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There’ve been a lot of programs that have been started in New Jersey to boost its housing and business real estate whether through public initiatives and development committees, or through private investor and contractor groups, or even a combination of all of them. The state has gone through a lot over the decades including during the 1970s and 80s as it experienced some decline. The gap in real estate market prices, demand and fair prices still has a wide gap, but there may be better opportunities for some consumers soon. One company that’s been working to make quality housing available is Boraie Development, a real estate group that’s based in New Brunswick but has taken on a lot of the metro areas of Newark and Atlantic City as well.


Boraie Development began back in the late 1970s when Egyptian immigrant Omar Boraie decided to start reconstructing downtown New Brunswick. He had actually moved to the US to complete a doctorate’s degree in chemistry at Rutgers after completing his undergrad and master’s degrees back in Egypt, but in the middle of his university work he kept feeling that the city of New Brunswick needed big changes. While Rutgers University had thrived, much of the downtown area had become old and abandoned, and Boraie felt that a touch of new could bring back business to the city. So he decided to start buying downtown lots and turn them into office, retail and housing areas. Most city council members at the time who heard this proposal thought it would never work, but Omar Boraie proved them wrong. Check out for more.



The first buildings to be constructed by Boraie Development were on Albany Street, the main area their plans have focused on. Tower one in the current Albany Street Plaza is where new office space including Boraie’s headquarters first arrived with ground level shops and a parking garage. Tower two has added to this and plans are in the works for a third tower. Boraie Development’s housing took off in 2006 when they had a high rise built on Spring Street that most people thought was too large and unaffordable for tenants, but every unit there was rented out in just months. Omar Boraie and his two sons Wasseem and Sam recently had construction of The Aspire finished, and now they’re adding a fancy new unit in Atlantic City known as the Beach at South Inlet. What’s made housing like the kind that the Boraies have worked on is its proximity to public transportation, and amenities like on-site fitness rooms, swimming pools and other recreational equipment inside suites. Wasseem Boraie says catering to millennial demand and high quality amenities is key to regrowing the housing stock. You can visit crunchbase to see more.


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Todd Lubar Ventures into Real Estate Business to Assist the Less Fortunate in Home Acquisition through Mortgage Finance

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The real estate business in Baltimore has been booming since April 2016. This is because of low loan interest rates. The foreclosures dropped by approximately 7% compared to last year. The homes were expensive in the past years. Because of the previous drop in real estate ventures, the government of Maryland changed the rules of business. These rules made it easy to acquire property. The rates of foreclosures in Maryland were lower compared to other areas in Baltimore. Following the distress in the housing sector, the marketing prices for homes rose by 6% within a year. That is where Todd Lubar comes in. With his love for real estate business, he has developed strategies formulated to ease the acquisition of property.


As per Ideamensch, Todd Lubar’s career began in 1995. He had just completed his course work from the University of Syracuse. He majored in communications. Having developed interest in real estate, he decided to focus on helping people to acquire homes. This is because he noticed that people needed homes but the process of acquisition was not easy. He understood that he belonged in the real estate industry. With a keen interest in achieving this goal, he joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While in this company, he specialized in loan processing. He later borrowed skills in conventional mortgage banking. This is an aspect he considers a valuable experience. Because he wanted an in-depth understanding of real estate business, Todd formed friendly rapport at work. He associated with real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners. Currently, he has a big client base because of the relationships he formed. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Legendary Properties

Being visionary, Todd took a life changing step in his career. This was in 1999. He joined Legacy Financial Group. This is a lending corporation. In the company, he assumed the equity position. This step expounded his knowledge in real estate. With the new skills, he would broker loans to investors and public institutions. After the vast experience and learning, Todd Lubar established his firm. This is the Legendary Properties. He fostered the purchasing, reformation, and selling of single owned family homes. Currently, he is the president of TDL Ventures. Just like in the past, he continues to serve the less fortunate at TDL Ventures.

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