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The Meaning Of Dedication Before Success: Mr. Bernardo Chua

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Working in the family business in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua started his journey of entrepreneurship success at a very young age. This started a very long and intense journey that would end up being a story of success for this young man. After the first venture in business, Mr. Chua then became a manager at a travel agency in Southeast Asia. This is the beginning of his tenure with direct selling. For more information connect with Bernardo Chua on Twitter.

Knowing that any level of success will involve a team, Mr. Bernardo Chua involved his team in all aspects of his direct selling business. He later opened a regional office in the Philippines. Upon the eventual expansion into the Western world, Mr. Bernardo Chua launched a presence of his company in North America. This was a move that would also include a presence in Canada. This is where he would lay his groundwork.

With success in these ventures, Bernardo decided to launch his own company-Organo. Designed to help people improve their health, Organo uses products that are designed to assist those in their homes. Being in a direct selling business, there are sure to be ups and downs and Bernardo has dealt with his share. His methods of doing business are to develop relationships with his customer base. This is the method that has led to his success.

Coming from the Philippines, Mr. Chua has relied on his early training in his family business to guide him while he makes business moves. Spending time is something that he does in his off time, and this helps him stay grounded. While not having completed a degree, this did not stop Bernardo from pursuing knowledge to help the lives of others. The mere sight of failure will stop many, but Bernardo kept going on his journey with the help and constant motivation of his family. Visit:


A Glimpse of Career Background of Randal Nardone

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Randal Nardone is the principal, director, and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. He has worked in this firm and taken a large part in the management committee since 1998. Randal was recruited into the board of directors in the year 2006. Randal has served as the principal since 1998 while since 2013 he began serving as the chief executive officer. He is also the president of the Ncs 1 LLC. Fortress Investment Group is an investment firm. Randal Nardone is a great influencer when it comes into building the firms into being reputable financial service firms. He has a profound legal background that sets him apart from the legal expertise in the management of the firm and completion of the investment transactions in the company.

Randal Nardone’s career journey started back after high schools studies. He opted to go to the University of Connecticut where he studied biology and English. On the completion of his degree programs at the university, Randal went to Boston University law school. He did a Juris Doctorate degree after which he started working in the Thacher Profit & Wood law firm. While working at the law firm, Randal was very outgoing in looking for more opportunities, especially in the financial sector. He got a finance chance at UBS where he served as the managing director. He coordinated serving at those two places. He settled to co-find the today Fortress Investment group in 1998 in pursuit of entrepreneurship. He has a profound expertise in finance and law and that has earned him great respect and opportunities.

Fortress Investment Group is a renowned investment management firm that operates from New York City. It was founded as a private equity firm by three principles. Randal Nardone was among the co-founders of this great firm. It has continually received a lot of recognition and expansion because of the profound leadership. Randal is a key member and executive at the company who is able to determine the direction of the entire firm. He holds various positions in the board committees at the firm. He is the director and the principal of the Fortress Credit Corporation. For Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC, he is the chairman and president. Randal directs the Eurocastle Investment Limited. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

The Success of Anil Chaturvedi in the Banking Industry

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Anil Chaturvedi currently works at a Switzerland-based private bank, Hinduja Bank as the Managing Director. He holds a B.A in Economics from Meerut University, India as well as an MBA from Delhi University. Anil began his banking career at the State Bank of India before heading to ANZ Grindlays Bank as a Branch Manager. Being a banker for close to 40 years have made Mr. Chaturvedi hone his global banking skills.Anil is a force to reckon in the global banking sector.

Previously, Anil Chaturvedi served as the Managing Director at the headquarters of Merrill Lynch bank for 18 years. While at Merrill Lynch, Anil was among the top private bankers for some of the world’s largest wealth management firms. In 2010, Barron named Anil Chaturvedi as one of the world’s top financial advisors. Mr. Anil was the head of ANZ Grindlays Banks operations in the United States before moving to Merrill Lynch. His career began as a branch manager at State Bank of India. Upon graduating with an MBA in Economics, Anil joined SBI as a probationary officer, where he specialized in industrial finance, investment banking, and capital markets for 18 years.

Anil Chaturvedi became the Managing Director of the Geneva-based bank, Hinduja Bank in 2011. Under his tenure, Anil spearheaded Hinduja Bank’s to focus on South Asia and the Middle East markets. His exposure to top investors from European and South Asian regions has helped him gain more knowledge regarding global banking. In fact, Anil Chaturvedi has contributed his Wall Street and global expertise to Hinduja Bank. The bank experienced remarkable progress under the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi. Mr. Anil was responsible for advising the bank on matters related to capital and debt growth as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Chaturvedi boasts of over two decades of experience working with global banks. He is a professional banker who has learned from top investors and worked for many world-class banks. Chaturvedi’s broad exposure has enabled him to broaden his experience in the world of investment. Anil Chaturvedi is spearheading the process of reforming Indian laws to bring more European investors to India.

Malcolm CasSelle’s Contribution at WAX

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The gaming industry has grown rapidly over the years, and those who have ventured into it are reaping big. OPSkins is one such company that deals with the sales of in-game virtual assets and is as well the leading bitcoin merchant globally.

With the demand in this industry, the company is looking forward to launching a new product for virtual asset trading called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). With this platform, OPSkins expects to serve its customers satisfactorily in that the customers will as well be able to trade with their clients competently.

Additionally, WAX will help in solving the issue of scam and disintegration that has become rampant in most technological avenues. Most people have been suffering in their businesses as they cannot do without go-betweens but with WAX, they will deal with their suppliers and customers directly. The issue of currency as well will be dealt with as WAX will have a Token that will be common on all avenues for all gamers.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and the president of WAX and it’s under his management that WAX has had new inventions to meet the demands in the market and as well offer consumers’ solutions to the problems they face on various platforms.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Stanford University and is as well a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With such an educational background, he is capable of handling this kind of innovativeness in his position, and his skills and proficiency can go a long way in seeing all the ideas brought forth work successfully.

Malcolm CasSelle worked in other companies that are technology related to Digital Media of SeaChange International where he served as Senior Vice president and General Manager. He as well monitored new entry companies in the digital industry such as MediaPass and Groupon.

Investing as well as something he ventured into, and some of the companies where he invested included Facebook, Zynga and lately in companies that are related to Bitcoin. He has therefore always had a passion for anything to do with technology and what it can create to make people’s lives comfortable and bearable in a rapidly advancing world.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina: The Man With A Plan

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the owner and sole founder of Sussex Healthcare in London. Aside from his success within the medical field, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also a board member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies which happens to be a research facility located in London.

Dr. Sachedina is a successful entrepreneur owning and running many health care facilities. The institute strives to teach about historical and contemporary Muslim culture in order to achieve a common understanding among other faiths and cultures.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina played an important role within the Institute by coordinating all activities and programs of the Ismaili Studies. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a very successful man, holding many titles such as dental surgeon, entrepreneur, being a member of the Institutes Board of Governors, and even held the title of President of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom two terms in a row under voluntary circumstances. Although he provides a great deal of insight for the Institute, the Institute is not required to report back to Dr. Sachedina. Instead, he coordinates the Institute’s budget. However, the Institute must abide by the Imam. Only if the Imam gives a direct order to Dr. Sachedina, then and only then will the Institute follow an order given by Dr. Sachedina.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a well-respected man that works together with the Institute of Ismaili Studies while also abiding by the rule of Imam. Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s other responsibility as the Head of Department of the Jamati Institutions in France includes communication with the Aga Khan Development Network institutions throughout the Ismaili societies within Central Asia. He is a respected member of the AKDN Committee, he is the chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, as well as a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International forum. Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s agenda is all about understanding.

Sachedina wants to spread awareness and understanding about Islamic culture through the use of initiatives, publications, and partnerships within Islamic study institutions in order to aid the process of spreading this needed mutual understanding. Dr. Sachedina’s position has the Head of Department is, unfortunately, not recognized by the Constitutional, however, it is recognized by the Imam and appointed by His Highness. Although it is not a position exactly respected by the constitution, it is a respected position nonetheless and Dr. Sachedina is a hard working, respected, and successful man with outstanding moral values.

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Hurricane Harvey Relief and the Input of One Tony Petrello

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Tony Petrello has always been passionate about giving back to the community. As Nabors Industries CEO, he demonstrated that the company was not just about drawing profits from the community, but also giving back to the community. When Hurricane Harvey stuck Houston and the Texas environs, homes were laid to waste, streets flooded and people disoriented. Among the many good Samaritans that turned up for the community were H-E-B, Nabors Industries and also Houston Food Bank.

Intervention during Hurricane Harvey

Nabors Industries are conditioned to respond to urgent community matters. While they still undertake, their responsibilities as a company, they are also keen on participating in fundraisers, important community projects and special events. During the period of Hurricane Harvey, the employees at Nabors Industries were given time off from work to help with disaster management and relief. The company still paid them for their time off and encouraged them to go wherever they were needed. Nabors Industries’ fund, Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, set up for similar community assistance was active in making generous distributions to the suffering people of Houston and the wider Texas area. The victims of the hurricane were able to access hot meals in the on-site kitchens set up by Nabors.

Nabors’ communications manager indicated that close to 10% of the staff at Nabors were affected by the hurricane. Indeed, the company has also donated to other organizations like Susan G. Komen Foundation. Bike MS has also received donations from Nabors Industries. The children of the employees of the company are also sponsored to go to school. $3 million has been set aside by the company.

Tony Petrello

Tony leads Nabors Industries in the spirit of giving back to the community and employee welfare. Originally from New Jersey, he has been in Texas and has a home and feels attached to the local folk. Tony met his equally charitable wife in college.

One of the areas that they readily fund and demonstrate great interest in is neurological disorders in children. The couple found that little research was available for this condition in children. As a result they are keen on helping organizations and charities dedicated to the treatment of this childhood disorder. So far $ 7 million has been donated to the Texas Children’s Hospital. As an appreciative gesture the hospital’s board made overtures to Tony that he may join and help in fundraising. The generous contributions made by the Petrellos made it possible for them to start a neurological research institute: Jan and Duncan Institute.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Says Growth Is Secondary, But Is He Just Being Coy?

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For better or worse, Latin America has often followed a version of capitalism that has been far more friendly towards outright monopolies than anything that has been allowed in the United States or other first-world countries. While it is easy to quickly rush to judgement, citing all of the bad outcomes of such economic models, in countries that have not yet developed, there have been some real benefits to the introduction of modernity through various monopolistic enterprises.

In Mexico, Telefonos Mexicanos, Telmex for short, has been the hard-monopoly of consumer communications and internet for the better part of 30 years. While Mexicans still pay higher prices than some other countries for things like local phone calls and internet, the company has also been able to successfully spread modern communications throughout nearly the entire country, which, as late as the 1970s, had entire towns with no phone service. Similar patterns can be seen with other monopolistic enterprises over the history of Latin America, such as the United Fruit Company and ITT. In all cases, the monopolies are not ideal. But they brought modernity to areas that were oftentimes still nearly as primitive as they had been in the pre-Columbian era.

It is in this backdrop of less-than-ideal but necessary monopolies that we turn to Bradesco and its CEO and president Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Mr. Trabuco has been extremely careful, since taking the top slot of the company, not to make any statement to the effect that he is primarily concerned with creating a nation-wide banking monopoly. But it is clear from both the actions of his company and the stakes involved that Bradesco is fighting, tooth and nail, to become the uncontested leader in Brazilian banking.

According to Crunchbase, Trabuco is on record stating that he does not view growth as a primary motivator for his strategic decisions. However, he has also seemingly contradicted this, stating on numerous occasions that the right acquisitions could accomplish the same level of growth in the time it takes to sign a few documents as would be possible with five to ten years of organic growth. The fact that Trabuco has made growing the company through acquisitions a centerpiece of his strategy as CEO also lends weight to the idea that he gives the growth of his company high priority, if not primacy.


And the stakes could not be higher. The hyper-competitive Brazilian banking market has created a super-consolidated industry, now completely dominated by two players, Itau Unibanco and Bradesco. As it stands now, the two banks are roughly equal in size and influence. But this arrangement may not be stable. Both banks have enormous incentive to eliminate the other as a serious competitor on the national scene. And whoever wins will enjoy a virtual monopoly over the entire country’s banking market.

But the emergence of a monopoly in banking may not be as bad as some may at first suppose. The hyper-competitive Brazilian banking space has led to lower profits for all firms. It has also arguably led to a stagnation of development of some of the country’s disadvantaged regions, as banks have struggled to remain profitable in even the largest markets over the last decade.

The emergence of a single monopoly could finally allow a return of genuine profitability to the Brazilian banking market, freeing up lending and investment capital for development of some of the country’s struggling regions. The individual shareholders of the respective banks would also stand to benefit enormously, if either one were able to decisively lock down the entire country’s banking market.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, for his part, seems to be doing everything he can to make Bradesco the country’s undisputed dominant bank, even if he won’t freely admit it.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Takes JHFS’ Projects to New Horizons

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In the past few years, Brazil has been seen an incredible increase in their economy, owing to the entry of numerous new companies and industries in the market. The sector of real estate, in particular, has seen an incredible increase and much of that credit goes to the big real estate industries in the country that make it what it is. JHFS is one such real estate company that has cemented their position in the real estate industry incredibly and has contributed to the growth and development of the sector. The company was founded in 1970 and since then has offered real estate solutions to numerous clients and companies within the country. JHFS is considered to be the gold standard for real estate companies in the sector, owing to the incredible quality of services that they provide. The company has been behind the construction of numerous structures and projects, ranging from malls and hospitals to residential properties and houses. The company has also been part of the construction of airports in the country.

JHFS takes pride in being a family business and is currently being run by the third generation of real estate developers from the family. Jos Auriemo Neto is the current CEO of the company and the grandson of the founder of JHFS. He has incredible skill when it comes to leading a company of this size, and has proven his merit in the real estate business. Jos Auriemo Neto got first-hand training in the business, watching his father run the company before him. When it was time for him to take over, Jos Auriemo Neto was well prepared for the job at hand. He possesses a lot of knowledge with regards to the sector which is also another reason why he is such a beneficial leader to the company.

Jos Auriemo Neto has also pushed the company to take on numerous new ventures, outside of Brazil. Putting his knowledge of international real estate to good use, Jose Auriemo Neto decided to invest into properties in New York for the company to lease out. The properties are however not available for sale, in accordance to the business plan that Jose Auriemo Neto has in place.

National Tittle Clearing, Facilitating Ease During The Clearing Process

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The National Tittle Clearing Company (NTCC) is a single location company based in Florida. The company was established in 1991. It is ranked as a mortgage company. It offers expert research, document processing, and processing services to mortgage lenders, services, residential mortgage lenders, and investors. It insulates people against financial fraud during home ownership process. This company’s services meet the needs of the current market considering the increasing rate of crime while buying houses in the industry.


The National Tittle Clearing Company has retained its integrity by ensuring that people own homes without financial fraud. The company has lasted in the industry for more than a decade now. It has opened some offices in Texas. It is important to note that a business can be mismanaged if it has many branches in operation. NTCC has taken a long time to open another branch. The new offices will provide services for clients who travel from different places to do business with the enterprise.


The National Tittle Clearing Company observes gender equality. It has two women on its board, unlike most boards that are made up of men only. This shows that the nature of the company is to empower everybody in the industry to conduct a life that is worth living. The company has worked with different stakeholders including government and banks. This is an indicator of the type of integrity that the company holds at its core. The mastery of integrity for people handling money in excess can be challenging. This has made the company to gain authority in the industry. It owns a market share that other companies have not had in the past. The establishment of the company’s branch in Texas tells it all. The branch is led by former employees of Florida who teaches the new employees about the company’s core values to avoid tarnishing the strong brand that has taken years to build.


The National Tittle Clearing Company has declared to roll out a piece of training for people in the industry and aspiring people to join the sector after the many years in business. The training will be a platform for the people to share their knowledge and expertise on how to conduct business with integrity. The company proves that business can be carried out in a world that believes in lies by individuals who have mastered integrity.



Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion Opportunity

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In 2007 Talk Fusion opened for business. With the simple goal of being as helpful as they could, the company has dedicated its existence to creating brighter futures and helping others achieve their goals. Talk Fusion is all about giving back to the community, and not just theirs, but to communities all over the world. Commitment like this has the capability to change people’s lives. Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, is as dedicated to this goal as one can be.

Reina is often quoted saying that “With great success comes greater responsibility”. This philosophy has been an integral part of the culture and driving force behind Talk Fusion. According to Reina, this philosophy is a part of their “corporate DNA”. It is the fuel that moves them forward, the idea behind everything the company does, both on an individual and a corporate level. It is a well known fact that those of influence achieve the most when they let their deeds and lifestyle serve as an example of their philosophies.

Bob Reina

Bob Reina has made a huge impact on the world. He is well known for making an astonishing donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as well as his more than generous support of an orphanage in Indonesia. Reina aspires to change people’s lives for the better through actions and deeds. His deeds reverberate throughout Talk Fusion and its Independent Associates in over 140 countries worldwide.

For a long time, Bob Reina sought out ways to apply his life to discovering more effective methods of assisting people and helping them achieve their goals. He has shared countless video marketing products that help people realize their dreams. This is the very core of Talk Fusion and its business opportunity. There has been no lack of abundance of stories of success from Talk Fusion’s Associates since its founding, yet Reina is concerned mostly with how it has helped people change their lives.