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Louis Chenevert’s Career Path from Student to Chairman

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Louis Chenevert is an individual with a lengthy career. He is currently retired, but his influence on aviation and manufacturing is still being felt across the world. He grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where he lived a peaceful life through college. As a smart and talented individual, Louis Chenevert breezed through school. However, his true knack for the business industry began to blossom when he took his first job at a General Motors planet. The website Release Fact recently published a story about the incredible path his career took.

As an individual fresh out of college, with his production management degree in hand, Louis Chenevert embarked on his next venture at General Motors. During this period he meet an individual who would later help propel his career. At the same time, he gained a wealth of experience in the assembly line process. A few years later he become president of Pratt & Whitney Canada. In this position, he took his experience and revolutionized their internal production process. The connections he created in his first two positions, laid out the path to an even higher job in the industry.

By 2006, he took the most important step of his career by becoming chairman of United Technologies. In this position he could finally enact a dream product he thought of years ago. Louis Chenevert believed in the potential of the geared turbofan. It not saved on fuel costs, but it was relatively easy to produce. He showed the industry that it was possible to streamline production, innovate, and make better equipment without cutting corners in any areas.

From college, to planet jobs, to the top as a chairman, Louis Chenevert has seen the industry from many angels. Its that wealth of experience that gave him unique perspectives in how to advance production. His geared turbofan concept forever changed the foundations of productions across the industry. Even in retirement, Louis Chenevert remains an active member of the industry.

OSI Food Solution’s Rise To The Top

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To rise to the top of any field means that you have efficiently navigated the industry with success. You’ve made all of the best moves, and you’ve dodged numerous pitfalls. When it comes to food services, there are a number of contenders that provide great work, but OSI Food Solutions is on another of success. This particular company has years and years experience as well as decades and decades of making all of the right moves. OSI Food Solutions is an industry unto itself because it’s comprised of so many wonderful services. Sourcing, management, development, distribution and processing is carefully being maintained with this business. The company also offers a myriad of great foods that come from all of the major food groups.

In 2011, OSI Food Solutions was ranked on the Forbes list for the largest private companies in the US. In that particular year, the company earned $3 billion in revenue, and it was ranked at the 136th position. Just a few years later, OSI earned over $6 billion in revenue, and it was ranked at the 58th positions. Its sure and steady growth is definitely proof that the company could sustain itself. As of today, OSI Food Solutions has an estimated market value of over $10 billion.

The company was one of McDonald’s initial meat suppliers back in the day, and it has worked closely with Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and KFC. This list can truly go on and on for days. Europe’s Flagship Europe and BAHO Food has been acquired by OSI. By acquiring stake into these businesses, OSI can gain control of new markets. The company can definitely start to expand it services into numerous untapped regions, and that means success. This short article can only provide so much information, but you will surely have a better understanding of what OSI Food Solutions has achieved.

Equities First Holdings news on affordable loans

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xEquities First Holdings is a financial institution which offers alternative financing methods. The company which has been around for 15 years was started so that it could solve the financing challenges that were facing the financial industry. Borrowing has for a long time been a privilege of the wealthy since they are the ones with the capability of repaying loans. Commercial banks have denied startups and individuals a chance to engage in business activities by making it very hard for them to access financing for business and personal needs. When one is looking for solutions to challenges that face the industry, offering affordable financing options is something that rhymes with a majority of the players in the financial sector. This is precisely what this company did. Equities First Holdings came up with a solution that would help those who could not fit in the commercial banking sector to access the same services at even a lower cost.

Jordan Lindsey – Beliefs On Investing

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About Jordan Lindsey’s Endeavors

Jordan Lindsey received his education from Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College, with a focus on finance. He is the Founder of JCL Capital. He created JCL Capital in 2005. He is renown for his investing and innovative prowess. JCL was designed to enlighten the average investor on how to and what to invest their money into in order to receive profitable returns. Before founding JCL Capital he was the Vice President of Maximum Capital Management.

Since his creation of JCL, he has founded Prive Information Services and has been an advisor to Energia Global. Jordan Lindsey has managed a portfolio of several different strategic plans for reaping profitable returns. He has turned those profits into other entrepreneurial and profitable projects. Not only has he funded new ventures, he has also created an algorithm for third-party cryptocurrency. His algorithm is now used by Bitcoin and is called Bitcoin Growth Bot.

What is JCL?

What does Lindsey’s company JCL do? JCL is a financial educating company. Lindsey has taken his financial prowess and entrepreneurial expertise into training sessions for those that are interested. Jordan Lindsey uses technology to guide members on the strategies needed to trade in the forex markets. His training sessions allow those that attend to gain sizable profits by using his methodology. Lindsey uses classroom training mixed with online tools; such as chat rooms for members to discuss the class.

Jordan Lindsey’s Other Ventures

Jordan Lindsey has other interesting ventures other than financial training and running his companies. In addition his Bitcoin Growth Bot algorithm; he has completed an algorithm and successfully launched it for Metatrader 4 Platform. After completing that algorithm, he moved on and crafted another called Nucleus. Lindsey is constantly looking at innovative ways to improve upon his algorithms.

Looking forward Jordan Lindsey shows no signs of slowing down. He is in constant pursuit of financial strategies to improve upon. In addition, he continues to build him empire and help others as a mentor in the investing arena. Truly, Jordan Lindsey will continue to make a name for himself in the tech world and the world of finance.

Adam Milstein Challenges the Jewish community to step up and defend their rights

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Adam Milstein in his recent article on the Times of Israel blog says Israel and particularly the Jewish people are facing challenges that can only be faced by great leaders who will offer great leadership. He says Israel’s main challenge back in the world war era was to fight for the allies and raise the awareness about the possible destruction of the European Jewry

But now, Milstein sees that Israel is facing a new set of challenges with the main problem revolving around the eradication of the state of Israel. This problem, he says, is trying to separate the Jewish community especially the one in America from their true homeland Israel. To him, he believes that these problems demand immediate action and which can be tackled by the new emerging leaders from the Jewish community living in the Diaspora.

According to him, the American Jewish community needs to identify and support the current crop of Israeli leaders who are bold enough to fight against anti-Semitism and who are willing to fight for the Jewish homeland.

During his time as a pro-Israel activism, Adam Milstein says he has met a number of innovative, brilliant minded and passionate pro-Israel activists who are rising up to meet the challenges that Israel is currently facing in the modern times. He has come to believe that these are the very people who will bring change to Israel as they are taking active roles in creating links between America and Israel.

Adam Milstein is also cognizant of the fact that leaders face numerous challenges in their leadership and it is for this reason that he encourages the Jewish community to come out and offer support. He challenges them to invest in the current crop of good leaders so that the Jewish future can be safeguarded.

Adam Milstein is a native Israeli who served time in the Israeli defense force during the famous Yom Kippur war. In 1978, he graduated from the Technion Institute before moving to the United States where he attained his MBA postgraduate degree. Currently, he is the co-founder and managing director of Hager Pacific Properties a company dealing with real estate investments.

Hurricane Harvey Relief and the Input of One Tony Petrello

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Tony Petrello has always been passionate about giving back to the community. As Nabors Industries CEO, he demonstrated that the company was not just about drawing profits from the community, but also giving back to the community. When Hurricane Harvey stuck Houston and the Texas environs, homes were laid to waste, streets flooded and people disoriented. Among the many good Samaritans that turned up for the community were H-E-B, Nabors Industries and also Houston Food Bank.

Intervention during Hurricane Harvey

Nabors Industries are conditioned to respond to urgent community matters. While they still undertake, their responsibilities as a company, they are also keen on participating in fundraisers, important community projects and special events. During the period of Hurricane Harvey, the employees at Nabors Industries were given time off from work to help with disaster management and relief. The company still paid them for their time off and encouraged them to go wherever they were needed. Nabors Industries’ fund, Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, set up for similar community assistance was active in making generous distributions to the suffering people of Houston and the wider Texas area. The victims of the hurricane were able to access hot meals in the on-site kitchens set up by Nabors.

Nabors’ communications manager indicated that close to 10% of the staff at Nabors were affected by the hurricane. Indeed, the company has also donated to other organizations like Susan G. Komen Foundation. Bike MS has also received donations from Nabors Industries. The children of the employees of the company are also sponsored to go to school. $3 million has been set aside by the company.

Tony Petrello

Tony leads Nabors Industries in the spirit of giving back to the community and employee welfare. Originally from New Jersey, he has been in Texas and has a home and feels attached to the local folk. Tony met his equally charitable wife in college.

One of the areas that they readily fund and demonstrate great interest in is neurological disorders in children. The couple found that little research was available for this condition in children. As a result they are keen on helping organizations and charities dedicated to the treatment of this childhood disorder. So far $ 7 million has been donated to the Texas Children’s Hospital. As an appreciative gesture the hospital’s board made overtures to Tony that he may join and help in fundraising. The generous contributions made by the Petrellos made it possible for them to start a neurological research institute: Jan and Duncan Institute.

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National Tittle Clearing, Facilitating Ease During The Clearing Process

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The National Tittle Clearing Company (NTCC) is a single location company based in Florida. The company was established in 1991. It is ranked as a mortgage company. It offers expert research, document processing, and processing services to mortgage lenders, services, residential mortgage lenders, and investors. It insulates people against financial fraud during home ownership process. This company’s services meet the needs of the current market considering the increasing rate of crime while buying houses in the industry.


The National Tittle Clearing Company has retained its integrity by ensuring that people own homes without financial fraud. The company has lasted in the industry for more than a decade now. It has opened some offices in Texas. It is important to note that a business can be mismanaged if it has many branches in operation. NTCC has taken a long time to open another branch. The new offices will provide services for clients who travel from different places to do business with the enterprise.


The National Tittle Clearing Company observes gender equality. It has two women on its board, unlike most boards that are made up of men only. This shows that the nature of the company is to empower everybody in the industry to conduct a life that is worth living. The company has worked with different stakeholders including government and banks. This is an indicator of the type of integrity that the company holds at its core. The mastery of integrity for people handling money in excess can be challenging. This has made the company to gain authority in the industry. It owns a market share that other companies have not had in the past. The establishment of the company’s branch in Texas tells it all. The branch is led by former employees of Florida who teaches the new employees about the company’s core values to avoid tarnishing the strong brand that has taken years to build.


The National Tittle Clearing Company has declared to roll out a piece of training for people in the industry and aspiring people to join the sector after the many years in business. The training will be a platform for the people to share their knowledge and expertise on how to conduct business with integrity. The company proves that business can be carried out in a world that believes in lies by individuals who have mastered integrity.



Davos Real Estate Group Makes New Announcement

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David Osio, CEO of the Davos Real Estate Group, was joined by his executive directors for the announcement of their latest technology asset to be made available to their clients. The announcement was a new mobile application that will be available for anyone prospectively looking at buying a property in the South American markets. The application will be a great resource to real estate investors all over the continent.

The application is called the Davos CAP Calculator. The real estate group is one of the leading investment firms in Latin America. This new piece of software should only strengthen that claim. The firm got so successful over the last two decades by committing itself to giving each of its clients personally tailored advice that works within their portfolio to give them the results that they want.

The CAP Calculator is truly a labor of love for Davos. The company spent half a year developing and streamlining the technology. The app was developed in conjunction with South American-based software development company, Tecknolution. The app was mostly developed under the supervision of one of the executive directors, Gerard Gonzalez.

David Osio is one of the most successful financial professionals over the last three decades in South America. He got his start in school in the country of Venezuela. He went to law school in the country and got a job after graduation working for a legal practice that works in the financial sector. This is where he gained most of his knowledge about the financial industry.

He represented some of the top banks and corporations in the country. After that, he transitioned to the other side of the aisle to work for the Banco Latino Internacional in Miami, Florida. This is what brought his to the United States. His vast knowledge of the financial industry and financial regulations in South America helped him work his way up to being the Vice President of Commercial Banking.

After this, he decided to strike out on his own and use his investing knowledge to start the Davos Investing Group. It is one of the biggest firms operating in South America. The Davos Real Estate group is one of the biggest factions of it. The fact that they are now giving people the opportunity to carry a mortgage calculator with them wherever they go will only make the company more successful. The company has plans to expand on the offerings of the application in the future.

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Mike Baur Brings Innovation to Switzerland with SSUF

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Mike Baur is the founder of Angel Investment firm Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF). He founded the company in 2014 after spending 20 in the private banking world. His Zurich based incubator specializes in mentoring and financially supporting young entrepreneurs focused mainly on digital technologies. In addition to financially backing start-ups, SSUF offers office space and access to potential clients which contribute to the success of the firm. Young entrepreneurs are invited to apply for chance to become part of SSUF in a rigorous 3 month process which involves presentations in front some of the most notable investors in the industry.
Behind every great mentor is a great mentor and Mike Baur considers Jean-Claude Biver one of his best teachers. Jean-Claude Biver is the CEO of the TAG Heuer watch company and majority shareholder in Hublot, which is credited with rejuvenating the Omega and Blancspain brands. Baur has taken inspiration from Biver not only in his determination and success, but also from his desire to give back by lecturing and mentoring others on a regular basis. On an interesting side note, Biver creates his own cheese on his farm in the Swiss Alps purely as a hobby. Refusing payment for the product, he maintains ultimate control over the process seemingly a balance to the business world which involves constantly pleasing clients.
In February 2016, SSUF announced a partnership with Geneva based Fintech-Accelerator firm Fusion. Guillaume Dubray founded Fintech Fusion in 2015. This partnership will provide both firms the opportunity to share knowledge, expertise, and office space to provide the best possible support to the young entrepreneurs who are a part of the SSUF team.
In May of 2016, SSUF recruited former Leonteq banker and co-founder Michael Hartweg to join the firm as a mentor and investor. With his extensive background in finance, he will be the leading mentor in financial technologies. Along with mentoring chosen entrepreneurs, he will also assist in evaluating which young entrepreneurs to back with investments from SSUF.
One of SSUF’s successful graduates is Beaconsmind which provides retailers with real-time, in store data about their customers. This provides the opportunity to better structure a targeted shopping experience to meet their needs. For more information about Beaconsmind, click here.

George Soros Goes Bearish Amid Many Challenges Affecting The Global Economy

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The founder and chair of Soros Fund Management, George Soros is worried about China’s economy and how it is going to impact the global economy. Soros has, therefore, dialed back on the U.S. stocks investment by more than a third and betting for gold. The recent change in strategy is reflected in the value of Soros Fund Management’s publicly disclosed holdings that declined by 37 percent to $3.5 billion by the end of March according to reports from the government filing. It is clear that Soros Fund Management has opted for bearish options that include 2.1 million shares of SPDR 500 ETF Trust at a value of $431 million.

The firm has bought 1.05 million shares from SPDR Gold Trust and recently took a stake in Barrick Gold Corp, the world’s biggest producer of gold with shares worth $264 million. Soros Fund Management has $24 billion in assets under management, all belonging to George Soros and his family after refunding the assets the firm owed to other investors.

George Soros had expressed doubts in the China’s economy warning investors to take caution as the debt-fueled economy resembles the moments before U.S. 2007/2008 financial crisis that became the global financial crisis. Soros has publicly said that a “hard landing” for China is “practically unavoidable” and added that it would worsen the already ailing global economy, drag down the value of stocks, cause deflation and boost the U.S. economy.

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The Brexit polls have also put a darker future of the world economy as the British people voted out of the European Union. Since the election, the price of gold has sky-rocketed, and the value of the Great Britain Pound has plunged significantly. Soros predicted that Britain’s exit from the European Union would be messy, and it would also cast problems to the global economy. While Soros has gained from the rising gold prices, other investors are following his way and as he recently expressed doubts about the future of the European Union to stay united.

Some analysts say that the surge in the price of gold is just a safe-haven-demand, calling it temporary. However, some analysts believe that the panicking investors are just overreacting to the Brexit situation which is going to take some time to be implemented and take effect. There is no doubt the confidence in the world economy is falling which is the reason Soros chose the bearish option. Soros has described other problems affecting the global economy such as immigration, the Syrian crisis, the threat of terrorism from ISIS and other groups, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and the geopolitical issues would affect the value of the U.S. dollar and derail the world economy.

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