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Doe Deere founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics

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Doe Deere was born and raised in New York City. She is also the CEO and co-founder of the Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere began having artistic and imaginative right from her childhood. She had much interest in painting and pencil drawing while growing up. Doe Deere describes her childhood as one full of fun whereby she would put much color on herself. She is much happy with the idea of being able to create make-up and make a living from it. Doe is driven by her sole goal of proving to the world that cosmetics are not only meant to conceal imperfections, and but they also go to the extent of giving people the chance to express themselves. She considers beauty to be what a person feels about themselves, and this enabled her to come up with cruelty-free cosmetics in 2008. Doe is a great supporter of women owned business enterprises as she relates their struggle to her own. Her passion deeply lies in mentoring young female entrepreneurs who are working hard every day to fulfill their ambitions. Asked on how she ended up coming with Lime Crime, Doe says she came up with the idea in 2004 when she needed a name for her new e-bay store. She decided to pick Lime Crime because it invoked her best color that is bright green. She is also pleased with the idea that currently the title represents a color revolution, breaking the traditional ways and being able to color outside the lines. The name of her business enterprise is an important motivating factor to having fun with color and avoids taking life too seriously. Doe says that if she had known before that her company would grow all over the world; she would have opted for another more versatile name. Despite that, the uniqueness of her business name makes it very easy to be located in Google. Doe Deere is a very hard working business lady; she starts each of her day at work with a meeting with the Creative Director. During this time, they analyze projects and come up with strategies to use. After holding the meeting with the director, she goes ahead to have a meeting with the President and the Vice President after which another meeting follows. She also has a duty to the company where she is involved in directing visuals or she may be present at the Laboratory coming up with new products with her chemist. Doe Deere ensures the authenticity of the products she produces by taking sufficient time before deciding whether to produce or not. Lime Crime was among the first cosmetic companies to venture into online business. The online business has earned her company a lot of benefits ranging from the unlimited assortments to much innovative ways to market her products. She was first discouraged by experts from doing an online marketing for her lipsticks but she decided to give them a deaf ear and follow her ambition. Doe Deere dedicates much of her success to a strong customer base she has gained over time together with the ambition and optimism she has. A good relationship with her employees, vendors, and business partners are among the strategies that have seen her business become successful.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes Sure To Do Great Work

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Dr. Jennifer Walden started out her cosmetic surgery practice in New York City and it did very well there. People came to her wanting her to take care of them because of the good work that she did, but eventually there came a time when she felt that a move was necessary. She loved that her business was doing so well in the city, but she felt the need to take it and move it across the country for the sake of her twin boys.
She moved to Austin, Texas and set up her practice there. Some might have believed that to be a mistake, and some might have doubted her ability to achieve just as much success while living in the new place, but Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to do quite well. Her practice is booming, as people still see her as someone who knows what she is doing and who will do good work on them. She is a beauty surgeon who puts her all into the work that she does for each of her clients, and that is something that has people trusting in her.
There are many cosmetic surgeons out there who do not put half the effort into their work as Dr. Jennifer Walden does into her practice, and that is why they do not succeed as well as this woman. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to do well in her practice all along. She’s done great things in New York City, and she has continued to do well in Austin, Texas. She can feel proud of herself for putting so much of herself into the work, and for leaving every one of her clients feeling better about themselves than they did when they first came to her. The work she does is great, and she makes sure of that.