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Jeunesse Global Provides Many Beauty Products: Here’s What You Need To Know.

Published / by WT23

When it comes to a beauty product, Jeunesse Global provides quality ones. Jeunesse is a firm that was created in September of 2009. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis worked together to create this successful company.

Since the number of nine is a symbol for a long life, the founders of Jeunesse Global chose that number when it created their products. The number nine also reflect the desire of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis to help their company as well as their customers to thrive. Jeunesse Global is considered to have one of the most rewarding plans concerning compensation in the direct selling niche.

Both Ray and Lewis spearheaded an entrepreneurial venture that utilized a state-of-the-art platform. They also utilize very powerful technology to distribute their innovative products, provide key company training as well as have critical support for its stakeholders.

Jeunesse Global provides supplements, beverages and skincare products in the United States to distribute, internationally. Jeunesse Global has Y.E.S. (Youth Enhancement System) has exactly nine products. These nine items include Reserve™ (to defend), Finiti™ (to restore), Luminescence™ (to rejuvenate), AM|PM™ Essentials (to enhance), Zen Bodi™ (for balance), M1ND™ (for clarity) as well as Nevo™, which helps to energize the body.

Nevo™ is a product that provides a new approach for energy-related products with four delicious formulas. Featuring tasty, natural juices, Nevo™ is 50 calories per drink. And this product has the key amount of energy. There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners in this item.

Jeunesse Global also produces the NV™ foundation. For those who want their skin to have an airbrushed look and finish, the NV™ includes bronzer and primer. Zen Bodi™ is another product created by Jeunesse Global that helps to build muscle and curb one’s appetite.

When it comes to direct selling opportunities, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis wanted to create a very positive impact, internationally, by helping people look and feel youthful. Mr. Ray and Ms. Lewis are empowering each other to help boost the potential of Jeunesse Global and treat the distributors of their products like family.