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Fast Hair Styles

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If you’re like most girls, there are times when you simply don’t have the time to do your hair the way you want it to look. Wengie has a few easy hairstyles that will get loose strands away from the face while giving a beautiful look for school or work.

One of the styles is a triple cascade. Stat by grabbing the top section of hair and tying it with a clear band. Make a hole in the middle of the hair just above the band. Tuck the ponytail into the hole that is created. This will create a beautiful pattern called a tuck. Grab the middle section of hair, tying it like you did the top part. Split in the middle again, and tuck the ponytail into the hole. Finally, do this with the lower portion of hair so that you have what appears to be a waterfall.

A fun look is the double tuck. This is similar to a ponytail, but it stands out from the head so that you have a little volume to the hair. Put your hair in a high ponytail to begin. Use a clear band tied in the ponytail a few inches down. Make a hole in the middle of the ponytail with your fingers, and pull the rest of the ponytail through the hole. This creates a tuck. Tie another section down, creating another tuck. It almost looks like there is a bow in the hair with the bands and the tucks that are created. This is a simple style that will keep the hair off the shoulders and out of the way while you’re exercising or studying.

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Bustle Beauty Writer Explores The Benefits of WEN

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WEN hair by Chaz Dean may be seen by just another gimmicky product on QVC but rest assured, all of the hype adds up to more than just claims. Emily McClure, a beauty writer and professional hair stylist, tried sephora sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner and got great results. Emily knows her hair care and has put many beauty products to the test, so we knew we could trust her. After reviewing her experience it is easy to see that Wen hair was not just easier to use but it totally transformed her hair in under a week.

Emily reviewed her experience to tell us what she experienced personally while using WEN Hair, but it is easy to see just by looking at the pictures that the WEN drastically improved the condition of her hair. After just one wash, Emily’s hair appeared more conditioned and definitely looked healthier. Emily felt as if she was experiencing more weight in her hair, but the weight she felt was imparted by a healthy dose of natural oil. Her stripping shampoo that she was used to was completely draining her hair of natural oil so she was not used to feeling any weight at all.

Through the week, her friends were commenting on how this product was changing the look of her hair. It looked shinier, bouncier, and fluffier after a blow dry. The only change Emily felt like she needed to make was changing her wash time from the evening to the morning, so the natural oils in her hair didn’t accumulate in her fresh blow dry through the slumbering evening hours. For all of the benefits, one simple switch in a hair wash schedule is a minor detail.

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