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Vijay Eswaran Life of Business

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Vijay Eswaran is definitely a Malaysian business owner, philanthropist, and writer. He’s the founder and Executive Chief of the QI Band of Businesses, an international conglomerate based in Hk and Kuala Lumpur with functions in a lot more than 30 countries.

Eswaran was created in Pénang, Malaysia, to á unpretentious, well-éducated category of Indian source. He worked well as a táxi driver to invest in his advanced schooling in accounting ánd administration in London and Illinois. Then spent many years working since án details systems professional for several businesses in THE UNITED STATES and South-Eást Asia, including IBM.

In 1998, following Oriental financial meltdown, Eswaran established a primary selling network in the Philippines, utilizing a revolutionary mixture óf immediate selling and e-commerce, which usually would ultimately become QNET. Within 12 a few months, the organization bécame ahead in the Philippines and consequently in a number of South-East Asián marketplaces, supporting an evergrowing network of business owners. Simply by thé mid-2000s, QNET was your dominant immediate selling network in the center East and lately has led thé industry’s growth into Africa.

While no Ionger involved with QNET’s operations, Eswaran hosts V-Convention, a motivational, teaching and networking évent with up tó twenty, 000 participating in business owners, and prospects QNET’s international relationships including with Premier Little league Manchester Town FC.

Eswaran says one particular duplication may be the business alone, second is normally duplication of yourself. If you fail to be in évery place, you then have to discover 10 others as if you. And discover 10 others like you, you have to proceed through 100. You ‘must’ have a consistent miIl of individuals coming in mainly because you are likely to get rid of 90 — they’ll keep by themselves agreement, get disappointed, and some will minimize and réturn, but with that said, 10 will remain. You will need that 10.

The Success of Brazil’s Tourism With Guilherme Paulus

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Guilherme Paulus is a famous entrepreneur out of Brazil. His claim to fame is leading the local Board of Advisors of a tour company named GJP Hotels and Resorts. This hotel brand boasts having 20 locations across the country in tourist hot spots from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.

As someone who started out as a simple intern at IBM, Guilherme Paulus has seized opportunity at every turn to end up where he is today. In a recent Ideamensch interview, he describes the approach he took to get involved in the industry.


The overarching mindset of Guilherme Paulus is to just do it, and think about the consequences later. The Brazilian hotelier story begins when Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, his friend, proposed the idea of creating a hotel from scratch. The agreed to split the conceptualization between one person funding the project, and the other planning how it would look. They ultimately found a location that was in perfect spot for a lot of foot traffic. As a firm believer in taking a leap of faith, he is always looking for new opportunists in the industry.

A typical day for Guilherme Paulus involves two key components. He begins each day by taking a step back and being thankful that everything is working out. He loves what he does for a living, and hopes to continue working in tourism long into the future. The other component is creating a list of tasks and following it exactly as laid out. It increases his productivity feel, as he heads the upcoming tasks.

The growth of technology is making for exciting times in all industries across the world. Guilherme Paulus is particularly excited about being able to contact with and act on client feedback quicker than ever before. It also allows him to stay on top of the trends more efficiently. A hotel chain lives and dies by how relevant and useful the consumers think the brand it for them. The tourism industry is always evolving with the consumers.


Ara Chackerian – An investor with a conscience

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Ara Chackerian isn’t just another mover and shaker in Silicon Valley. He’s an active investor with a conscience. A rarity, in the cutthroat world of hedge funds and finance. He focuses on working with companies that are looking to make a serious change within both the corporate world and their respective community.

A significant amount of his work aims at addressing community issues. Even though much of his career was spent experiencing success after success in the medical field, he’s just as passionate about the environment and fostering youth development within the community. For example, Ara Chackerian heads an environmentally sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua, located within Central America.

Ara Chackerian stresses the importance of communication in alleviating mental health issues. As more and more individuals come forward to talk about their experiences regarding depression and other mental health issues, the less taboo it becomes over time.

In an interview, Ara Chackerian states that he is most excited about the innovations occurring within the field of digital medicine. Specifically, digital applications and software that can better help monitor patients suffering from depression – software that can track your communication and phone activity patterns to see if something unusual begins to occur.

There are limitless possibilities to how these digital applications can be used – they can be implemented to observe progress and potential setbacks. Ara Chackerian’s commitment to improving the way things are done in the medical field is something to be truly admired.

Recently, Ara Chackerian described his thoughts on suicide awareness and the public stigma relating to individuals with mental health issues. In a Medium article, he addresses the stigma surrounding and just how it negatively affects improving mental health within the United States. He goes on to discuss how society is just plain afraid of tackling the issue of suicide even though it is something that affects us all, regardless of status or class. We need to all work together to improve as a community and start helping more people.