Steve Ritchie Ups the Ante in Terms of Implementing Diversity Efforts

CEO Steve Ritchie, in a letter of apology to Papa John’s customers, specified a number measures he and the pizza chain intends to take in order to remedy the troubling situation the company has unexpectedly found itself thrusted in. To date, the Chief Executive Officer and the company has been living up to their promises. CEO Steve Ritchie has mandated unconscious bias training for the entire leadership team of Papa John’s and the Chief Executive Officer intends to implement the program on a national scale. Further, Papa John’s culture, diversity, and inclusion practices is currently being audited by independent outsider, as promised, and the auditors are free to come up with any actionable recommendations they see fit. Another promise that was fulfilled by CEO Steve Ritchie was the promise that senior members of the management team will be dispatched to the field to obtain feedback from their franchises and team members. In actual fact, Steve Ritchie himself and some members of Papa John’s senior management team relatively recently completed a listening tour that included stops in the cities of Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Dallas where they chatted with franchisees and team members for the purpose of obtaining their feedback as to how the company can do better and serve their customers better.

CEO Steve Ritchie also intends to implement measures not specified in his letter of apology. For example, he plans to form a special advisory group of America’s most respected experts in terms of shepherding companies on how to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive in the workplace for their employees. In addition, there will be a launch of a franchise expanding and development program for woman and minorities. Additionally, a foundation will be created to help in eliminating biases that divide us and support those of the uniting sort. Moreover, CEO Steve Ritchie has assumed responsibility for increasing the number of females and minorities who hold leadership roles within the company.