Betsy Devos: the new Education Secretary of the U.S.

Throughout the years in America’s school systems, students have been fighting to simply enjoy school. With lower public school funding and lots of issues with student-teacher relationships, there has been some obvious challenges to the traditional school concept in America. However, the 11th US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos planned to change all of that when she took office in 2017. Appointed by President Trump, Devos has been working to swiftly change the state laws for private choice or educational choice.


In recent interviews, Devos has remained strong. She took on Lesley Stahl in “60 Minutes” interview and answered questions on the success of her programs. While she said that it was too soon to really tell, she believes that educational choice will be more successful at helping students in comparison to Common Core academics and standard testing.


There have been a lot of challenges for students in the past years. Common Core has completely changed the way that students learn math and reading comprehension, and the test scores have still remained lower than many other countries in the world. What does America have to do to help students?


Betsy Devos says that educational choice is the best way to solve the problem right now. Where students live, they must often attend schools that don’t have any of the right programs or may even be failing to provide the basic educational requirements. Betsy Devos wants to empower students and their parents to go to a school that is going to benefit them and make them excited to go to school again.


While many have challenged whether these programs will remain privately funded, for now much of the work that Betsy Devos has achieved has been due to philanthropy. With such backers as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, as well as her own foundation, she has donated millions to solving the education problems in America.


She believes that Florida is the best example so far of a working educational choice system. In Florida, students can choose to go to a magnet program, charter school, private school, homeschooling program, or virtual school. They can also receive a tuition-based scholarship to go to the school of their choice.


Devos has defended her beliefs on national television. In the “60 Minutes” interview, she also spoke about school safety reform and her thoughts on helping students feel safer in their schools. Most recently, schools were upgraded with new safety and evacuation policies, as well as new school guard policies.


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