Doe Deere Faces Life Head On

Doe Deere is an inspiring woman that we can all look up to. Doe is a Jewish woman who was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She dreamed of the United States being the place where she could live out her dreams in the search of a better life. At 17 years old, Doe, her mother, and younger sister moved to New York City. Doe and her family didn’t start out the way they hoped. Being eager to work, and somewhat of a life’s savings just wasn’t going to be enough.

Doe’s mother was running out of money, which had Doe and her mother looking for other sources of income. Her mother began cleaning other individual’s apartments, and Doe started watching her neighbor’s animals. With both of their side jobs, they still were not making enough money. This forced all three women to move into a homeless shelter in Manhattan. They were living with a single bed, no kitchen, and went to the local church every Thursday to wait in line for free meals. With the mental distraught, the only way to distract herself were with the ideas she had about being a fashion designer.

A few years later, a social worker introduced them to a non-profit legal organization that focused on helping women immigrants get out of bad situations. The organization was called Sanctuary For Families. Their leader, Dorchen Leidholdt saved them. She helped Doe’s mother land her first accountant job, helped Doe get into the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as getting her little sister into Columbia University.

A year later, Doe and her family got transferred to the Lehman Projects in East Harlem. While this neighborhood was not the best environment to live in, they all felt they were living in luxury. Doe and her sister had separate rooms and they had a kitchen.

By the late 2000’s, Doe had found her passion and started her own makeup company called Lime Crime. Even though she would never wish her trials on anyone, she feels grateful because her path got her to be the successful woman she is today.