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2018 Was A Busy Year For Wes Edens

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The billionaire American investor, Wes Edens can look back on 2018 as one of the busiest of his career in many different sectors. The established Fortress Investments and New Fortress Energy brands are continuing to perform above expectations while his latest deals are moving along at a fast pace. In both sports and the travel sector, 2018 proved itself to be a year to remember for the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise.

The year began for Wes Edens with the latest announcements regarding the Brghtline rail service based in Florida. January 2018 saw the first active services begin on the only privately-owned passenger service operating in the U.S. The first services on the West Palm Beach to Miami have proven a success with Wes Edens company gaining federal funding to expand their service to Orlando.

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Not satisfied with the planned expansion of the Florida-based Brightline services, Edens sanctioned the purchase of the Xpress West company based in Las Vegas. This rail provider has already begun the planning phase for a proposed private passenger service between Las Vegas, Nevada, and Victorville, California. The company has a long-term plan to expand further into California and bring their service to parts of Los Angeles.

After making an initial success of his rail service, Wes Edens switched his focus to expanding his interests in sports with the purchase of a controlling stake in the English soccer team, Aston Villa. Partnering with London-based billionaire Nassef Sawiris, Edens hopes to bring the good times back to the Villa Park stadium after relegation from the Premier League in 2016.

Wes Edens saw the possibilities for investment at Aston Villa provided by the former owner, Dr. Tony Xiu struggling to extract funds from his home nation of China. Aston Villa fans have welcomed the arrival of Wes Edens because of his excellent track record of success in the U.S. with the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Marc Beer: Transforming Emerging Startups into Successful Companies

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The pharmaceutical industry deals with the discovery, development, and marketing of drugs used as medications prescribed to patients not only to cure but vaccinate them. Pharmaceutical companies deal in generic as well as brand medications. They are required to adhere to specific policies and regulations that control the patenting, and efficacy of drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are committed to achieving the objective of bringing new treatments to the healthcare industry.


For one Marc Beer, a specialist in transforming emerging pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies into successful commercial businesses that have robust financial vehicles, developing an excellent reputation has been a significant success in his career. Recently, he participated in the funding of a biotechnology program that raised $42 million for the development of a company that specializes in developing drugs for various diseases. Like-minded individuals raised the money through Series B Funding as well as venture debt. The fund will be spent on financing the research and development of drugs to treat urinary incontinence in women. The funds will additionally be used to develop diagnostic technologies for the analysis of pelvic floor disorders.


Raised through an infusion approach, the company has received funds from various companies including Ascension Ventures, and Longwood Fund. In the words of Marc Beer, the raised funds will also be used to develop Revia for treating pelvic disorders. It’s important to note that the FDA has approved the drug. The new series of funding is also going to be used to improve Renovia’s diagnostic systems for that same medical disorder by initiating innovative patient-based technologies to evaluate data harnessed via digital health units. Through this merger, Marc Beer believes that the overhead costs for finding the right treatment will reduce.


Marc Beer has been shaping the biotechnology industry by initiating partnerships that have contributed to the success of the parties involved. In 2016, he united a group of top-notch venture capital funds that capitalize in the healthcare sector to establish Revia Inc. the visionary leadership he has practiced since then has enabled him to lead the company to constructive deals including coming up with a drug that has been approved by the FDA.


Through his leadership abilities, Marc Beer has helped people by relieving their concerns. He extends his interests to the development of the community where he is a member of the Miami University Advisory Council. He has also contributed to the development of Notre Dame’s Research Council by sharing his leadership skills. He has a unique commitment to excellence, particularly in exceptional leadership. Learn more:


Marc Beer is always prepared to encounter challenges ahead of projects. He attended Maimi University where he studied science in business. He then demonstrated leadership skills not only in business but public areas of concern.


Steve Ritchie Ups the Ante in Terms of Implementing Diversity Efforts

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CEO Steve Ritchie, in a letter of apology to Papa John’s customers, specified a number measures he and the pizza chain intends to take in order to remedy the troubling situation the company has unexpectedly found itself thrusted in. To date, the Chief Executive Officer and the company has been living up to their promises. CEO Steve Ritchie has mandated unconscious bias training for the entire leadership team of Papa John’s and the Chief Executive Officer intends to implement the program on a national scale. Further, Papa John’s culture, diversity, and inclusion practices is currently being audited by independent outsider, as promised, and the auditors are free to come up with any actionable recommendations they see fit. Another promise that was fulfilled by CEO Steve Ritchie was the promise that senior members of the management team will be dispatched to the field to obtain feedback from their franchises and team members. In actual fact, Steve Ritchie himself and some members of Papa John’s senior management team relatively recently completed a listening tour that included stops in the cities of Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Dallas where they chatted with franchisees and team members for the purpose of obtaining their feedback as to how the company can do better and serve their customers better.

CEO Steve Ritchie also intends to implement measures not specified in his letter of apology. For example, he plans to form a special advisory group of America’s most respected experts in terms of shepherding companies on how to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive in the workplace for their employees. In addition, there will be a launch of a franchise expanding and development program for woman and minorities. Additionally, a foundation will be created to help in eliminating biases that divide us and support those of the uniting sort. Moreover, CEO Steve Ritchie has assumed responsibility for increasing the number of females and minorities who hold leadership roles within the company.

JHSF Has Been Placed In Good Hands Since The Ascension Of José Auriemo Neto

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JHSF is a firm that is well known to the people of Brazil. The company is noted for its success in several sectors of business that include the development of real estate properties, shopping malls, fashion, hospitality and hotels as well as the field of gastronomy.

JHSF has a founding date during the 1972 calendar year and since then the company has expanded its operations from beyond Brazil and into countries such as Uruguay as well as the USA. The Auriemo brothers José Roberto and Fábio are the founders of the firm. JHSF is noted as a company that places heavy amounts of importance onto assets that are able to yield consistent and recurrent incomes.

For this reason, the shopping mall sector has been a major part of the company’s growth. Within the company’s shopping mall ventures, fashion has become an increasingly major part of the business model. This has become true since the ascension of José Auriemo Neto, the son of Fábio Auriemo, as the company’s head executive. José Auriemo Neto is fondly referred to as Zeco and he has managed to increase the company’s fortunes to a further extent since taking over the reins. He has also become one of the most respected figures in the world’s fashion industry and credited with changing the face of the fashion industry in the Brazilian market.

Among the outstanding shopping malls that JHSF owns and operates, the incredible Cidade Jardim is undoubtedly the most well-known but the company also operates other amazing shopping outlets such as Ponta Negra, Catarina Fashion Outlet and Bela Vista. The company is also behind some of the finest eating destinations in Brazil as the owners and operators of noteworthy restaurants such as Fasano Al Mare, Baretto Londra and Fasano Punta.

Cidade Jardim really is one of the crowning achievements of the JHSF business and one of the top achievements of its inspirational leader José Auriemo Neto. The complex includes an impressive array of 180 different retail outlets as well as its own residential complex. The center is also known for carrying some of the top brands in the world of fashion. Due to its many amenities, it has become a major destination for Brazilian shoppers.

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Betsy Devos: the new Education Secretary of the U.S.

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Throughout the years in America’s school systems, students have been fighting to simply enjoy school. With lower public school funding and lots of issues with student-teacher relationships, there has been some obvious challenges to the traditional school concept in America. However, the 11th US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos planned to change all of that when she took office in 2017. Appointed by President Trump, Devos has been working to swiftly change the state laws for private choice or educational choice.


In recent interviews, Devos has remained strong. She took on Lesley Stahl in “60 Minutes” interview and answered questions on the success of her programs. While she said that it was too soon to really tell, she believes that educational choice will be more successful at helping students in comparison to Common Core academics and standard testing.


There have been a lot of challenges for students in the past years. Common Core has completely changed the way that students learn math and reading comprehension, and the test scores have still remained lower than many other countries in the world. What does America have to do to help students?


Betsy Devos says that educational choice is the best way to solve the problem right now. Where students live, they must often attend schools that don’t have any of the right programs or may even be failing to provide the basic educational requirements. Betsy Devos wants to empower students and their parents to go to a school that is going to benefit them and make them excited to go to school again.


While many have challenged whether these programs will remain privately funded, for now much of the work that Betsy Devos has achieved has been due to philanthropy. With such backers as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, as well as her own foundation, she has donated millions to solving the education problems in America.


She believes that Florida is the best example so far of a working educational choice system. In Florida, students can choose to go to a magnet program, charter school, private school, homeschooling program, or virtual school. They can also receive a tuition-based scholarship to go to the school of their choice.


Devos has defended her beliefs on national television. In the “60 Minutes” interview, she also spoke about school safety reform and her thoughts on helping students feel safer in their schools. Most recently, schools were upgraded with new safety and evacuation policies, as well as new school guard policies.


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Doe Deere Faces Life Head On

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Doe Deere is an inspiring woman that we can all look up to. Doe is a Jewish woman who was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She dreamed of the United States being the place where she could live out her dreams in the search of a better life. At 17 years old, Doe, her mother, and younger sister moved to New York City. Doe and her family didn’t start out the way they hoped. Being eager to work, and somewhat of a life’s savings just wasn’t going to be enough.

Doe’s mother was running out of money, which had Doe and her mother looking for other sources of income. Her mother began cleaning other individual’s apartments, and Doe started watching her neighbor’s animals. With both of their side jobs, they still were not making enough money. This forced all three women to move into a homeless shelter in Manhattan. They were living with a single bed, no kitchen, and went to the local church every Thursday to wait in line for free meals. With the mental distraught, the only way to distract herself were with the ideas she had about being a fashion designer.

A few years later, a social worker introduced them to a non-profit legal organization that focused on helping women immigrants get out of bad situations. The organization was called Sanctuary For Families. Their leader, Dorchen Leidholdt saved them. She helped Doe’s mother land her first accountant job, helped Doe get into the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as getting her little sister into Columbia University.

A year later, Doe and her family got transferred to the Lehman Projects in East Harlem. While this neighborhood was not the best environment to live in, they all felt they were living in luxury. Doe and her sister had separate rooms and they had a kitchen.

By the late 2000’s, Doe had found her passion and started her own makeup company called Lime Crime. Even though she would never wish her trials on anyone, she feels grateful because her path got her to be the successful woman she is today.

Alex Pall’s Shot at Greatness With Chainsmokers

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The Chainsmokers is a DJINg duo that was founded in 2012 and is made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two were introduced by Alex PAul’s managers who felt that they each could benefit from working together. Alex PAll started DJing as a hobby and he soon had a large number of gigs. At the time he was operating in New York and he found that he really enjoyed DJing and it was a viable career move.

Alex Pall says that he was sure that they would do well because of the skills he had and the fact that the two of them shared ideas as regards their career. They talked about the kind of music they liked and what they wanted from their careers and turns out they both really wanted to do their best to succeed. Andrew Taggart as Alex Pall notes is a very talented producer and with the gigs that he had, they were able to have the opportunity to perform and do an outstanding job while at it.

It is good to keep trying new things and Alex pall believes that was one of the ways they have managed to stay relevant and engage their audience. He sees what he does as much more than a job as they work to bring to the audiences material that they can identify with. They work towards becoming better with each performance and are constantly working towards becoming better and better artists.

Usually, DJ does not sing on their tracks and neither did Chainsmokers on their first singles but Alex Pall explains that they got to that point where they decided that they needed to show themselves to the fans. The hit song Closer was the first in which Andrew Taggart sang. Even as they were working on their 2017 album they made sure that they wrote the songs or worked with songwriters on songs.

About Alex Pall

Alex Pall is one-half of the DJ duo Chainsmokers. He was born in 1985 and grew up in New York. He currently lives in a3600sq foot house built in the 20th century for which he hired Peti Lau as the designer.

Jeunesse Global Provides Many Beauty Products: Here’s What You Need To Know.

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When it comes to a beauty product, Jeunesse Global provides quality ones. Jeunesse is a firm that was created in September of 2009. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis worked together to create this successful company.

Since the number of nine is a symbol for a long life, the founders of Jeunesse Global chose that number when it created their products. The number nine also reflect the desire of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis to help their company as well as their customers to thrive. Jeunesse Global is considered to have one of the most rewarding plans concerning compensation in the direct selling niche.

Both Ray and Lewis spearheaded an entrepreneurial venture that utilized a state-of-the-art platform. They also utilize very powerful technology to distribute their innovative products, provide key company training as well as have critical support for its stakeholders.

Jeunesse Global provides supplements, beverages and skincare products in the United States to distribute, internationally. Jeunesse Global has Y.E.S. (Youth Enhancement System) has exactly nine products. These nine items include Reserve™ (to defend), Finiti™ (to restore), Luminescence™ (to rejuvenate), AM|PM™ Essentials (to enhance), Zen Bodi™ (for balance), M1ND™ (for clarity) as well as Nevo™, which helps to energize the body.

Nevo™ is a product that provides a new approach for energy-related products with four delicious formulas. Featuring tasty, natural juices, Nevo™ is 50 calories per drink. And this product has the key amount of energy. There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners in this item.

Jeunesse Global also produces the NV™ foundation. For those who want their skin to have an airbrushed look and finish, the NV™ includes bronzer and primer. Zen Bodi™ is another product created by Jeunesse Global that helps to build muscle and curb one’s appetite.

When it comes to direct selling opportunities, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis wanted to create a very positive impact, internationally, by helping people look and feel youthful. Mr. Ray and Ms. Lewis are empowering each other to help boost the potential of Jeunesse Global and treat the distributors of their products like family.