Jason Hope Pledges Huge Donation To Anti-Aging Facility

We are long past the times of past when we would only dream of science fundamentally changing the way that we live our lives. Nowadays, we are seeing huge improvements via scientific breakthroughs on an almost daily basis. For that reason, entrepreneur Jason Hope is putting his money where the industry is. Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale, AZ. Hope rose to prominence in the mobile communications field and now he is seeking to do the same by backing one of the most important anti-aging research facilities in the country, the SENS Research Foundation. Visit wikipedia.org

The SENS Research Foundation first opened up its doors back in 2009 behind the combined efforts of CEO Mike Kope and CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey. The two men have worked hard in order to develop their non-profit facility into one of the most important anti-aging facilities in the world. The research that Kope and De Grey are focusing on is directed toward addressing the degenerative issues that are unique to human aging. With any luck and a whole lot of hard work, the SENS Research Foundation will find ways to address how we age.

Jason Hope found the SENS Research Foundation to be one of the most inspiring anti-aging biotech facilities in the country. The electricity of the charisma that emanates from Dr. Aubrey De Grey is also part of the reason that Jason Hope fell in love with the work that the company is doing. Dr. Aubrey De Grey has a massive resume in the field of anti-aging research from back when he still lived in Europe. Dr. De Grey and Hope hit it off almost immediately and they began working together in order to find a way for Hope to support the SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope would end up signing a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation that was put toward boosting research into arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a common disease that afflicts humans as we age, causing our arteries to harden and hypertension and diabetes to flare up as a result. With Hope’s donation, the SENS Foundation was able to immediately jumpstart their research once more.

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