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Louis Chenevert’s Career Path from Student to Chairman

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Louis Chenevert is an individual with a lengthy career. He is currently retired, but his influence on aviation and manufacturing is still being felt across the world. He grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where he lived a peaceful life through college. As a smart and talented individual, Louis Chenevert breezed through school. However, his true knack for the business industry began to blossom when he took his first job at a General Motors planet. The website Release Fact recently published a story about the incredible path his career took.

As an individual fresh out of college, with his production management degree in hand, Louis Chenevert embarked on his next venture at General Motors. During this period he meet an individual who would later help propel his career. At the same time, he gained a wealth of experience in the assembly line process. A few years later he become president of Pratt & Whitney Canada. In this position, he took his experience and revolutionized their internal production process. The connections he created in his first two positions, laid out the path to an even higher job in the industry.

By 2006, he took the most important step of his career by becoming chairman of United Technologies. In this position he could finally enact a dream product he thought of years ago. Louis Chenevert believed in the potential of the geared turbofan. It not saved on fuel costs, but it was relatively easy to produce. He showed the industry that it was possible to streamline production, innovate, and make better equipment without cutting corners in any areas.

From college, to planet jobs, to the top as a chairman, Louis Chenevert has seen the industry from many angels. Its that wealth of experience that gave him unique perspectives in how to advance production. His geared turbofan concept forever changed the foundations of productions across the industry. Even in retirement, Louis Chenevert remains an active member of the industry.

The Chainsmokers Remarkable Run for the 2016/2017

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While the year 2016 went pretty for The Chainsmokers, 2017 is when they are solidifying and holding on to their place on the charts with their groundbreaking records. They have been at the top of the ladder for far longer than most had thought possible which proves that they are much more potent than most people had given them credit for. Having dropped two huge albums this year, Rapper Future has also shown himself to be stronger and more popular than we could have imagined.

Chainsmokers who are EDN/pop duo have dominated the second half of the year 2016 very successfully, and the tracks remained a hit only disappearing in 2017. Their hit “Closer” featuring Halsey has held on to various tables past this year where it was able to break the records to the song that has been able to hold on the Hot 100 of all time at the top 10. It lived on in this upper region for a good 32 weeks tying the legendary LeAnn Rimes “How Do I Live” that was still in existence years ago. However, this achievement has been thawed this year but it still more than a big achievement for the group. Besides this, “Closer” also spent a lot of time in the arena since it was debuted setting the record as having the most weeks as one of the top five.

For the most of 2016, it was clear that The Chainsmokers were only holding towards with no mistakes and the hit a track on the charting world that penetrated smoothly into 2017. Due to their success, they have been able to make history. Their singles running from “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Paris,” and the fresh one with Coldplay “Something Just like This has made the Chainsmokers a phenomenon in the industry. They now hold the title of the second-longest stay at the highest tier. For many weeks in a row, Chainsmokers have been in a position numbers 1 to 10 for more than 61 weeks which is one of the most unbelievable runs ever seen. They come in at the second place closely behind Katy Perry who had 69 weeks.

A Brief History About Hutson Clayton

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Hutson Clayton is a rare gem in the music industry. Equipped with a degree in theater design from Central Michigan University, Hutson held different positions like a sound engineer and project manager at a number of companies that provided live events before choosing to be an entrepreneur, where he founded a live event production company called Ronin Event Creative.

His in-depth knowledge of musical engineering and previous positions as a production manager has allowed Hutson to provide top-notch services to his clients.

As a project manager, Clayton spent most of his time working on projects that featured some big performers in the music industry. Hutson’s Love for music has made him dedicate his time, passion and energy to managing, producing, designing and overseeing a large number of live tours. His experience has allowed him to know all the essential details in the entertainment industry.

Clay’s day involved managing artists and assigning his team the relevant duties that are involved in setting up the stage. This means going through the day’s schedule, completing a walk through and planning a day to do list for his crew.

With the necessary skills that help him decide what the best course of action is, Hutson can plan to deal with issues that may come up when setting up the sound systems or when designing a set.

Being on set with different performers, Hutson is always thrilled when artists go out of their way to please their audience by incorporating tricks.

Given a chance to advise his younger Self, Hutson maintains that the best information is brutally honest with oneself and with others, he also notes that putting family first is also a good start.

According to Clay Hutson, hard work has been a vital strategy in growing his business together with word of mouth and reputation. In a quick Q&A Hutson believes that investing in his iPhone was the best thing he did for himself.

Hutson Clay’s favorite quote is trying out something twice and if it does not succeed, then one should quit instead of being a damn fool about the whole issue.

ATS Digital Service CEO Robert Deignan Discusses the Latest Trends in Technology

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The technology industry will continue to expand with the latest trends and enhancements for reliability and speed, which is in high demand by consumers and businesses. Computer artificial intelligence, known as data storage was introduced to the world in the 1950s. Its advancement continues in technology development and infrastructure. Robert Deignan, the CEO and Co-founder of ATS Digital Services has witnessed the enhancements of technologies constant change by increasing storage to hold more data. Based on his observation, the technology trends are in intelligence and application development, 5G network, voice recognition, and customer’s experience transformation.

Robert Deignan is a successful businessman providing technical services to help companies and consumers resolve issues with computers, mobile phones, and tablets. He has seen the new development of technology used over the years that allows users to receive technical services remotely or onsite. Transportation plays a huge role in providing services to customers at their homes or place of business.

Recently, the technology industry introduced digital voice assistants to international markets. Technologists are predicting by 2020, all searches will be performed through voice search. He’s expecting 5G network in the future to change the protocols and standards used today for the 4G network resulting in faster and efficient flow of data.

Deignan earned his business management bachelor’s degree from the Purdue University in 1995. He co-founded ATS Digital Services in 2011 and services as CEO. His career began in 2002 serving as Executive Vice President for iS3 from 2002 to 2011. His team of technicians and technical support agents are trained to assist consumers and businesses with issues pertaining to computers, mobile phones, and other devices and equipment.

He is in the process of launching a new dispatch service to help customers with their entertainment equipment installation and mounting requests. This will add to his repair, security, optimization and home device connection services. Robert has worked in the technology industry for 16 years as a successful entrepreneur and executive. To stay successful in the business, he has developed himself searching for the latest technology, and learning solutions to resolve problems and issues.

Jason Hope Pledges Huge Donation To Anti-Aging Facility

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We are long past the times of past when we would only dream of science fundamentally changing the way that we live our lives. Nowadays, we are seeing huge improvements via scientific breakthroughs on an almost daily basis. For that reason, entrepreneur Jason Hope is putting his money where the industry is. Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale, AZ. Hope rose to prominence in the mobile communications field and now he is seeking to do the same by backing one of the most important anti-aging research facilities in the country, the SENS Research Foundation. Visit

The SENS Research Foundation first opened up its doors back in 2009 behind the combined efforts of CEO Mike Kope and CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey. The two men have worked hard in order to develop their non-profit facility into one of the most important anti-aging facilities in the world. The research that Kope and De Grey are focusing on is directed toward addressing the degenerative issues that are unique to human aging. With any luck and a whole lot of hard work, the SENS Research Foundation will find ways to address how we age.

Jason Hope found the SENS Research Foundation to be one of the most inspiring anti-aging biotech facilities in the country. The electricity of the charisma that emanates from Dr. Aubrey De Grey is also part of the reason that Jason Hope fell in love with the work that the company is doing. Dr. Aubrey De Grey has a massive resume in the field of anti-aging research from back when he still lived in Europe. Dr. De Grey and Hope hit it off almost immediately and they began working together in order to find a way for Hope to support the SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope would end up signing a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation that was put toward boosting research into arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a common disease that afflicts humans as we age, causing our arteries to harden and hypertension and diabetes to flare up as a result. With Hope’s donation, the SENS Foundation was able to immediately jumpstart their research once more.


David Zalik creates frictionless lending model with GreenSky Credit

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When David Zalik first developed the idea for GreenSky Credit, he didn’t find many people who believed in his vision. Zalik worked overtime to find banks that were willing to lend him the startup capital he needed to get his new company off the ground. But in an environment where the big fintech companies were touting revolutionary models that would completely disrupt the entire banking industry, the bankers themselves didn’t see the wisdom in a company that only promised to do what bankers across the country already did, only far better.

Revolutionary traditionalism

What stood GreenSky Credit so far apart from its competitors, straight from the beginning, was that David Zalik never sought to overturn centuries of established banking practices. Instead, his vision was one where technology would step in to create frictionless lending and borrowing opportunities for those borrowers who were the most sought-after among lenders. This ultimately meant that Zalik wouldn’t be creating a newfangled means for people without jobs and income to magically transform into highly productive members of society; after all, this type of utopian financial fantasy was already being well attended to by the likes of Lending Club and OnDeck. Instead, Zalik would focus on high-end borrowers who were all but guaranteed to pay back their loans on time.

Zalik ultimately ended up risking his entire net worth, nearly $12 million, to self-finance the founding of GreenSky. This would turn out to be the best bet that Zalik had ever made. It also would lead to the establishment of the most successful fintech company of the last decade. Today, GreenSky Credit has more than 17,000 retail partners across the country. The company is doing nearly $5 billion in new loan origination every year. And GreenSky Credit has partnered with some of the largest and most venerable lenders in the country, including Sun Trust, Region’s Bank and Fifth-Third Bancorp.

But at the end of the day, the ultimate accomplishment for Zalik is the fact that he was right. Amid the smoldering ash heaps that are many of his short-sighted fintech competitors, Zalik has emerged victorious, showing the way towards the future of the fintech industry.

Stream Energy Cares About Local Communities

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Stream Energy Cares is the charitable arm of this company, and they have created some amazing opportunities for people who need better care. There are people struggling in the communities that Stream Energy serves, and they want to give back as much as they can. Their answer is Stream Energy Cares, and there are a few looks at what the company does below.

  1. What Is Stream Energy All About?

Stream Energy is all about the way that the company and their partners interact. They trade with energy partners who help keep costs low, and they pass those savings on to the customer. The customers can get good customer care from this company at any time, and they are given a chance to spend a fraction of what they were spending with another company. Someone who wants to give back could give to Stream Cares or donate money.

  1. Stream Cares

Stream Energy started Stream Cares because they wanted to have a way to give resources and grants to people who needed them. This company has done a very good job of working with people who are in need of care, and they have provided care in places where other charities have not. They ask their employees to volunteer because they know that that has meaning, and they want to be sure that they have given back as much as they can. They know that their employees might have friends in need, and Stream Cares wants to reach as many people as they can.

  1. They Are Very Active

Stream Cares is its own foundation, and it has been very active because they want to have a good public image. They are trying to do the best that they can, and they believe that they can help people get better help from them because they can give directly.

  1. Conclusion

Someone who is trying to make the best donation to their community can give to Stream Cares. A charity that needs help can ask for a grant, and they can work with Stream Cares to make a difference for as many people as possible.