Ara Chackerian Keeps On Innovating:

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian makes his base of operations in the city of San Francisco, California. His main points of notoriety in the business world come from his work in the area of healthcare. Ara Chackerian has spent years working to bridge the gap between technology and the healthcare field and is a firm believer that the future of healthcare lies in the advancement of technology. To this tune, he has recently started an exciting new healthcare business venture called TMS Health Solutions that is working on this exact bridging of tech and healthcare. Ara Chackerin is also a noted advocate for the environment and is routinely active in this area as well as writing regularly on the topic of conservation efforts. He is also as well known for his work in the area of philanthropy and has gained much respect in the business community and the community at large for his generosity.


TMS Health Solutions is the latest exciting venture in the healthcare business sector that Ara Chackerian is involving himself in. The goal behind the firm is to utilize some past experience that Ara and his main business partner had in working in the area of out-patient radiology. They are now diligently working to transfer the lessons learned from this work into the area of outpatient psychiatric treatment. A big part of the business that they are doing involves a revolutionary and exciting new technique that uses stimulation by the of transcranial magnetics.


In terms of Ara Chackerian’s devotion to the topic of conservation, he recently talked on the topic of a major conservation fund that is working with a partnership to buy a large area of land in the state of Maine. This purchase is for a large number of forested lands in the counties of Hancock and Washington in Maine. For more info visit their facebook page.


This group known as the Maine Coastal Forest Partnership has made it a goal to make sure that the forestlands of Maine are protected for public enjoyment as well as the conservation of wildlife. This kind of exciting conservation work is exactly what Ara Chackerian makes it a point to stay on top of. For more details you can checkout