Searching For An End For End Citizens United

End Citizens United continues to fight the good fight to find an end to the overreaching influence of money in politics by conducting a poll in the race for the Texas Senate seat currently held by Ted Cruz according to the article “Beto O’Rouke Closes in on Ted Cruz Per Latest Poll By End Citizens United” on July 10 by Stephen Ray of the Premiere Gazette.

End Citizens United’s mission is to reduce the influence of money in politics. End Citizens United is a national group that was formed on March 1st of 2015 and continues to nobly fight for this much needed reform.

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The poll conducted by End Citizens United found that Ted Cruz was still leading in the race by a margin of 45 to 37 percent in this narrow race. A very interesting discovery by this poll by the campaign finance reform group was that Ted Cruz is a candidate recognized by the public who understands what he stands for whereas his competitor Beto O’Rourke is still so little known that 61% of people do not have enough information to offer up any opinion on him so Beto O’Rourke may continue to make gains in the future. The poll also investigated the favorability rating of Ted Cruz and found that 49 percent of the respondents to the poll viewed him in an unfavorable light and only 38 percent found him favorable. This is a clear indication by the poll that Ted Cruz may be in trouble if he hopes to win again.

The article by Stephen Ray also astutely points out that Cruz has put his interests ahead of the interests of his constituents like when he took part in leading a government shutdown which meant that thousands of government employees were left without work and pay. O’Rourke also has an advantage in his style of campaigning with no frills likability according to the article relying on his personal strategies and a hustle-first approach which pleases voters along with his charismatic speaking. Hopefully this race will lead to a good end for everyone.

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