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Ann Scango Discusses The Portrayal Of Motherhood In Art History

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Motherhood In Art

All through history depicting motherhood in art has been enough to make a piece special. Motherhood brings art a human significance. Even though the stress it takes to be a mother isn’t broadcasted the way it used to be long ago, there still exists art pieces in today’s modern art that pay respect to the sacrifice and love that only mothers can give.

Historical Pieces

Taking a look at Kathe Kollwitz’s sketch of woman and dead child, you can immediately reflect back on Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Pieta that displays the combination of dark pain and intimacy. Both pictures are representing the mourning of such a sad situation, however the work of Kollowitz is a more recent piece. Today these pieces are still discussed. This points out the fact that these topics need more exposure and to be understood, because they are so human and real that they will forever be relevant as examples of the lasting love of a mother.

About Ann Scango

Ann Scango is an American visual artist and sculptor. She creates various texturally difficult and 3D pieces that are popular all over Texas. Ann Scango completed her Firestar Austin fellowship from 2010-2015. She was a stay at home mom from 2015-2016 and then she became an art curator and began the Scango Collection 2016-present. Ann Scango works with polyurethane foam in addition to various things she finds in the city of Austin. She can work with twigs from the park or mulch from around her house.

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Making A Difference With Art

Using these real ingredients push Ann Scango to go beyond the boundaries of the sculpture and they help her make a name for herself in Austin Texas. Lady Bird Johnson encouraged Ann Scango to love and appreciate the environment. Now she tried to create her own depiction of Texan’s love for their environment. Uses these materials Ann Scango finds around town, she is able to get her audience to realize the role of humanity’s place on earth.

The AdWeek and Inspirery Media Exposure for Lori Senecal That People Should Not Miss

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People that want the best insightful, factual and comprehensive details about the decision of Lori Senecal to step down from being the Global CEO of CP+B should read the article about it from AdWeek. It is there that people are informed how this decision came about. It is also there that the great success of Senecal are highlighted. These achievements are what made Senecal’s name today and have transformed her name into a reputation that many accomplished people will remember her by. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Professional Career Details From AdWeek



The Adweek article also adds that Senecal started leading the operations for the company in March 2015, as the Global CEO of the company’s MDC Partners Agency division. It was there that Senecal did all her best, generated the most creative ideas and pushed the company to the finest thing that it can be. The article also showed some of the achievements made possible by Senecal’s initiatives. One of the most memorable would be the one in October 2015, where Senecal was able to snag a deal from American Airlines, which was by than previously served by TM Advertising for about 25 years already. An achievement like that would not have been possible if it weren’t for the kind of skills inherent in Senecal’s managerial prowess. The article also showcased some of the most inventive ideas that other entrepreneurs in the company have offered. But it still highlighted the stand-out creative talent of Senecal herself. Check out fastcompany to know more.






Brief Bio From Inspirery



On the other hand, the Inspirery feature about Senecal described a lot of the attributes, initiatives and setbacks overcome by the female entrepreneur. It is there that people also got the background of Senecal’s formal education, which came from McGill University, as well as her previous work as the Global Executive Chairman of KBS (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal). The article also describes Senecal as an entrepreneur that never stays in her comfort zone, and that never backs out from a challenge. She is persistent in solving challenges, and dedicated in her work for the company she serves. Most of all, she delivers the target goals required by upper management from her. See more:






A Glimpse of Career Background of Randal Nardone

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Randal Nardone is the principal, director, and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. He has worked in this firm and taken a large part in the management committee since 1998. Randal was recruited into the board of directors in the year 2006. Randal has served as the principal since 1998 while since 2013 he began serving as the chief executive officer. He is also the president of the Ncs 1 LLC. Fortress Investment Group is an investment firm. Randal Nardone is a great influencer when it comes into building the firms into being reputable financial service firms. He has a profound legal background that sets him apart from the legal expertise in the management of the firm and completion of the investment transactions in the company.

Randal Nardone’s career journey started back after high schools studies. He opted to go to the University of Connecticut where he studied biology and English. On the completion of his degree programs at the university, Randal went to Boston University law school. He did a Juris Doctorate degree after which he started working in the Thacher Profit & Wood law firm. While working at the law firm, Randal was very outgoing in looking for more opportunities, especially in the financial sector. He got a finance chance at UBS where he served as the managing director. He coordinated serving at those two places. He settled to co-find the today Fortress Investment group in 1998 in pursuit of entrepreneurship. He has a profound expertise in finance and law and that has earned him great respect and opportunities.

Fortress Investment Group is a renowned investment management firm that operates from New York City. It was founded as a private equity firm by three principles. Randal Nardone was among the co-founders of this great firm. It has continually received a lot of recognition and expansion because of the profound leadership. Randal is a key member and executive at the company who is able to determine the direction of the entire firm. He holds various positions in the board committees at the firm. He is the director and the principal of the Fortress Credit Corporation. For Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC, he is the chairman and president. Randal directs the Eurocastle Investment Limited. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

Jose Neto Demonstrates Dynamic Leadership At JHSF

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It is doubtless that in far too many organizations and enterprises, leadership has been neglected by the wayside. Alongside the economy, demanding consumers, fierce competition as well as rising costs, business owners have little time, if any, to strategize their next plan. More often than not, do these leaders pause to reflect and think about how profitable their businesses could be if more attention could be channeled to dynamic leadership? As illustrated by one Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF, dynamic leadership highly contributes to the eventual success of a business.

Who is Jose Neto and what does he do?

Jose Neto is a prominent household name in Brazil’s real estate market. He is the chief executive officer and team leader of JHSF. Concurrently, Neto understands that the success of the company begins and stops with him. He also demonstrates that his business is as invaluable, as strong and as weak as he is. Since the establishment of JHSF in 1972, he has monitored these factors in his leadership docket by attracting partners to be in business with JHSF and maintaining a considerable client base.

JHSF and Services it Provides

JHSF is a force to reckon with in Brazil’s real estate industry. The firm majors in the development of shopping malls, commercial properties, executive international airports as well as high-end hotels. Also characterized by its inventive, quality alongside the ability to offer sustainable solutions in projects, the firm has flourished under the insightful leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto.

Growing JHSF

So far, JHSF has partnered with several companies that deal with luxury brands. Some of these companies included Dalsu, a fashion store in Brazil’s Sao Paulo, Cinemark, Montblanc as well as the Reebok Academy among others. In partnering with these brands, Jose Neto has exuded confidence in leadership.

The Outline of Jose Neto’s Leadership

From Neto’s point of contributing in JHSF, it is evident that creating viable business strategies is not that difficult. He also reiterates that communication is one vital skill to uphold in business as he applies it to create entrepreneurial links in his jurisdiction. Perhaps the success of JHSF is solely appended to his perfected leadership skills.

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NewsWatch TV Has Done A New Review Each Week Since The Early 1990’s

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Since the 1990’s NewsWatch TV has been a continually running program in the United States that has produced reviews and news segments for all different subjects and companies over the years. Non-profit organizations, company startups, huge fortune 500 companies, all of them are on the list of subjects that NewsWatch TV has featured and even helped become more successful or popular through their program. Not too long ago, NewsWatch TV managed to help Saygus, a manufacturer of smartphones, raise more than four times their original crowdfunding project had originally shot for, aiding their venture tremendously. The company’s president gave all credit to NewsWatch TV for presenting their product effectively and bringing them the perfect audience.

Since first airing in the 90’s, NewsWatch TV has turned into a critically acclaimed show that airs each and every week. This US-based show brings all sorts of news to consumers across various different subjects, including entertainment, traveling, technology, medical news, and much more. There are various people that speak on the show and give special reports, such as Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Michelle Ison, but the show’s host remains as Andrew Tropeano. The team behind the show has done such an excellent job over the years and has been given such good feedback that they have earned several awards, including the Marcom Award.

Back in the early 90’s when NewsWatch TV was first finding its footing, it was solely focused on providing its audiences with financial news and information. The thought was that people were very interested in becoming successful and would tune in for the latest tips and advice. However, when the year 2000 approached, NewsWatch TV decided to change up the platform and started introducing new topics into their program for viewers to watch. This was a huge move in the right direction, bringing much more attention to the show and turning them into a massive hit today throughout the country.


The Success of Anil Chaturvedi in the Banking Industry

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Anil Chaturvedi currently works at a Switzerland-based private bank, Hinduja Bank as the Managing Director. He holds a B.A in Economics from Meerut University, India as well as an MBA from Delhi University. Anil began his banking career at the State Bank of India before heading to ANZ Grindlays Bank as a Branch Manager. Being a banker for close to 40 years have made Mr. Chaturvedi hone his global banking skills.Anil is a force to reckon in the global banking sector.

Previously, Anil Chaturvedi served as the Managing Director at the headquarters of Merrill Lynch bank for 18 years. While at Merrill Lynch, Anil was among the top private bankers for some of the world’s largest wealth management firms. In 2010, Barron named Anil Chaturvedi as one of the world’s top financial advisors. Mr. Anil was the head of ANZ Grindlays Banks operations in the United States before moving to Merrill Lynch. His career began as a branch manager at State Bank of India. Upon graduating with an MBA in Economics, Anil joined SBI as a probationary officer, where he specialized in industrial finance, investment banking, and capital markets for 18 years.

Anil Chaturvedi became the Managing Director of the Geneva-based bank, Hinduja Bank in 2011. Under his tenure, Anil spearheaded Hinduja Bank’s to focus on South Asia and the Middle East markets. His exposure to top investors from European and South Asian regions has helped him gain more knowledge regarding global banking. In fact, Anil Chaturvedi has contributed his Wall Street and global expertise to Hinduja Bank. The bank experienced remarkable progress under the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi. Mr. Anil was responsible for advising the bank on matters related to capital and debt growth as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Chaturvedi boasts of over two decades of experience working with global banks. He is a professional banker who has learned from top investors and worked for many world-class banks. Chaturvedi’s broad exposure has enabled him to broaden his experience in the world of investment. Anil Chaturvedi is spearheading the process of reforming Indian laws to bring more European investors to India.

Get Fed A Great Diet With OSI

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What A Diet Full Of Nutritional Value Means To Your Diet

OSI Industries are the leaders in premiere processed foods and have been based in Aurora, Illinois for over 3 decades. In fact, they have been operating in the food industry for over a century by putting qualitiy meals on the table with a very high nutritional value. Their President, David McDonald, says, it’s imperative for him to bring more customers to the food industry than any other network. He also works well alongside their COO, Sheldon Lavin. Feed your family a safe OSI Group meal that you can afford.

OSI Industries Charities

OSI Industries has made it their priority to provide humanitarian aid to the communities they serve. Their goal has been lending their time and resources to charitable causes around the world. OSI has also saved a Chicago Food plant to help hundreds of workers retain their current position. They were successful in their bid and will process their signature foods along with Tyson Food products. Sheldon Lavin, believes it’s important to save the communities they feed by helping their economic growth. Learn more about their charity events by visiting their official website for more details.

OSI Group Expands International Growth

They have been actively working to grow their global presence and partnering with other popular food groups. OSI Group has been able to acquire one of the largest food processing plants in the EU. Today, they operate the popular Flagship Europe food facility. They will process their frozen patties and more. The deal has been a success for an unspecified amount of money. Their executive them of professionals have also been able to partner with the popular Dutch Food Industry by merging with Baho Foods. Learn more about the popular OSI Group today.


The Chainsmokers – the iconic EDM group.

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The Chainsmokers are a production duo and American DJs namely Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Their the first single that hit the number one spot on charts was “Closer.”

It followed their song with Daya “Don’t let me down” which was their first top 5 single. The latter earned them a Grammy Award in the category ‘Best dance recording.

”Roses“ another single they released managed to scoop the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and eventually the song Selfie gave them a breakthrough. The Chainsmokers are holders of five iHeartRadio Music awards for the best unification, dance album of the year and dance artist of the year and two American Music Awards.

Early this year, The Chainsmokers released a song by the name Sick Boy which has got more live instrumentation. Subsequently, it has relinquished the attentiveness of both old and new fans since it is befuddling, redolent and catchy.

The Chainsmokers were ranked first on the dance artist on billboards dance 100 after they performed a stately ultra-music festival in Miami this year.

The Chainsmokers recently showed us the making of the song “Somebody.” The pair Drew Taggart and Alex pall promised their fans a more blistering period of instruction on how the song composure happens.

They said that part of the vocals had been recorded earlier for a different song which explains the reason for the rise in vocals. The realization, therefore, gave people a little insight into the process of making the song.

Both Andrew and Alex are going out of their way to enlarge their borderlines to do more than what other conventional DJs do. They have a poignant ability to tout their onlookers, use of social media in a percipient way, using of live instrumentation and also vocals and also use of their EDM inclination and expertise.

The Chainsmokers aim to make every performance bigger and bigger by adding an element in each show. They deserve so much more credit for what they have accomplished. Their music inspires many, and for sure their fans are always looking forward to more great music from the iconic duo.