Malcolm CasSelle’s Contribution at WAX

The gaming industry has grown rapidly over the years, and those who have ventured into it are reaping big. OPSkins is one such company that deals with the sales of in-game virtual assets and is as well the leading bitcoin merchant globally.

With the demand in this industry, the company is looking forward to launching a new product for virtual asset trading called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). With this platform, OPSkins expects to serve its customers satisfactorily in that the customers will as well be able to trade with their clients competently.

Additionally, WAX will help in solving the issue of scam and disintegration that has become rampant in most technological avenues. Most people have been suffering in their businesses as they cannot do without go-betweens but with WAX, they will deal with their suppliers and customers directly. The issue of currency as well will be dealt with as WAX will have a Token that will be common on all avenues for all gamers.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and the president of WAX and it’s under his management that WAX has had new inventions to meet the demands in the market and as well offer consumers’ solutions to the problems they face on various platforms.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Stanford University and is as well a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With such an educational background, he is capable of handling this kind of innovativeness in his position, and his skills and proficiency can go a long way in seeing all the ideas brought forth work successfully.

Malcolm CasSelle worked in other companies that are technology related to Digital Media of SeaChange International where he served as Senior Vice president and General Manager. He as well monitored new entry companies in the digital industry such as MediaPass and Groupon.

Investing as well as something he ventured into, and some of the companies where he invested included Facebook, Zynga and lately in companies that are related to Bitcoin. He has therefore always had a passion for anything to do with technology and what it can create to make people’s lives comfortable and bearable in a rapidly advancing world.

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