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Planning Your Future With Richard Dwayne Blair

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Preparing yourself for retirement is something that everyone should be doing. It should start very early in life and continue throughout your working career. Many young people feel they do not need to worry about this and they will find that when they try to retire, they cannot because of bad planning. There are many people who can help anyone find the right way to save for retirement and Richard Dwayne Blair is one of them. He has many years of experience working with clients on their financial future. He is based in Texas but has increased his business on the internet.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a unique approach to planning. He believes there are three steps that must be taken to secure your future. When meeting with him for the first time, he will find out what you want and what you need to do in order to get it. There are many ways to save and he knows which ones will get you to your goal. He sets a schedule for saving that fits into your lifestyle and budget.

Using the three step approach, he first determines the design of your financial plan. It could be long term or short term investments. The second part of his plan is to maintain your assets. He will constantly monitor your investments and move them around to fit the current market. The final phase is to put the plan into action. This includes making adjustments as his clients needs change or if their financial goals change.

If you are looking to the future and need help putting together your investment strategy, a visit with Richard Dwayne Blair is recommended. His experience in the business market allows him to make solid choices for his clients. His fees are nominal for his service.


Tim Duncan is Taking Talos Energy to Higher Heights

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Tim Duncan is an outstanding and dedicated CEO at Talos Energy. Hurricane Harvey did not stop him from resolving the troubling issue of the company and still saving his family. He carried his family to safety and settled at his parents’ house to close a deal. Talos Energy was anticipating a merger before the hurricane interrupted the proceedings. Duncan worked hard until he achieved his objective.

Talos Energy was merging with Stone Energy because it had become bankrupt. This decision was risky because Talos was as big as Stone Energy. It was going to be an uphill task absorbing such a company. Nevertheless, Talos was going to become a publicly traded company without a public offering. This opportunity would save Talos an expense.

Acquiring Stone Energy is an indication that Duncan does not follow the crowd. He prefers venturing in different areas and taking calculated risks. Merging with Stone was a brilliant idea, considering it has revenue of $900 million annually. Another area of interest Duncan was exploring is using new technology on old reservoirs. Duncan does not want to explore wells in the USA only. He is reaching to place in Mexico, and he has successfully acquired a company that produces 48,000 barrels daily.

Talos Energy is situated in Houston, but it has expanded and acquired other assets. Technology, opportunities, and collaboration guide Talos. Tim Duncan is the CEO, but he works with a team of capable professionals. Together, they have brought the company to its present success. Talos is far from reaching its goals because the aim is to achieve higher than before.

Talos Energy is not just interested in doing business and accumulating profits. Duncan and his team are concerned about the environment. That is why Talos applies sustainable practices in their operations. The company is compliant with all regulations and mainly looks after employee safety. Employees involved in drilling and other field operations are essential and highly valued at Talos. The company does everything in their power to ensure these employees are secure. Talos also advises and encourages other partners and parties to operate within the same path.


OSI Industries: Recap Gazette Day Article

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OSI Industries is the premier name in the food service industry supply chain origination sector, but it’s hasn’t always been that way. Long before the company had more than 20,000 employees working at more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, it was a growing organization that had its roots about as humbly as it can get. Like many major corporations, OSI Industries (also known as the OSI Group) started out with the simple desire for someone to provide for themselves and their family. In the case of OSI, that person was a man by the name of Otto Kolschowsky. It was the turn of the 20th century and Otto, like many immigrants at the time, was working hard to make his new life in America. He wasn’t just pursuing the American dream for himself, though, he was also doing it for his wife and several children.

Otto came from a long line of butcher men. His family had been butchering for generations and Otto had learned the trade well from his father. With that in mind, there was no better place to ply that trade than Chicago, which at the time was the international capital of the meatpacking industry. Otto wasn’t interested in being the butcher to the world, though, he just wanted to provide for his family and thus he started his own retail meat market in the Oak Park area of the west side. It was a German immigrant-heavy area, and everyone was very pleased with the high-quality cuts of meat, and the high standard of customer services, that Otto provided them.

It wasn’t long before Otto’s Meat Market was the name to turn to for the best meat and poultry in the area. Soon, restaurants and hotels started to turn to Otto’s for their meat needs as well, and to keep up with the demand Otto expanded the business to include his two sons and to begin providing wholesale meats to the establishments in the greater Chicago area that were turning to him for the best available to offer their clientele. During this time another name began to turn to Otto & Sons for high-quality meat as well, McDonald’s.

McDonald’s was enjoying the biggest boom in franchise fast food history and as such, they needed to expand their regional supply network across the country to keep up with the demands of an American populace that didn’t seem to be able to get enough Big Macs and Classic Cheeseburgers. They turned to Otto & Sons to handle their upper Midwest needs for Illinois and the surrounding area. It was a partnership that would, over the next 20 years, lead to the company being the sole source of proteins for the McDonald’s system nationwide and into Canada and Mexico.

Through innovation and expansion, Otto & Sons soon became the largest supplier of high-quality proteins to not only the US McDonalds Market, but to the McDonald’s system overseas, and to other food service outlets as well. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and high business practice standards has made them the leader in the industry. Today they not only provide high-quality proteins to hundreds of distributors in all market sectors and product categories around the world, but they have even expanded to become a leader in vegan, been alternative, and pork alternative protein substitutes in countries such as India, Israel, and throughout the middle east.

It has been a long road from humble beginnings to being the number one provider of proteins to the food service industry globally, but one thing has not changed. OSI Industries still strive to provide the best quality products, the highest level of customer care, and the most responsible business practices possible. It’s the way Otto did it, and it’s the way OSI Industries will always do it.


Fortress Investment Group: A Trusted Investment Manager

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Fortress Investment Group is a large, diversified investment manager operating globally. The prestigious company was founded in 1998. It serves more than 1,750 private investors and institutional clients in the world. Their services range from real estate, credit, permanent capital investment formulas, and private equity.The major competencies at Fortress Investment Group include the following: Firstly, it is asset-based. This is utilizing credit funds and private equity funds. They have a broad experience in the set of asset types available in the market. Their prowess goes into owning, pricing, overseeing, and financing the management of financial and physical assets. These assets range from capital assets to financial assets, and finally to real estate assets that are secured through full cash flow on a long-term basis. Secondly, they are competent in industry knowledge.

Fortress has deep knowledge of all the industries in which it focuses on investing.They have a well-developed team constituting investment professionals in executing the investments and operating portfolios in companies. The team is especially gifted and has bold relationships with prominent companies, individuals, and institutions in the whole world. Thirdly, the company is proficient in operations management. This is through a well-defined set of tools meant for assisting the structural, operational, and strategic issues. They are good enough in extracting the value of most complex investments. Their fourth expertise as a team lies in corporate mergers & acquisitions. This is key in ensuring that they work with corporate boards of directors, stakeholders in companies, and management teams in determining the optimal execution and structuring of a given investment.

Finally, their other competence lies in capital markets. Fortress Investment Group shows great expertise in capital markets.They are good at securing low risk and low-cost financing for all their investments through access to equity capital and debt markets.The major leadership team consists of a list of executives who work tirelessly to see the success and the glory of the company keeps rising. It has three major principals in the management committee. They include Peter Briger who serves as principal and co-chief executive officer. The second executive is Wesley Edens who serves in the position of a principal and co-chief executive officer. He is also known to be the co-founder of this prestigious company. Randal Nardone is the other executive being a co-founder and serving as a principal. The company offers career opportunities to individuals who are competent and qualified for the posts. Most locations include Dallas, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Ireland, Hong Kong, London, and Los Angeles among others.

Malcolm CasSelle’s Contribution at WAX

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The gaming industry has grown rapidly over the years, and those who have ventured into it are reaping big. OPSkins is one such company that deals with the sales of in-game virtual assets and is as well the leading bitcoin merchant globally.

With the demand in this industry, the company is looking forward to launching a new product for virtual asset trading called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). With this platform, OPSkins expects to serve its customers satisfactorily in that the customers will as well be able to trade with their clients competently.

Additionally, WAX will help in solving the issue of scam and disintegration that has become rampant in most technological avenues. Most people have been suffering in their businesses as they cannot do without go-betweens but with WAX, they will deal with their suppliers and customers directly. The issue of currency as well will be dealt with as WAX will have a Token that will be common on all avenues for all gamers.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and the president of WAX and it’s under his management that WAX has had new inventions to meet the demands in the market and as well offer consumers’ solutions to the problems they face on various platforms.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Stanford University and is as well a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With such an educational background, he is capable of handling this kind of innovativeness in his position, and his skills and proficiency can go a long way in seeing all the ideas brought forth work successfully.

Malcolm CasSelle worked in other companies that are technology related to Digital Media of SeaChange International where he served as Senior Vice president and General Manager. He as well monitored new entry companies in the digital industry such as MediaPass and Groupon.

Investing as well as something he ventured into, and some of the companies where he invested included Facebook, Zynga and lately in companies that are related to Bitcoin. He has therefore always had a passion for anything to do with technology and what it can create to make people’s lives comfortable and bearable in a rapidly advancing world.

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Fortress Investment Group – Ideal for diverse global investments!

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Since 1998, Fortress Investment Group has specialized in creating diversified investment portfolios for clients. Specifically, they deal in asset investments ranging from real estate to various financial assets that provide long term cash flow. As of late 2017, Fortress Investment Group managed and maintained more than forty three billion US dollars worth of assets. Leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Fortress Investment Group loaned Vancouver based Millennium Development Group a massive eight hundred and fifty million Canadian dollars to fund the construction of the Olympic village. With assistance from the city of Vancouver,

Millennium Development group was able to complete the construction of the Olympic village in November of 2009, with Fortress Investment Group becoming the primary owner of the village following the 2010 Olympic games. In mid 2017, Shareholders approved the sale of Fortress Investment group, and in late 2017 Fortress Investment Group was purchased by Tokyo based SoftBank Group Corporation for three billion, three hundred million US dollars. Despite this, Fortress Investment Group continues to operate as an independent business within SoftBank Group Corporation. As a result, Fortress Investment Group has remained in New York City and will retain the same management that has led to their success.

For investors looking for a stock that pays quarterly dividends, Fortress Investment Group manages five different stocks that are publicly trade on the New York Stock Exchange.These various entities range from media companies, to transportation and real estate. Due to this diversification, Fortress Investment Group has a very solid portfolio of assets, allowing them to handle whatever market shifts they may experience. At the end of the day, Fortress Investment Group is an excellent consideration for anyone looking to make a lasting return on their investment. With a wide range of diversity of assets and the backing of parent company SoftBank Group Corporation, is a safe investment with a fine potential for return.

Equities First Holdings Australia- Fastest growing lender

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Equities First Holdings is one of the fastest growing financial companies in the world. The company is offering alternative lending methods which have not been used by the commercial banks and other big lending institutions. Equities First Holdings have been running for the past one and a half decades and the achievements made in such a short time are remarkable. Not many businesses can manage to have such fast development in a short period of time. The company has given out millions of dollars to their clients who range from individuals in need of personal financing to big corporations which are trading in the stock market.

Equities First Holdings is one of those institutions which is doing very well in combating the problems which face the financial industry. In recent times, it has become almost impossible for anyone without a good credit reputation to get services from any mainstream bank. Loans have been left as a privilege of the wealth. Equities First Holdings was formed to resolve these kinds of problems. By making borrowing possible for many people, EFH has made it possible for more people to resolve their financial obligations with ease. EFH is the lending partner for all people, rich and poor.

O2Pur Offers Better E-Liquids for Vaping

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These days, many people walk around with clouds of vapor in their wake and clutching ecig boxes in their hands. And there are numerous others who keep wondering “what is the real difference between a traditional cigarette and an ecig?”

Basically, many would say vaping is better than smoking. And the essential thing right now is getting rid of the traditional cigarettes. This can be done by acquiring a quality ecig that is also reliable. Selecting an electronic cigarette that has high standard quality means it must be consistent and reliable. This is not an easy task due to the fact that there ae over 500 ecig brands being peddled in the market, and majority of them are sold with enormous profits to benefit the seller, have low quality, and are prepacked.

To make it simple, most ecigs sold at gas stations and retail stores have low quality. But you still have the chance to buy something better like cigalike – it is an electronic cigarette that feels and looks exactly like the traditional cigarette. And this is definitely an advantage since you can vape it like the way you would normally do when smoking.

The right nicotine level must be chosen with great care. Just remember that in smoking the traditional cigarette your body soaks up nicotine that is around 1mg. But when you vape ecigs the absorption level is much lower.

The difference between smoking and vaping are: when you smoke the chemical added to the standard cigarette are quickly absorbed by the body including the brain. Typically, when your burn anything the chemically modified elements within the body becoming quite small that it seeps deeply inside the tissues of the lungs. On the other hand if you vape, the liquid you are using is being heated and not combusted. Moreover, eliquids do contain any other toxic chemicals or materials.

Keep extra batteries on hand like the BOGO 18650 from O2Pur. These are for when you get the urge to smoke you can vape instead. Remember to keep your ecig and all its other accessories away from children.

It is likewise vital to remember that since ecigs are substitutes for the standard cigarettes, they must be utilized in the same way to alleviate the withdrawal of smokers. Use your electronic cigarettes in the same routine to inhibit intense cravings that come with nicotine withdrawal.

O2Pur is an e-liquid manufacturing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. O2Pur’s eliquids are formulated, mixed, and bottled in the United States. It makes use of nicotine salts that have a great taste and fast performance, and is a dependable brand since 2013. The objective of the company is to provide the best quality products that are worth the client’s money.

The RealReal Gives People a Chance at Designer Clothes

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When The RealReal started, the point of the company was providing people with clothes they could enjoy without the high cost associated with designer clothes. The company always strives to help people get the clothing options they can use to feel better about themselves no matter what they’re doing. When people shop with The RealReal, they get clothes that are secondhand but that feel new to them. The company only accepts clothes they can get from different people who know what they’re doing. It’s also something that helps them make the right choices with the clothing opportunities they have. Secondhand clothes are less expensive than designer clothes at full price. It’s something the company does so they can make sure their customers get all the options they need. No matter what kind of clothes people want to wear, they can get what they need from The RealReal.

Since the company started, they’ve been giving people options they need to start working on their image. They know these options are important for people to try different things and that’s something the company knows how to do. As long as they spend their time coming up with new ideas, The RealReal will continue having a huge selection of clothes for everyone who wants them. Even those who don’t show interest in designer clothes can find something enjoyable from The RealReal. The company makes a point of catering to everyone who needs it and everyone who wants to try different things to get what they want from it.

There are times when the company has to make sure they’re doing things the right way. The company does their best to give people the chance at a better future. They want them to look and feel good in the clothes they have. They also want people to see they can get great clothes at a discount. Secondhand shopping doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be something people struggle to do and everyone has a chance to experience a more positive part of shopping when they make the choice to use The RealReal.

Equities First Holdings news on affordable loans

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xEquities First Holdings is a financial institution which offers alternative financing methods. The company which has been around for 15 years was started so that it could solve the financing challenges that were facing the financial industry. Borrowing has for a long time been a privilege of the wealthy since they are the ones with the capability of repaying loans. Commercial banks have denied startups and individuals a chance to engage in business activities by making it very hard for them to access financing for business and personal needs. When one is looking for solutions to challenges that face the industry, offering affordable financing options is something that rhymes with a majority of the players in the financial sector. This is precisely what this company did. Equities First Holdings came up with a solution that would help those who could not fit in the commercial banking sector to access the same services at even a lower cost.