Hurricane Harvey Relief and the Input of One Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has always been passionate about giving back to the community. As Nabors Industries CEO, he demonstrated that the company was not just about drawing profits from the community, but also giving back to the community. When Hurricane Harvey stuck Houston and the Texas environs, homes were laid to waste, streets flooded and people disoriented. Among the many good Samaritans that turned up for the community were H-E-B, Nabors Industries and also Houston Food Bank.

Intervention during Hurricane Harvey

Nabors Industries are conditioned to respond to urgent community matters. While they still undertake, their responsibilities as a company, they are also keen on participating in fundraisers, important community projects and special events. During the period of Hurricane Harvey, the employees at Nabors Industries were given time off from work to help with disaster management and relief. The company still paid them for their time off and encouraged them to go wherever they were needed. Nabors Industries’ fund, Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, set up for similar community assistance was active in making generous distributions to the suffering people of Houston and the wider Texas area. The victims of the hurricane were able to access hot meals in the on-site kitchens set up by Nabors.

Nabors’ communications manager indicated that close to 10% of the staff at Nabors were affected by the hurricane. Indeed, the company has also donated to other organizations like Susan G. Komen Foundation. Bike MS has also received donations from Nabors Industries. The children of the employees of the company are also sponsored to go to school. $3 million has been set aside by the company.

Tony Petrello

Tony leads Nabors Industries in the spirit of giving back to the community and employee welfare. Originally from New Jersey, he has been in Texas and has a home and feels attached to the local folk. Tony met his equally charitable wife in college.

One of the areas that they readily fund and demonstrate great interest in is neurological disorders in children. The couple found that little research was available for this condition in children. As a result they are keen on helping organizations and charities dedicated to the treatment of this childhood disorder. So far $ 7 million has been donated to the Texas Children’s Hospital. As an appreciative gesture the hospital’s board made overtures to Tony that he may join and help in fundraising. The generous contributions made by the Petrellos made it possible for them to start a neurological research institute: Jan and Duncan Institute.

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