Bruno Fagali: One Of Brazil’s Top Lawyers

Bruno Jorge Fagali is among Brazil’s top lawyers. A rising star in the legal profession, Fagali is credited with bringing a new dimension to Brazil’s legal system. He has several years of experience successfully navigating the country’s often complex legal system. In addition to the in-depth knowledge of administrative law Bruno Fagali possesses, he has developed a powerful reputation because of his diverse legal experiences working with issues related to compliance, ethics, regulatory and urban law. He has spent over 10 years practicing in an array of different law disciplines.

Since 2006, Bruno Fagali has worked with several Brazilian law firms on a variety of cases. He has proven that he has a sharp legal mind as well as the creativity and vision to use innovative legal defenses to secure victories for his clients. Currently his legal career is developing along two parallel tracks. Not only is he Nova/SB’s corporate integrity manager, he also founded and runs his own law firm. It is called the Fagali Advocacy. Due to his wide range of legal experience, Bruno Fagali is able to help clients with a diverse set of cases in the courts.

Bruno Fagali has a solid educational background, this has given him the foundation he needed to establish himself as one of Brazil’s leading attorneys. Fagali earned a bachelor’s degree in administrative law from Pontifical Catholic University Of São Paulo. He also graduated from the University Of Sao Paulo with a master’s degree in state law. Since passing the bar exam, Bruno Fagali has worked as a business lawyer and represented corporate and private clients in a wide range of legal matters in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and elsewhere in Brazil.

Throughout Brazil Bruno Fagali has developed a reputation as an attorney with the education, training and experience to offer clients that best legal representation possible. He has a growing following of clients for whom he provides a diverse array of legal services. People know that when they have Bruno Fagali as their legal representative, they have the best chance possible of getting a decision in their favor.

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