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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company Biting into Amazon Again

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It was only a few years ago when the world was introduced to the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics company, that rumblings could be heard in the industry. Amazon usually shrugs off these companies that threaten to bite into their 20% share of the apparel industry, but something appears to be different about this company. In three short years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already passed $250 million is sales and is not showing any signs of slowing.


Hudson was asked why her company is outperforming market estimates, and she says it is a formula most retailers will not touch. Her reverse-showing strategy has been a huge success, and it works unlike consumers are used to seeing. This is no novelty act here, this is a winning formula that appeals to women on many levels. First, women come into the retail stores at the mall and are not pressured by sales associates to buy anything.


Customers can apply for a free membership or take the Lifestyle Quiz, something that provides them added benefits in their membership.


Here is where the company sets themselves apart from Amazon. Unlike Amazon, the buyers get to touch the merchandise and try it on before they buy. With Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you don’t have to buy anything in the store that you tried on because it will be saved in your account for future consideration. When these women go online to the Fabletics website, they will see all the items they tried on that they like, and now they can continue to shop or try to find other items that come in the size they need. There is no guessing here like at Amazon, since everything was already tried on in the retail store.


To customize the shopping experience even more, Hudson says that her athleisure brand is high-quality, comes in many styles and sizes, and is on the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends. Each member that fills out the Lifestyle Quiz now has a personal shopper that is going to pick a new item each month and add it to the members shopping cart. This saves time, but there is no pressure to buy anything at Fabletics. Buyers can reject the choice or buy something else because nothing ever ships without the members full permission.


If Amazon is not feeling the bite yet from Fabletics, Hudson will certainly be getting more attention as her sales soar.

Beverly Hills Auto Tops the Hills with Used BMW’s!

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A great used BMW is a great long term investment that delivers you a smooth and luxurious ride for less money than you think! Many people think new cars are better because they have that new smell and less wear and tear than used cars. But this is not true! Used cars hold thier value longer and have great resale too! Buying a used BMW is worth it because you can get one fully loaded that is only a few years back from the new ones. A used BMW can become a great collectors item too for the future generations.

Beverly Hills Auto group sells used BMW that are top of the line conditioned to make you smile and your heart race as you cruise the streets. At Beverly Hills Auto each member of the team personally helps your select the best models like the 328i sedan or the M3 sedan. Beverly Hills Auto group has a great selection of used BMW’s to choose from to meet your family’s needs. You can test drive one today at Beverly Hills Auto group and you will not regret driving a new used BMW.

Whitney Wolfe Bumble Growth

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There are a lot of people who are interested in the world of dating. There are some really scummy apps out there that try to take advantage of people in this situation. If you are ready to learn how to help other people get to a new level in life, this is the way to go. Over time, Whitney Wolfe has built a great business with Bumble. This is a new type of dating app for people who are actually interested in having a quality relationship with other people. Over time, she is excited about all of the changes that are going to be made in this area to help more people than ever before.

Whitney Wolfe

There are a lot of people who say that they knew they would be in business for their whole life. However, Whitney Wolfe is not someone who started out with that dream. She has a great background for a technology based business, and she is doing a great job of helping other people in a variety of ways. With all of the changes that she is making, now is the time to try and make a bigger difference for other people. Over time, she has proven to want to help other people with their dating life, and that is exactly what Bumble does.

Financial Planning

Running a major business is not as easy as a lot of people think. When you are in the growth stage, you have to balance making the customers happy with what is right for the business. Capital management is a tough area of business that a lot of people have to learn about quickly. Whitney Wolfe is one of the leading business leaders within the dating tech sector, and they are learning a lot from here early on in their career.


Todd Lubar Ventures into Real Estate Business to Assist the Less Fortunate in Home Acquisition through Mortgage Finance

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The real estate business in Baltimore has been booming since April 2016. This is because of low loan interest rates. The foreclosures dropped by approximately 7% compared to last year. The homes were expensive in the past years. Because of the previous drop in real estate ventures, the government of Maryland changed the rules of business. These rules made it easy to acquire property. The rates of foreclosures in Maryland were lower compared to other areas in Baltimore. Following the distress in the housing sector, the marketing prices for homes rose by 6% within a year. That is where Todd Lubar comes in. With his love for real estate business, he has developed strategies formulated to ease the acquisition of property.


As per Ideamensch, Todd Lubar’s career began in 1995. He had just completed his course work from the University of Syracuse. He majored in communications. Having developed interest in real estate, he decided to focus on helping people to acquire homes. This is because he noticed that people needed homes but the process of acquisition was not easy. He understood that he belonged in the real estate industry. With a keen interest in achieving this goal, he joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While in this company, he specialized in loan processing. He later borrowed skills in conventional mortgage banking. This is an aspect he considers a valuable experience. Because he wanted an in-depth understanding of real estate business, Todd formed friendly rapport at work. He associated with real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners. Currently, he has a big client base because of the relationships he formed. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Legendary Properties

Being visionary, Todd took a life changing step in his career. This was in 1999. He joined Legacy Financial Group. This is a lending corporation. In the company, he assumed the equity position. This step expounded his knowledge in real estate. With the new skills, he would broker loans to investors and public institutions. After the vast experience and learning, Todd Lubar established his firm. This is the Legendary Properties. He fostered the purchasing, reformation, and selling of single owned family homes. Currently, he is the president of TDL Ventures. Just like in the past, he continues to serve the less fortunate at TDL Ventures.

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